Paragon of Sin

Chapter 728 - 723: Soldier Of War Explosion

ment. Their hearts grew still. Their minds chilled. Their breaths stifled in their throats. Their eyes turned to a single direction, no matter how swift, how slow, or how delayed, they all turned their heads and eyes towards a single direction. 


The sound was like thunder, as fast as lightning, as terrifying as death itself knocking three times on your door. The fiery radiance in the horizon was wild, beautiful, and absolutely alluring. No one could turn their gaze away. 

A storm of flames twisted and twisted until it touched down onto the ground. When it did, the earth shook in a minor manner, yet they all felt it. The heat was intense.

”What ’s that?! ” Zi Fu exclaimed with widened eyes, yet the moment her last words finished, a torrential storm of rushing wind, dirt, earth, and fire raced towards her at such a fast pace that her body trembled from its force! Only her thoughts could react to the rapidly brightening radiance enclosing in.

’Is that a storm of flames? Is it coming here? ’ She felt the pushing force on her body, and the realization touched her heart with unerring accuracy. ’Oh. I guess I ’m dead. Just like that? After all that? Huh…I don ’t accept it! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT! ’ Was her last thought as the flames gushed forward and enveloped her and her entire squad!

The storm of fire engulfed an area of two hundred miles! There was no safe zone within it! 


However, it ended after a minute or so. When it did, the 43rd Squad, Tai Hao, and Zi Fu were standing there frozen, looking at their hands and armor, confused why they weren ’t burnt, why the metal wasn ’t melted.

The halo that settled on the heads was emitting a bright radiance.

Zi Fu looked upwards, shaken by its activity. According to her training, this halo was connected to the War Spirit, and the radiance it emits only occurs when friendly fire had happened. It would protect against it. This only affected those of the mortal-level. Ascended had the same protection for mortals and Ascended, but if they assault members of their camp, it does not activate. However, they would be disqualified from receiving rewards from the War Spirit. This was indicative that they were leaders, capable of delivering vicious punishments to their subordinates if they were of the same camp, yet also the leader ’s punishment for not fixing this issue non-violently.

Zi Fu turned, and she could see the once fighting titans in the distance confused, while there were melted and burnt corpses of humans and celestials, those star-pupil beings, littered for miles on end. Some were still being blown away by the explosion, being flung for miles further. Those soldiers all died a fiery death.

Tai Hao realized this. He couldn ’t help but say: ”Holy…my…oh… ” He was totally speechless, unable to finish any of his mental comments of shock and awe. That explosion had come without warning, and they didn ’t understand it at all. 

However, Zi Fu instantly recalled that closed-eyed handsome human that could manifest wings, exert his spiritual sense, and was an abnormality in their lives. ”Was it him? But how? ”

”Was that…Mass Energy Detonation? ” The male titan from earlier questioned in a ludicrous manner. This was a phenomenon when experts combined their energy or from highly powerful formations or arrays charged into a single point and released all at once. It was…explosive…

”Impossible! There ’s no way to establish a formation large enough to do so, and it ’ll be deeply suppressed in the Battlefield. ” Another titan rejected, but it truly did seem like a Mass Energy Detonation! 

”Pellets? ” A titan soldier that was an alchemist as an auxiliary field spoke out, finding the combination familiar. 

”Pellets? Even more impossible! Energy is suppressed in the Battlefield, to create that, how many pellets would be needed? Millions? Billions? Furthermore, pellets can only be used if the alchemist that concocted them is in the Battlefield and activates them himself, otherwise the War Spirit will stop it! ” The titan that rejected the earlier theory also rejected this one, yet there was little else to suggest as an alternative. 

As if in panic after seeing everyone ’s skepticism, the titan added: ”Even if it was pellets, what mortal-level alchemist could possibly concoct so many? And they would all have to be higher than eighth-grade, or Mystic-Earth grade and even then! It-its…Its just not possible! ” He vehemently shook his head, yet the hellscape before him caused his heart to grow uncertain.

”You ’re right, ” the male titan who treated Tai Hao ’s wounds chimed in his agreement. ”The Ascended of our race should have an answer. ”

The others nodded.


Battalion Commander Borus was still in his enlarged form as he watched the fiery outburst of flames slowly dissipate. The halo above his head was releasing a protective radiance, so besides the bright light, he didn ’t even feel the forceful winds. The halo had thoroughly protected him and everyone else of the titan race. 

The only ones in the sky above the clouds were those of the titan race. Everyone else had either been incinerated entirely or falling as a burnt corpse.

No, wait…

”Uhh! Uhh! ” Stifled coughs emitted from the old man, his whisk exuding a scarlet light that enveloped his entire body protectively. 

When Battalion Commander Borus saw this, realizing the fragility of the light and his aura, his eyes brightened considerably. Without even thinking about it, all he saw were War Souls! His greed was intense, an innate feature of his truest nature!

”KILL ALL THOSE THAT REMAIN! ” He shouted as his gargantuan form exploded towards the old man, his eyes effusing killing intent and greed.

The other titan Ascended realized that almost every powerful human or celestial race Ascended had survived, be it at the Soul of Mysticism or Demi-Mortal Lord. Some were terrifyingly burnt and scarred, barely on their last breaths as they fell from the skies. Others were protected by talismans or powerful mystic-graded armaments, yet their usage was either done or their armaments suffered tremendous damage.

Furthermore, they were outnumbered by the surviving titans! 

The titans were shaken by Battalion Commander Borus ’s roar, and they turned their weapons against their enemies and blitzed them in groups!

While all this happened, beneath the clouds and far away from the Ascended conflict, a figure was enveloped in a ward of elemental origin intent that pacified all the fiery energies that was released, diverting it with his Elemental Origin Intent if he could, shielding himself if he couldn ’t. 

At the moment, two Astral Souls returned as bright light. Along with their return, a spatial ring belonging to none other than the Demi-Mortal Lord Ascended, the top-tier genius, the individual at the very center of the fiery explosion, Cai Liuyang! 

When those two Astral Souls reentered their body, the figure sighed with relief.

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