Paragon of Sin

Chapter 779 - Calculated Blow

litely replied: ”It is always an honor to meet the Soul King of the Soul-Erupting Sainthall. ” Afterward, she bowed to the other two and gave out impeccable greetings. 

The Soul Rising Saint didn ’t bother to look at Ma Sujiang, merely observing the ongoing struggle between the Fire Phoenix and the Tang Clan. As for the Soul Enlightening Saint, he only said a few words: ”Why are you here? ” His tone wasn ’t polite, even faintly cold. 

The Golden Life Pavilion might be the most prominent merchant organization in the Aeternal Sky Starfield, but they didn ’t operate freely in all starfields. While they had some established branches here and did some dealings, it was mostly the Nine-Gold Pavilion that handled the business side of the Ninestar Starfield. 

Ma Sujiang wasn ’t surprised by this reception. If Ma Zheng, her father, were an Earthly Saint or leader of the Golden Life Pavilion, their tones would certainly be different, but they had neither an Earthly Saint nor majority power of the organization. To these Earthly Saints, the Golden Life Pavilion only afforded her the right to arrive and speak without being immediately dismissed. 

Ma Sujiang didn ’t beat around the bush, knowing this was a pressing matter. ”Soul Monarchs, ” she used the proper plural reference for multiple Soul Kings, a unique title for the Ninestar Sainthalls Nine Saints, ”My father had just given me a piece of crucial information regarding the possible origins of this Fire Phoenix. Shall I relay this information? ” 

”Speak. Don ’t be coy with us, little girl. ” The Soul Rising Saint indifferently said. Her attitude was extremely clear. If it weren ’t for a certain subordinate of hers needing their help for their Third Ascension, she would have never let a Demi-Mortal Lord of the Golden Life Pavilion step foot in her domain, let alone this last princess of the Ma Clan.

Yet Ma Sujiang ’s words prompted both the other two Saints to glance in her direction, visibly intrigued by this development.

”Apologies for my rudeness, ” she hurriedly said before continuing: ”My father has recently learned that there ’s a high likelihood that the Fire Phoenix belongs to none other than the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn. ” 

”…! ” The three Saints all reacted, turned to look at Ma Sujiang with shock visible within their eyes. ”Where does this assumption originate from? ” The Soul Rising Saint demanded an answer, her attention now fully focused on Ma Sujiang.

Ma Sujiang revealed a faint smile. ’You didn ’t care about me or my father, but the moment this name is mentioned, you perk right up? How amusing. ’ Her scalding thoughts aside, she answered politely: ”This information isn ’t entirely certain. However, it comes from a credible source. ”

The three fell silent. This was the same as saying nothing, but the Golden Life Pavilion ’s Ma Zheng wouldn ’t reveal this information without being more than sixty percent certain. His reputation was sufficient to back this. Still, this was the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, a figure dipped in mystery.

According to the Golden Life Pavilion, he was an extremely young and talented Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist who invented the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. They had already seen its miraculous effects first-hand, with at least one of their prospective Chosen or descendants receiving one of these products. Their talents bolstered by the Worldly Domain, and their cultivation bases rose rapidly as a result. It was heaven-defying, convention-breaking. To put it simply: it was everything it was advertised. 

There wasn ’t a single power that wasn ’t trying to locate this mysterious genius of untold origins. The only clue was his presumed status as a Chosen of the True Element Sect, but few believed such outrageous claims. That said, the Ninestar Sainthall was the most informed about this figure due to their members acting as Dharma Protectors in the Demon War Realm for certain elites. 

They had not only met this person, but they were aware that he had outrageous combat strength and talent, comprehending Elemental Heart Intent while simultaneously being a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. This individual ’s innate talent, if the two were indeed the same, was unimaginable. 

There were numerous questions swirling about his origins, yet no answers to be found. This was even more so after the Everlore Starfield was destroyed. And they couldn ’t act against their newly established planet and its inhabitants to obtain more information because if the rumors were true, then any harm befalling this lot could lead to tremendous repercussions in the future. The dilemma provided many headaches.

”Well, this just got a little more interesting, ” the Soul Enlightening Saint ’s eyes revealed an intense excitement. He turned towards Ma Sujiang and said with a narrowed eyes, ”It seems that it ’s true that the Ma Clan has his wife. ” 

”Concubine, ” the Soul Erupting Saint corrected. While they couldn ’t gather much information after the Everlore Starfield ’s devastation, after linking Wei Wuyin and the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, how could they not discover that a recently declared Saintess on the Immortal Saintess Rankings was related to him? Their union wasn ’t a secret unlike with Na Xinyi, an unofficiated affair.

The Soul Rising Saint glanced at the two men for a moment, then turned her attention to Ma Sujiang. ”Why are you telling us this? ” Her eyes narrowed. She smelled a hint of a scheme. Ma Zheng should be fully aware that they couldn ’t interfere in this matter, yet this information was still given out. 

Ma Sujiang gave off a mysterious smile, ”My father simply wanted you to know this. Nothing more. ” After saying this, she bowed and excused herself, flying away without hesitation. The three watched as she departed with varying expressions. 

The Soul Erupting Saint turned his gold eyes towards the planet, his current expression very difficult to determine alongside his thoughts. ”Despite her beauty, she ’s quite vicious, don ’t you think? A good woman, haha. ” The Soul Erupting Saint suddenly burst into laughter, shaking his head with a soft sigh soon after. He looked at the Soul Rising Saint, a trace of pity flickered within his gold eyes. 

”That ’s quite hateful, ” The Soul Enlightening Saint quietly muttered. 

”… ” The Soul Rising Saint ’s face was slightly dark, staring at the fleeing figure of Ma Sujiang with narrowed eyes. She wasn ’t so stupid to not realize what this meant or why it was done. There was no need besides ensuring that they were fully aware of Wei Wuyin ’s relationship with the phoenix at a crucial point, yet decided to simply watch despite obtaining this knowledge.

If there was the slightest chance that he became a figure as outstanding as the King of Everlore, this would forever strain their relationship or directly sever it. This was a calculated blow to their relations before they even had a chance to meet. This small move would undo all the goodwill they accumulated by purchasing that pill and its priority rights at an absurd price. 

What made matters worse, they had some wiggle room to offer a slight hindrance to this operation for a heavy price. Ma Zheng was fully aware of this. Furthermore, Ma Zheng had done what he could to help the situation, informing them of their relations, and if true, the Saints next actions would be reflective of their valuation of Wei Wuyin. If they acted, it was a win for the Golden Life Pavilion, and if they didn ’t, then the Golden Life Pavilion had done what it could, yet they had sat on their laurels indifferently.

The Soul Rising Saint clenched her teeth slightly. A small move yet so incredibly potent. This was definitely indicative that this Fire Phoenix almost certainly belonged to that elusive figure. Otherwise, this gamble would only worsen relations between the Golden Life Pavilion and them without any pay-off. 


Suddenly, the Earthly Saints all turned to a specific location as a strange fluctuation caught their senses. A cascading beam of multicolored light impacted the scorched surface of Blueglow, directly ignoring the arrays and formations established by the Tang Clan.

”What ’s that? ”

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