Paragon of Sin

Chapter 803 - Serendipitous Enlightenment


Within his dantian, his innate spatial energies began to instinctively combine with his physical energies enhanced by the Blood Origin Method, generating a pocket dimensional space within that bore remarkable similarities to a spatial rings!

Without any action on Wu Yus part, his Mystic Soul proceeded to facilitate the fusion as if it was an extremely natural process. A strange spatial fluctuation began to leak out of his dantian. If Ma Zheng saw this, he would be flabbergasted by this development. This was the sign of an Internal Worlds creation!

The Internal World was a World Realm-like spatial construct that was established within ones dantian, but it was abnormally difficult to cultivate, and even some Earthly Saints lacked it. It could be used to carry living beings and mystic-graded materials!!!

The mystic-graded rings that Cai Liuyang and Jing Jiu carried werent byproducts of some worldly materials and formations, but extracted Internal Worlds from living Ascended beings. It was a brutal, cruel fact. While most willingly extracted their Internal World and recreated them with heavy effort, some were taken more…forcefully.

While an extracted Internal World greatly suffered, unable to be used to carry living beings, it was boundlessly useful to contain mystic-graded materials that reacted violently to fixed spatial energies.

As Wu Yu kept refining the World Genesis Elixir, not only was his progression of the Blood Origin Method abnormally quick and smooth, he had begun the creation of an Internal World, and his Sea of Consciousness was drowned by the Mystic Runes of the elixir.

When he inspected the Mystic Runes prior to Wei Wuyins advancement, he recognized those runes and lost himself within them, losing a majority of his mental energies. At that time, he realized two of the three runes were runes that he himself had comprehended, while the third was an unknown rune that carried insights of Mystic Intent that he hadnt fully comprehended.

He hadnt expected that when it was being refined that he would be drawn into the Mystic Runes floating within his blood, slowly merging with his body little by little. As he focused more on these runes, his mind became enthralled by the magnificent qualities of the runes. He discovered that these runes were covered by a layer of seven-colored light that, interested in this, he pulled one into his Sea of Consciousness to better inspect it.

The World Genesis Elixir wasnt an enlightenment elixir, and it was designed to do so. However, it had been refined by the Seven Source Soul Light and its mystic runes carried wisps of its profound Mind Dao qualities. It adhered to Wu Yus mind and began to fuse with it.

Wei Wuyin was completely ignorant of this development, not knowledgeable enough about the Seven Source Soul Light or Mystic Runes to predict this outcome. Yet the worlds greatest discoveries were typically inadvertently created, found by accident and exploration.

Wu Yu had just discovered one of the most profound aspects of the Eighth Source Transcendence Spell that would soon set Wei Wuyin apart from other alchemists, establishing a crucial aspect of his future identity.

As the unknown rune delved into his consciousness, he began to comprehend all sorts of mystic insights that hadnt been discovered before. After three days, the insights coalesced into his Mystic Soul.

Without warning, Wu Yus Mystic Soul began to release spiritual howls that rippled throughout the world. Wu Yu was startled awake as his eyes released boundless mystic light. He looked at his hands and arms to discover that tens of thousands of one-inch-sized illusory mystic runes were floating around him.

“Is this…?” A wave of disbelief engulfed him as he felt a sense of awakening from his Mystic Soul. It was as if it was asleep this entire time, and these spiritual howls were its call to life.


A deep, unsettling explosion occurred within his body as he looked upwards with an aghast expression. Wu Yu wasnt typically one to feel fear or uncertainty, having the calm grade of a monarch entrenched within his bones, but as he felt the cascading call of the Mystic Dao, generated by the heavens itself, he felt trepidation.

“This shouldnt be possible!” Wu Yu didnt hesitate to shoot upwards at startling speeds. While he was besieged by fear, he had never been one to shy away from obstacles. Even when he was chased by a Demi-Mortal Lord throughout multiple domains, he never once felt hopeless.

He arrived in the Dark Void and his eyes caught sight of something he hadnt expected. Unfortunately, he was unable to experience further shock or gather himself as his Mystic Soul howled even fiercer, causing his body to forcefully unleash its Demi-Mystic State!

Wu Yu swallowed slightly, but he didnt hesitate. He pressed his foot bravely forward and vanished like dispersing mist. He seemingly entered an entirely different world beyond Mortal Limits.


At this very moment, San Luoyang was concocting alongside seven other Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, surrounded by a violet-colored cauldron. It was none other than the Violet-God Cauldron, and it had an Utmost Purity Mist that spanned fifteen meters in diameter! Unlike its twenty-four meters counterpart, the White-God Cauldron, this was the third best cauldron of the Everlore Association.

The alchemists were all intensely focused, at the latter half of the concoction process. They had sweat upon their brows and backs, their eyes seemingly exhausted, and their complexions pale.

Abruptly, San Luoyangs eyes erupted with fierce light as he looked downwards at his feet.

“An Earthly Awakening?!” A genuine expression of disbelief flashed across his pale expression. The other Mortal Sovereign Alchemist also felt that aura as Ascended beings, feeling the disturbance of the Mystic Dao, and their minds that were taut and tugged began to experience drastic emotional changes.

“…!” San Luoyang immediately realized this development and hurriedly performed a hand-seal. A heavy explosive sound erupted from the cauldron causing the seven alchemists to cough buckets of blood as they were sent flying, crashing heavily against the wall. The sounds of bones breaking and wails of pain resounded as San Luoyangs expression was extremely cold.

He severed their spiritual senses and energies. San Luoyangs eyes unleashed an ocular transformation, revealing seven-colored stars in each eye! The Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality! He had somehow obtained complete control of their remaining alchemical energies and handled the finalization process himself.

The burden was tremendous as he sent copious amounts of his alchemical energies within, exhausting every last bit of it he had refined through a unique method prior. Blood trickled down from his lips and nose, even the corner of his eyes. Clearly, handling the final stage of the concoction process was extremely difficult.

After an hour, a pill was taken from the cauldron and the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists were all standing around it with solemn expressions. They carried wisps of sour emotion in their eyes, looking at San Luoyang with some frustration. Yet none of them voiced their opinion, just looked at the low-quality, low-tier Mystic-Earth pill, and smiles began to creep on their faces.

A smile suffused with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

After a while, one of the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, Mu Yura, spoke out as she looked at the floor beneath her, “Who dares attempt their Earthly Ascension in our Everlore Domain?!” The audacity of this expert was as high as the heavens, and they were all pissed. They scowled and scolded verbally.

Another alchemist chimed in, “Lets find out.”

The lights of everyone brimmed with violent light. They looked to San Luoyang who had a cold pair of eyes and messy hair, completely disheveled by his attempt to save the concoction process.

He looked around the room at the pale, angry faces of the Mortal Sovereign Alchemists around him, and then settled on the pill. He said in a glacial tone,”Lets.”

Those words were enough.

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