Paragon of Sin

Chapter 750 - 745: Soldier Of War What I Want

t with two choices: live out the rest of their lifespan here or challenge the Obelisk of War.

Those who challenged the Obelisk of War would almost certainly die. After all, it was one against ten thousand. As for those who decided to live out the unfortunate remainder of their lives here…

Wei Wuyin had his speculations at first, but the mysterious woman ’s existence all but verified it. Her piercing gaze, his inability to sense her existence on any level, and her ability to affect the surrounding atmosphere with just her emotions. This was all indicative that her powers exceeded Mortal Limits. 

Guan Yu was still boggled by the narrow-minded belief that Ascended wouldn ’t ever descend onto the Nexus Battlefield, so he hadn ’t figured it out yet. 

”Wait, ” the mysterious woman called out. Her tone carried a heavy trace of interest, far more genuine than before. It wasn ’t a byproduct of her mind-numbing boredom being transformed into curiosity, but sparked by something else. 

Wei Wuyin halted his steps. He ’looked ’ towards the direction of her voice. It didn ’t take long for her to arrive directly in front of Wei Wuyin, and Guan Yu ’s expression grew tense. The mysterious woman was merely a few feet away from him, but Guan Yu didn ’t believe Wei Wuyin was incapable of handling himself. 

Wei Wuyin allowed her to approach. In truth, he didn ’t have much confidence in dealing with an Ascended in a direct battle without unleashing all of his trump cards, but if she put herself in range of him, he had roughly a dozen ways to defend or eliminate her instantly. This would be even more so if she underestimated him. 

Just as Wei Wuyin was waiting for Eden to alert him of any ill-intent, ready to instantly retaliate, he instead received no response from Eden as he felt a hand press softly against his chest. The hand caressed his chest, causing his expression to change. 

”This is at the quasi-level of Mystic-World grade. World Heart Intent? Such a high-level World Heart Intent, and yet you ’re only a mortal. ” The mysterious woman kept touching, feeling the gambeson ’s texture and structure, alongside Wei Wuyin ’s firm chest. 

”… ” Seeing the mysterious woman touch Wei Wuyin in such a manner, Guan Yu was quite shocked, but then immediately awkward. He could hear the interest within her voice, alongside the astonishment and deepening allure. 

Her hand trailed down from his upper torso downward, passed his dantian and then neared his…

Wei Wuyin reached out to grasp her wrist, stopping her from doing as she pleased. He didn ’t know what was going on in this woman ’s mind, but he had no intention of being taken advantage of so blindly, even if he was technically blind at the moment. 

The mysterious woman was entirely unbothered by Wei Wuyin ’s haltingly grab, offering no resistance to it. However, she reached out with her other hand, and attempted to touch his face. Wei Wuyin ’s brows instantly furrowed, using his other hand to stop this action.

It was one thing to allow her to draw close to formulate better retaliatory conditions, but another entirely to allow an Ascended of unknown strength to touch his exposed skin. While he was confident in his physical body and its currently refined state, he had no intention to allow this woman to test it in a sudden assault.

While he felt she was an Ascended, that she wouldn ’t act to kill allies while being aware of the rules, his feelings weren ’t an absolute certainty. Still, with their current position, Wei Wuyin was confident in curbing this Ascended instantly. Especially in this heavily restricted area like the Nexus Battlefield.

However, the mysterious woman still seemed entirely unconcerned as Wei Wuyin held both of her wrists. ”You truly intend to challenge the Obelisk of War, don ’t you? ” She softly asked, but her voice felt different than before. Carrying admiration and something else that was difficult to pinpoint. 

”Yes, I do. ” Was all he replied with.

”… ” There was a long pause. The atmosphere became awkward, especially for Guan Yu. The last bit of conversation felt like a wife questioning her husband ’s decision, yet the husband instantly replied with the utmost resolve and courage, reflecting his strong will to march out to war. 

”What do you want? ” Wei Wuyin decided to not keep this going any longer. He didn ’t have all day to wait, and he needed to challenge the Obelisk of War. If his planned actions don ’t work, he decided in his heart to depart the Nexus Battlefield immediately. Since he could outrun Cai Liuyang, he felt confident that he could outrun other Ascended in this small environment, reaching the Nexus Battlefield ’s walls. 

The mysterious woman stayed silent for a while, but then she slowly twisted her wrist out of Wei Wuyin ’s grasp. Wei Wuyin let her go. 

”What do I want? ” She said, looking down at the ground. Despite her blurred expression, the level of internal conflict and sadness borne from this action could be felt, even by the blind. ”I want to leave here. ” 

Wei Wuyin frowned upon hearing this. 

So did Guan Yu. He was still of the belief that she was a Soldier of War. Was she aware of the execution rule? He felt horrible if this was the case. Wouldn ’t this mean he was truly incapable?

Wei Wuyin clarified, ”What do you want from me? ” 

While the woman ’s facial expressions were blurred, if one saw the position of her head, they could roughly guess that she was staring intently at Wei Wuyin ’s face. She slowly said, ”I ’ve met few that could comprehend World Heart Intent as a mere mortal. I ’ve met even less that were men, and none as incredibly handsome as you. While you might be blind, your body, instincts, and face match my preferences perfectly. You even discovered that I was an Ascended. No one else besides the others has yet. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin ’s mind stirred. Earlier, he had said ’other ’ Ascended beings in hopes to provoke a vocal confirmation, preferably an exclamation of surprise. He didn ’t expect it to lead to nonconsensual touching. More importantly, this indirectly confirmed that there were other Ascended present.

”What do I want? ” The woman said through a strange smile, ”I don ’t want to die an unloved, bitter and miserable virgin in some godforsaken Battlefield of archaic design, impossible to escape, and unable to ever see the stars again. I want a handsomely talented, intelligent, and courageous man to take me, allow me to experience how it feels to be a woman at least once. You fit that image perfectly. ” 

Wei Wuyin ’s mind stirred even fiercer, but his surging mind soon calmed down, halted by his own beliefs and principles.

”I ’m offering you the Primal Yin of a Demi-Mortal Lord beauty, free-of-charge with no obligation, are you willing? ” 

Guan Yu ’s voice resounded, ”I ’m willing! I ’m ABSOLUTELY willing! ”

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