Paragon of Sin

Chapter 727 - 722: Soldier Of War Unsurpassable Difference

Cai Liuyang understood the meaning behind his question, and her beautiful eyes glinted with a flash of fury but also suspicion. Was there truly a plot behind all this? An assassin?

However, she didn ’t sense any indication of a Mystical Oath of Heavenly Oath. 

Then, she revealed a faint smile that sent shivers down one ’s spine. It was extremely sinister, carrying a sadistic quality that relayed its brutal intentions.  ”If you don ’t tell me, death wouldn ’t just be a luxury for you, it ’ll be your greatest wish in your entire life. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s expression violently paled as he ’looked ’ at her, his eyes still closed. He gulped slightly. However, a trace of shaking yet unwilling to yield air reflected in that pale expression. 

Cai Liuyang knew that Wei Wuyin was only grasping at his pride, but it was on the cusp of falling apart. She leaned into his right ear, lifting him like he was weightless, and spoke with a softest of voices: ”If you don ’t tell me, I ’ll feed it to you. Then Time Revert it, then feed it to you again and again. ”

Feed it?

Wei Wuyin was confused until he felt a surge of energy erupt in his groin. His expression didn ’t just turn pale, it went outright horrified. 

She added with a faint chuckle, ”Have you ever tried to see how it feels inside you? ” 

This seemed to be the last straw that broke the camel ’s back, and Wei Wuyin folded without a single remaining trace of unwillingness.

”I was sent not to ki-kill! I wasn ’t! ” He shouted out, causing the Demi-Mortal Lords to be startled by his panic and fear. They were amused with what Cai Liuyang said, and despite their still raging battle, they kept a bare minimum of focus on these events. 

Cai Liuyang was fiercely startled by Wei Wuyin ’s statement. Her eyes were confused for a brief moment, and then outraged. ”You weren ’t sent to kill?! ” As if to disprove him, she brought over Jing Jiu ’s corpse. ”Do you think I won ’t! Before everyone fucking here! ” A wisp of mystic power was sent to Wei Wuyin ’s groin again, and this time Cai Liuyang got a clear feeling of its size, weight, and shape. 

She was startled for a brief moment, but regained herself.

Wei Wuyin shouted in horror, ”I ’m serious! I wasn ’t! I don ’t know who, but I was paid to capture his soul and bring it to the- ”

”What?! ” Not only was Cai Liuyang shocked, but every Ascended too. There was such a thing? The battles noticeably slowed down, and more individuals were intrigued by this development.

Cai Liuyang ’s eyes looked at Jing Jiu, her senses swept him, and she realized there was a trace of alchemical force within his body! Did this man use an alchemic tool to extract Jing Jiu ’s soul?!

”Where is it? WHERE IS IT?! WHERE?!?! ” Cai Liuyang lost herself. She clenched tighter against Wei Wuyin ’s throat as if threatening to crush it. But it only caused him to wail fiercely, his voice unable to come out. 

Wei Wuyin quiveringly touched his spatial ring. ”The…the orb… ” He pushed out with his greatest strength.

Cai Liuyang hastily inspected the ring with intense urgency, sweeping her senses throughout the ring and immediately found Jing Jiu ’s Soul Aura in a strange marble seemingly constructed in crystallized marble of void energy. Her hopes were alit.

If Jing Jiu ’s soul was intact, then this meant he could be fully resurrected! Her heart was brilliant with joy. 

She brought out the sphere generated by Void Crystallization, sensing Jing Jiu ’s Soul Aura permeating the entire thing. However, she was afraid to inspect it closely or forcibly send her energy into it. What if that destroyed the soul inside? 



Must be cautious.

She looked at Wei Wuyin with a cold gaze. ”How do I extract the soul in this? ” 

After she asked that, she sent another burst of energy into Wei Wuyin ’s groin, reminding him of her original threat. Wei Wuyin didn ’t hesitate to tell her how to dispel as if he couldn ’t hope to do so sooner. A few Ascended couldn ’t help but shake their heads, despite his looks, he was so cowardly. There were soldiers that suffered far more and would never fold. 

Cai Liuyang verified that this a void-type object and the method of infusion of spatial energies was consistent. After doing so, she looked at Wei Wuyin and her eyes grew brutal. Her fair and soft hands clasped his throat and then pressed down. 

Wei Wuyin ’s limbs started to flail as he struggled to breathe. He tried his best to pull Cai Liuyang ’s fingers from his throat but to no avail. Eventually, the horrific sound finally occurred. 


Wei Wuyin ’s neck twisted in an unnatural manner, and a burst of mystic power obliterated Wei Wuyin ’s Sea of Consciousness. He couldn ’t be anymore dead. As for his Astral Souls, they weren ’t irrelevant. It was customary to allow Starlords to become stars for the betterment of the Galactic Zone, so it was common practice to leave them untouched until they underwent Stellar Condensation.

Cai Liuyang was waiting for Wei Wuyin ’s body to lose its life force so she could store it in her spatial ring for further investigation, but she couldn ’t help herself to panic when the Void Crystallized orb Soul Aura of Jing Jiu started to flicker. She questioned if Wei Wuyin had tethered himself somehow, so she urgently used the method to dispel the Void Crystal and was going to use her own mystic power to secure his soul.

If it was temporary, Ascended could easily replicate what Wu Yu did for Hong Ru. She hurriedly dispelled the Void Crystal.

When she did, at that exact moment, Wei Wuyin ’s supposed corpse opened its eyes. One of its eyes was flickering with saber light, somewhat dim, while the other was suffused with elemental light. The first eye was harsh yet the second eye was playful.

”Tch. ”

”Hehehe! ”

Two voices sounded from Wei Wuyin ’s ’corpse ’ at this moment that shook Cai Liuyang.

”We win! ”

Yet before she could react, the Void Crystallization Orb was released, and alongside it, tens of millions of spherical objects effusing fiery energies! They were all pellets!

There wasn ’t even a single moment, a single instant, before they all…


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