Paragon of Sin

Chapter 780 - For Vengeance

solidation and maximizing of his foundation to ensure that his Astral Souls antics wouldn ’t lead to his eventual suicide by tribulation or the upcoming Calamities of Hell. The Tang Clan wasn ’t worth such a sacrifice. 

That being said, he was sure his Astral Souls would certainly settle down given this pressing situation, but who knew if this would have other consequences later on. After all, their actions in the early stages of the Astral Core Realm afforded them the rumored requirements to reach higher levels in the Mystic Ascendant Realm. He didn ’t wish to willingly throw away these benefits for a quick surge of strength. Moreover, he hadn ’t taken all products gated at the Sixth Stage yet.

Suddenly, Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense felt a series of unfathomable spiritual senses come into contact with his own, causing his eyebrows to twitch. He hastily halted them, preventing them from properly inspecting the situation for a brief period.

Outside the Dark Void, several figures exclaimed simultaneously.

”Oh?! ” The Soul Rising Saint was startled. She glanced at the other two to see them exchange a look of surprise amongst themselves. They, too, were shocked by this development. ”An extremely powerful spiritual sense is serving as an obstacle against inspecting the planet, ” she stated.

The Soul Erupting Saint slowly nodded, ”Seems like that strange beam of light was the Earthly Saint descending from wherever they left to. It seemed very similar to the Void Voyage Sect ’s Rainbow Bridge. ”

The last speculation caused the Soul Enlightening Saint to frown, ”The Void Voyage Sect… ” This power was the most mysterious of the sixteen mystic forces of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, renowned for their astonishing spatial prowess and tools. This was more evidence further pointing towards the Void Voyage Sect ’s involvement with this matter. 

Could the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn be a disciple of this sect or a descendant of a grand figure? If so, this situation would become even more complex than it already was. The Soul Enlightening Saint was extremely tempted to have a battle of spiritual sense, but then he ’d be interfering with the arrays, and that ’ll violate some agreements. He could only look to the Soul Rising Saint as this was her domain.

”…We ’ll wait and see. ” The Soul Rising Saint said as they retracted their spiritual sense and observed with ocular spells. Unfortunately, the mass of spiritual strength was like a concrete wall. While they could breach it with their spiritual powers, they restrained from doing so without provocation.

The black-robed figure was also surprised by this development. Shockingly, he wasn ’t alone. Beside him were two other black-robed figures with perfect concealments. The original black-robed figure ’s voice resounded softly, ”It seems he ’s here. ” 

A faint killing intent emanated from this group. Clearly, they were ready for a fight, and they seemed to care little about the three Earthly Saints observing the situation. The two looked at each other, then formed hand-seals. A strange fluctuation integrated with the Dark Void.

Wei Wuyin ’s expression instantly changed. 

”The surrounding space has become a quagmire! ” Kratos immediately voiced its discovery, causing his Astral Souls to fall silent. If before it was extremely difficult to escape through Void Portals or Spatial Shifting, now this made it ten times more difficult. Wei Wuyin even felt sluggish despite his Void Dragon Bloodline.

The Earthly Saints noticed this development as well. Their expressions became extremely dark, especially the Soul Rising Saint. 

The Tang Matriarch and the other Highlords felt the ambient spatial energies and fixed space itself become stale and slow. ”As long as we get the Fire Phoenix, nothing else matters! Be ready to activate all defensive propulsion formations! ” She hurriedly gave orders as all the Highlords were on one ship, including many of its crucial members.

The other Voidships were almost all empty, with a few old figures at the end of their lifespan piloting and maintaining the arrays and formations. She was clearly not stupid enough to not anticipate this development. How could she, a prestigious leader of an entire clan, not realize Trueborn ’s intent? They wanted vengeance.

They wanted her to be bait. She had no issue with that, but she refused to be cannon fodder.

”…haaa… ” Wei Wuyin sighed heavily. While it didn ’t seem like it, he was certainly given a check in this position, likely one move left before checkmate and subsequent defeat. Even if he revealed his identity, this might not be enough to ensure his safety or freedom. There were just far too many variables and pieces of incomplete information. Who knew the situation would develop so unfavorably so fast? 

He had no choice…

With a swift hand-seal, on his abdomen, the outline of ’War ’ bled through his outfit with shining golden light. A tiny orb of white light escaped his abdomen. The sphere had a brilliant golden character of ’War ’ etched on its spherical surface. 

Wei Wuyin formed another hand-seal. The orb released faint rays of light and a radiant glow before it transformed into a small golden flag. On this tiny flag were extremely dots of star-like objects with varying sizes, all of which were orbiting a single, slightly bigger star at the center. They numbered ten thousand exactly. 

Bai Lin was shocked by this development, asking curiously: ”What ’s that? ” 

Wei Wuyin gave a faint smile, ”Your vengeance. ” He formed the final hand-seal, and from his pores, uncountable amounts of light strings left and entered the flag. These strings were all Primary Soul Light! 

The flag began to vibrate at an unnatural rate!

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