Paragon of Sin

Chapter 790 - Importance Of Refinement

issues. ” 

When Wu Yu heard this, he thought about Wei Wuyin ’s Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, the Grand Demonstration ’s results, and the surprises it brought. He couldn ’t help but ask, ”Are you talking about refinement time? ” 

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled hearing Wu Yu ’s conclusion. There ’s the issue: Refinement Time. This resulted from the body and spirit needing to digest the foreign essence or energies generated by the product. Most of the time, the body and spirit have to forcefully refine the essence and energies and distribute it to the appropriate location to galvanize for whatever purpose it serves.

This was indicative of resistance; the body and spirit ’s natural resistance against the foreign entities introduced into its system. This could inevitably lead to a loss of energies, or essence, or reduced effects, including an extremely long time to refine. While it was much shorter than refining volatile energies or essences, it was still long. 

Wu Yu thought about the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill and the Ever-Domain Pill. The refinement time between them was utterly massive, absolutely incomparable. The former was a few dozen minutes to an hour while the latter was two years. 

Xue Yifei had come across this issue when she compared Wei Wuyin ’s products to the Golden Life Pavilion ’s. The ease of refinement was incomparable between the two. 

Still, there ’s always a reason why refinement took longer than needed, such as innate bodily talent, so there was no way of knowing if the Everlore Ascension Pill that Wu Yu had refined resulted in a weaker or different Zenith Mortal State than normal. Moreover, Everlore Essence wasn ’t a conventional essence in cultivation, which could ’ve induced certain changes.

”… ” Wu Yu ’s doubts grew explosively after Wei Wuyin explained the reason for refinement times being longer than they could be. He had never taken the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, but he had taken the Ever-Rebirth Pill. His heart throbbed as he felt concerned that his body had latent flaws hidden within. 

Wei Wuyin could feel Wu Yu ’s dejected yet panicked thoughts. He confidently reassured, ”You don ’t have to worry about the Ever-Rebirth Pill I ’ve concocted. ”

”Why? ” Wu Yu ’s skepticism couldn ’t be held back. He had just learned a detail about the Alchemic Dao that shook his confidence in it. 

Wei Wuyin felt like laughing, but he didn ’t torture Wu Yu by withholding information. He explained simply: ”Because of Utmost Purity Mist. ”

”Utmost Purity Mist? ” He recalled Utmost Purity Mist. It was the direct result of continuous successful concoctions of seventh-grade or higher alchemical products, a natural phenomenon of the Alchemic Dao. It can passively affect the quality of products. This was what he knew about it. He had also learned that Mu Yura had absorbed some during the Grand Demonstration with great relish.

However, Wei Wuyin had attained the Alchemic Stars of the Alchemic Dao, capable of visually sensing Alchemic Spirit Remnants, and could be considered a genuine Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. He knew the effects of Utmost Purity Mist and how it influences products. 

So he explained, ”While not the greatest factor, still requiring a good set of method, skilled alchemist, and smooth concoction process, but if the Utmost Purity Mist reaches a certain level for each grade, then the products made will allow 100% of its refinement with very little, if any, resistance, regardless of its quality. There will be no Alchemic Spirit Remnant left behind—a perfect refinement. ” 

Wu Yu ’s heart and mind were moved by this. He had never delved deeply into the Dao of Alchemy before, and the King of Everlore wasn ’t the type to share his insights or discoveries very often. He asked curiously, ”Does that mean Alchemic Spirit Remnants are the result of imperfect products? ” 

Wei Wuyin opened his mouth and was about to explain, but he was stumped. The concept of low-quality products typically meant a perfectly pure base product. Saying Alchemic Spirit Remnants were products of the imperfect wasn ’t wrong nor right. After several minutes, he couldn ’t answer this despite his insights into the Alchemic Dao. How baffling! 

Wei Wuyin directly admitted, ”I can ’t say that, but I do know it becomes easier to refine as long as Utmost Purity Mist reaches a certain level and is infused into the product during concoction. I suggest you don ’t make assumptions about perfect or imperfect products. This only involves perfect refinements and issues brought about due to resistance. ”

Wu Yu nodded understandably. He was already delving into a profound topic. Cultivation was difficult, regardless of the Dao it involved. Still, this did soothe his worries. He had refined the Ever-Rebirth Pill with remarkable quickness, and his body had no inconsistencies. In fact, it felt better than ever. Inevitably, he started to see the traces of flaws that the King of Everlore possessed as an Alchemist and the importance of Utmost Purity Mist.

However, he wondered if his failure to successfully complete his Third Ascension was more complex than just lacking a sufficient bodily ability. 

Wei Wuyin realized that had gone wildly off-topic, urging Wu Yu: ”Continue about Mystic Rune Seeds. ”

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