Paragon of Sin

Chapter 739 - 734: Soldier Of War Mystic-Graded Materials

an Yu said. 

Still, this was much to think about. If both were correct, if he could reach the Earthly Saint, then didn ’t he have a clear path to become a Heavenly Saint? 

Returning to the faintly howling saber in his hand, he asked: ”Why is the saber acting like this? It feels alive. ” 

Guan Yu sighed, ”Of course it does. The Essence of War is forged based on your general Will, and you ’ve comprehended Saber Heart Intent, so the saber will reflect that accurately. If my uncle is correct, try to sense its internal composition. ”

Wei Wuyin didn ’t hesitate to pour his spiritual sense into the blade. Since it wasn ’t expanding outwards, it was extremely easy to course it through the saber. Furthermore, there wasn ’t a single bit of rejection. But when he sensed it, Wei Wuyin ’s frowned.

”I can ’t, ” Wei Wuyin said.

”You can ’t do what? ” Guan Yu playfully asked.

Wei Wuyin gave him a brief ’glance ’ and turned back to the saber, ”Its conjured materials elevated from astral-grade to mystic-grade? ”

Guan Yu nodded, adding an agreement sound for Wei Wuyin to hear, ”If my guess is correct, peak-grade Mystic-Earth mystic materials to be exact. Your World Heart Intent is exceptionally high-quality it seems. ”

Wei Wuyin knew that his spiritual sense was unable to sense mystic-graded materials or its energy. As a mere mortal, how could he? ”So Intent can elevate certain standards? In that case, ” Wei Wuyin immediately manifested Elemental Origin Heart Intent, constructed from nine Apex-level Intents, and infused it into his gambeson.


Instantly, the gambeson ’s grey color became pure, pristine white without any flaw.

”What?! ” Guan Yu staggered backwards slightly. ”Is that…oh my god, is that Mystic-World?! No way, no wait…its still Mystic-Earth… ” Guan Yu was a Starlord and had an ample amount of experience differentiating mystic-graded materials, and instantly realized that the gambeson that Wei Wuyin wore was beyond peak-grade of Mystic-Earth yet not quite low-grade Mystic-World.

”So Elemental Origin Intent is compatible. Interesting, ” Wei Wuyin had doubts because the Elemental Intents were Material Intent, not Ethereal Intents like Slaughter, Battle, or Saber. However, seeing this, he realized it didn ’t discriminate on type of Intent. 

”I guess even the elements can be used as tools of war as well. ” When Wei Wuyin thought of the various environmental advantages and disadvantages of war, he felt like he understood a little more what ’War ’ encapsulated. 

”You ’ve comprehended Elemental Origin and Saber Heart Intents?! Oh my heavens… ” Guan Yu was starting to have his understanding of what it meant to be a genius overturned, fortunately causing him to feel less inferior than before, because Wei Wuyin wasn ’t just a genius, he was a total monster! How could you feel inferior to the outlier? 

”Can others wield my conjured armaments? ” Wei Wuyin asked curiously.

”What? ” Guan Yu didn ’t understand the question. No, he understood, he just didn ’t know why it was even asked!

Wei Wuyin turned the saber to the side, offering a portion of its hilt to Guan Yu. ”Can you wield it? ” 

Guan Yu ’s eyes shined. He instantly reached out for the saber with desire. You want me to wield it? Of course I ’ll wield it!


The saber howled violently, spurting out a thin stream of saber light that sliced Guan Yu ’s outstretched hand, drawing blood! He winced and aggressively retracted his palm, his expression the picture of shock and awe, including betrayal. He looked at Wei Wuyin as if he had done so purposely. After all, its not like he hadn ’t taken others ’ fully formed weapons before.

”Oh? I see. It has a will now. Apologies, ” Wei Wuyin honestly said as he felt the saber ’s reluctance of being wielded by anyone except Wei Wuyin.

After seeing Wei Wuyin apologize, Guan Yu sighed and lost his doubts towards Wei Wuyin doing so deliberately. He licked his cut, looking at the saber with a little more caution. He couldn ’t help but wonder how he got here, acting as an information goat for a strange yet talented monster that took him down in a single punch. Someone like this should be incredibly knowledgeable, not asking for knowledge.

Wei Wuyin and Guan Yu continued to discuss for an entire hour more. They discussed the size and various zones of the Battlefield, the Soldiers of War that Guan Yu was aware of and actively avoided, and how long he ’s been there—twelve whole years. It seems gaining a thousand War Souls was not easy. There were thousands of Soldiers of War still here, and numerous new ones arriving every two years.

However, with this, Wei Wuyin knew exactly what he needed to do to maximize his benefits in the Nexus Battlefield.

”Do what exactly? ” Guan Yu ’s notably confused and questioning voice resounded. Yet, when Wei Wuyin spoke out, his eyes widened and his mouth gaped slightly.

Wei Wuyin brightly smiled and said, ”Gather an army, of course. ”

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