Paragon of Sin

Chapter 762 - 757: Soldier Of War For The Head

ictory if it cost everything? It was his uselessness as a Legion Commander that caused this disaster. He decided to reflect on himself, and when given a new army later, he ’d be sure to train them correctly. If one thought he should follow along with his fallen soldiers due to his responsibility, they wouldn ’t be wrong, yet the Legion Commander felt hollow, not remorse or sadness. 

His army was a tool of war just like any other, and so were their lives. He didn ’t blink as they died or tried to save a single being by risking his own life despite having the greatest combat strength even while subjected to the poison mixture, all so he didn ’t suffer an unexpected demise. 

Just as the forlorn emotion swelled in the hearts of every last being, the sounds of faint breaking earth resounded from a location extremely close to the Legion Commander. This caused the Legion Commander ’s breathing to halt; he turned to see a figure that should be dead!

Wei Wuyin ’s handsome visage was slowly revealed, slinking upwards from the earth as if he was one with it, sporting his signature pristinely white gambeson, saber, and all! Furthermore, he seemed relatively unharmed! Moreover, his eyes were tightly shut.

”Thanks for the advice, ” Wei Wuyin honestly said. The Legion Commander turned his head, and his eyes widened slightly. Two decoys? What?!

However, he felt that Wei Wuyin was incredibly foolish to reveal himself while he was entirely unhindered by that strange poison! 

Wei Wuyin only said four words, ”Worked once, worked again. ” When those words were said, three imposing auras simultaneously manifested in the sky above the two figures in close proximity! 





The last originated from his saber; all thirteen rings formed and spun wildly! 

Five seconds…

That was all he had left. With a single step, he executed the Fixed Soul Spell. This action caused the Legion Commander to circulate his mystic power, his body about to unleash an extremely oppressive force upon Wei Wuyin ’s mortal body yet his body unnaturally halted. 


Oh no…

No no no!

When he felt the poison acting up within his body, triggered by his own actions, his eyes bulged as even he felt the World Devouring Rose and Myriad Gravestone Poison raw mixture activated. Furthermore, it seemed far, far more concentrated and potent than before! 

Confused, his eyes bulged as the edge of a saber came into his view, aiming for his neck as he had advised. The more of his energy he tried to exert, the more was devoured and the weaker he became. He felt unfathomable fear! 

Then it dawned on him.

He felt the warm gray blood on his face, on his skin, dripping down his armor. He had thought Wei Wuyin was dead! Furthermore, he had established safeguards; how did this happen?! Why was he so careless?! How could this have happened?!  He couldn ’t understand or accept it at all!



A dragon-head helmet wearing head shot into the air, inundated by saber light and thoroughly annihilated. 

The last Spirit of War, an invincible existence on the battlefield, met its end at a mortal ’s saber.

The world was utterly silent.

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