Paragon of Sin

Chapter 793 - Because I Must

ess of the void, you ’ll have to be expelled from the Golden Gate Pavilion. And there ’s no such thing as expulsion in the Golden Gate Pavilion. ” Her underlying meaning was clear: if Wen Mingna wished to leave, her only choices were to properly wait or die. 

Wen Mingna ’s eyebrows quivered slightly, but they steadied themselves soon enough. She lifted her body and revealed her limpid gaze towards the Grand Seer. She stared at the Grand Seer unflinchingly. The firm determination and unyielding resolve in her eyes shook Ming Shufeng and the Fourth Prince. They were baffled by this display. 

What reasoning could cause Wen Mingna to desire to leave, even when facing death? Ming Shufeng glanced at the Fourth Prince…

Feeling the ill-intended gaze towards him, the Fourth Prince ’s eyelids twitched. However, it was above his status and station to explain himself to a junior, no matter how innately talented she was. 

”Why? ” The Grand Seer directly asked. She didn ’t seem shocked by Wen Mingna ’s resolve. 

”Because I must, ” Wen Mingna explained with only three words. Those words rendered Ming Shufeng utterly speechless. Was that an explanation? The Fourth Prince was also astonished by this development and reasoning. Could it be that Wen Mingna was testing his willingness to follow the rules of the pavilion? But with his grandmother right here, how could he dare make an exception? Even if he could, he wouldn ’t. The other Fated Royalty would certainly interject and criticize, using this as a justification to strip him of authority and power.

While the Golden Gate Pavilion was a unique association of diviners, it was still at its core an organization ruled by a distinctly organized hierarchy with varying levels of authority and power. How could there not be scheming among other things happening within it? It was even worse when Heavenly Seers and Oracles were involved. The machinations deployed were sinister and unfathomable. 

The Grand Seer nodded. She gave her answer: ”Then leave. No one will stop you. ” When those words left her lips, there was a strange silence as the Fourth Prince ’s expression became awkward. He immediately was about to interject when the Grand Seer turned her head slightly in his direction, and his lips and body stilled.

Wen Mingna didn ’t bother about this. She bowed deeply, and then she flew off the stagnated planet. Abruptly, a Worldly Domain was conjured around her, causing Ming Shufeng and the Fourth Prince to be awed. 

”She ’s a Realmlord? ” The Fourth Prince found this unbelievable. After all, when she arrived, she was only at the Sky Ruler Phase, the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. Barely seven years had passed since then! Had she jumped five stages in such a short period of time? 

However, when the Fourth Prince used his spiritual sense to investigate her aura, he discovered she was only at the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Light Reflection Phase. She lacked that innate gravitational force emanating from her. 

”A Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill? ” Shocked, the Fourth Prince accurately determined the cause. He was still confused; the Worldly Domain of Wen Mingna was far more complete than the one used during the Grand Demonstration by Ma Luling. But how had she gotten her hands on a Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill?! Those were bought by the Ninestar Starfield and she ’s been in the Nine Worlds Domain before the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill was revealed! 

He couldn ’t help but look towards his grandmother, the Grand Seer, for answers. But he only saw the shadow of a smile on her lips. ”Don ’t hinder her movements. She ’ll be performing an assignment on my behalf. ” After giving this instruction, she vanished amid a burst of golden light. When it vanished, not even her aura had been left behind. 

The Fourth Prince frowned as his eyes flickered with golden light, yet he was unable to glean anything about this event. What was happening? 

Wen Mingna took off and flew towards the nearest Void Gate. She didn ’t hesitate to bring out a Void Disk with set coordinates, activated the gate, tossed it in, and entered without an iota of hesitation. 

Shortly after she left, the Grand Seer appeared by the Void Gate in a mysterious manner. Her eyebrows were furrowed. She softly whispered, ”Prosperity in acceptance; damnation in resistance. It seems she ’s connected to Wei Wuyin after all. ” 

After a long while, the Grand Seer performed a few hand-seals. Her white eyes became entirely golden.. This lasted for a short moment before they regained their whiteness. She heaved a heavy breath, ”Is it him? Or is it Tian Yinwu…why is it so unclear? ”

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