Paragon of Sin

Chapter 774 - Vermillion Bird & Fire Phoenix

es known! Their connections ran abnormally deep in that pool of authority—inseparable. 

Ma Zheng heard Xue Yifei ’s question and frowned. ”Long ago, phoenixes and dragons were not as rare as they are today. The Desolate Dragnet Stellar Region was but one of the many regions ruled by beasts; even phoenixes had their own stellar region that they dominated. According to certain records, a war between beasts occurred and wiped out over 99% of the beasts ’ population with indiscriminate ferocity. I ’m unsure of the exact details because this happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before my own birth, but these beasts all severely deteriorated soon after.

”Their territories were marked as desolate, uninhabitable for cultivators. The ancient recordings that detailed this was from a nearly extinct race within our own stellar region. There are only some bloodline remnants left, but they aren ’t pure. This race was said to be giants in form, human-like in appearance, boasting terrifyingly powerful bodies as cultivators. When the Tang Clan originally formed tens of thousands of years ago, they had an exceptional genius who found a unique cultivation method left behind by this ancient race in one of these desolate regions.

”It was called the Blazing Unity of Twin Flames, and it was divided into two parts: Vermillion and Phoenix. The Vermillion version, I have never read myself, only heard rumors as the Tang Clan is extremely secretive, but the Phoenix version, I ’ve not only extensively read but tried to extrapolate some of its essence to cultivate myself. ” Ma Zheng paused here, his brows furrowed even deeper as he recalled such an ancient memory that carried heavy disappointment.

Xue Yifei ’s heart fiercely pounded. She was receiving a history lesson that she hadn ’t expected, and it revealed a few extremely terrifying details! However, during the first half of Ma Zheng ’s words, her mind felt that memories in her Spirit of Cultivation had been triggered awake. She couldn ’t help but press against her chest as it sped up. 

Ma Zheng continued, ”The Vermillion half of the cultivation method focused on refining a physique. The Blazing Unity Physique, one of the strongest physiques known in the entire stellar region. Those who cultivate it seldom fail their Third Ascension, and even if they did, they have a strange spell that allows them to survive without refining Mystic Origin Liquid. This is rumored to be why the Tang Clan currently has the highest number of Demi-Mortal Lord figures as a single power in the entire Aeternal Sky Starfield, outside of the Imperial Clan, of course. 

”I don ’t know how it is cultivated, but it ’s said that they found a Vermillion Bird ’s ancient burial ground and it contains their bones. ” Ma Zheng stopped here, his eyes wistful as he drifted in thought.

Xue Yifei settled her heartbeat down. ”What about the Phoenix half? ” 

Snapping back to reality, Ma Zheng coughed a few times before heaving a breath of relief. ”It ’s said that Fire Phoenixes have perfect control over their flames, being direct extensions of themselves, allowing them to burn what they want and only what they want. A strange will of sorts. The Phoenix half states that the Essence Blood of a Fire Phoenix contains the will of the worldly fire, capable of harnessing this unique Intent. If cultivated in accordance with the method, one can comprehend the Nirvanic Flames Intent, something that exceeds the Fire Intent, integrated with life, death, and annihilation laws of the world itself. ”

Xue Yifei jolted in disbelief, ”Unique Intent? ” She had learned much since entering the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, so she knew that the Material Dao, like actual materials, were divided into levels of low, mid, high, and apex. The Apex-level Intent was the strongest of that type of Intent, such as Absolute Zero Ice Intent and Absolute Hot Fire Intent. 

She had never heard of this type of unique Intent before.

Ma Zheng coughed a few times again, his eyes growing emotional, ”This type of unique Intent isn ’t the same as the others, because while they can fall into classifications of normal Intent, divided into Seed, Awakened, and World Heart, it ’s been infused and modified thoroughly by strange laws and worldly forces. They are, however, unable to be comprehended from the world unlike all things within the Material Dao. The Nirvanic Flames Intent, for example, can only be comprehended from the Essence Blood of a Fire Phoenix and only if one has cultivated the correct physique to handle its overbearing power. ”

”Like the Blazing Unity Physique? ” Xue Yifei asked.

”Like the Blazing Unity Physique, ” Ma Zheng smiled. ”But it doesn ’t end there, the Nirvanic Flames are beyond Mortal Limits, so mortals can ’t harness its power. At least that ’s what the cultivation method itself said, I can ’t be certain. Still, it states that the Essence Blood contains the mysteries of the Mystic Dao. If one can extract it, refine it, and diligently cultivate with it using the method, one has a chance of gaining insight into the Awakened Mystic Intent, reaching…reaching… ” Ma Zheng slowed down here, his breathing growing more and more tired. Despite sitting down, his expression gradually grew pale.

Xue Yifei saw the exhausted and sickly state Ma Zheng was in, knowing that his life was approaching its end. She bit her lower lip anxiously as she waited for him to regain his breath. This extended period of discussion must ’ve exhausted him greatly. 

Only after a few minutes did Ma Zheng regain a somewhat healthy complexion, breathing out heavily as he closed his eyes. He continued with a hoarse voice, seemingly willing to stop without finishing his words: ”They can reach the Earthly Saint Phase! There were also other benefits noted in the method, alluding to it allowing those who cultivate it to reach higher phases, but I can ’t be certain if its true. No one can. Not even the Golden Gate Pavilion verified it. They once said that the secrets of cultivation are the most difficult to glean. ”

Xue Yifei now understood why Ma Zheng said the Tang Clan couldn ’t be stopped. If she was them, she would mobilize all of her available forces to capture the Fire Phoenix alive. She wouldn ’t even allow others to interfere. Who knew if an Demi-Mortal Lords, or even Earthly Saint level figures, might scheme against her in the shadows.

”But…if this is the case, will the Ninestar Sainthall allow them to take it? Why don ’t they capture the Fire Phoenix themselves? ” Xue Yifei felt that there was more to this story left unsaid. Because, from her point of view, she would unhesitatingly destroy the Fire Phoenix before allowing it to fall into another forces ’ hands. Even the other fifteen mystic forces should intervene, right? 

Ma Zheng sighed. ”This actually has to do with an agreement made long ago. But it doesn ’t matter; no one will stop them, not even I can. ”

Xue Yifei frowned, ”But does anyone want to see them fail? ”

Ma Zheng coughed once, swallowing a little and saying smilingly, ”Everyone wants to see them fail. ”



Bai Lin released a low, gentle cry as she lifted her neck towards the sky.. The outline of over a dozen voidships reflected in her golden eyes.

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