Paragon of Sin

Chapter 822: Stellar Nest No Small Fortune

That sounded foolish beyond belief. He had never been that reckless with his life without some confidence, but he would be lying to himself if he wasnt similarly tempted by the allure of an unlimited source of Stellar Rain. However, that masked figure was a mortal, and they entered with confidence that they could claim Stellar Rain and the Zenith Stellar Source.

There had to be a reason for this, no?

“What do you think?” Wei Wuyin asked Wen Mingna.

Wen Mingna answered with a frown: “Ive tried to perform several divinations regarding the nest, but its sealed from fate. The details of Stellar Rain and all the things surrounding it have always been restricted from Seers and Oracles alike. ” She couldnt explain why, but thats been the case. If not, those Stellar Nests wouldve long since been discovered and plundered mercilessly by the greedy and ambitious.

“But,” Wen Mingna continued, “theres two possibilities that could be assumed based on the evidence and information we know of.”

Wei Wuyin was all ears. He found it interesting that Wen Mingna set herself on two assumptions, because he too had thought two possibilities were likely.

“The first possibility is that the Stellar Nest isnt as dangerous as we expect. If unproven but reasonable theories of various records and scholars are to be considered, then Stellar Rain gains their power from solar energies. These energies are sent to the Zenith Stellar Source like food, so none of those Stellar Rain lifeforms contain powers exceeding Mortal Limits.” Wen Mingna asserted, giving herself time to think and articulate her thoughts.

Lady Clearwind and Wu Yu inwardly nodded. These were their initial thoughts too. Since the masked figure was a mortal, then the danger posed by Stellar Rain had to be reduced considerably. To explain it away by saying their energies were drained after delivering it to the Zenith Stellar Source made logical sense.

Wei Wuyin agreed that this was a possibility.

“The second possibility is that the masked figure the United Source True Queen mentioned has a method to severely weaken the Stellar Rain and Zenith Stellar Source or theyre severely weakened by the Stellar Nests own limitations and restrictions.” The idea that their home sealed their strength to prevent them from destroying it could be a flaw of their own design, preventing things beyond Mortal Limits from entering.

“It could be two-fold,” Wei Wuyin said.

“It could,” Wen Mingna agreed. If both were the case, then it made sense why the masked figure had confidently entered, even negotiating with an Earthly Saint.

However, Wei Wuyin was a little disappointed. Wen Mingna wasnt wrong, but both possibilities could be combined under the category: “Weakened by circumstances.”

Wen Mingnas thoughts finally caught up, and her eyes lit in brilliance. “Theres another possibility: If the masked figure is an Ascended cultivator in disguise, likely an Earthly Saint with ways to hide his intrinsic mystic qualities. If so, then he has the means to protect himself.”

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled,looking towards the spatial ripples. Since these ripples caused a commotion, it was possible the masked figure sought to gain the local leaders support and not be hindered by every tom, dick, and harry with greed in their eyes. Asking for reinforcements and all the rest was a mere guise to trick the United Source True Queen into complacency, allowing her to believe she was in control.

Lady Clearwind understood Wen Mingnas assumption, and she gave an instinctive harrumph, “Im no idiot; Ive made them swear a mythical oath that their cultivation base was below the Ascended level. And they have to use the backdoor here to exit or else theyd fail another oath as well.”

Wu Yu gave Lady Clearwind a surprised look, realizing she wasnt foolish enough to be blinded by greed and overconfidence of her own power even when associating with mortals. He felt a little bit of admiration for her.

Wei Wuyin deftly nodded. “Good,” he said.

“Good?” Lady Clearwind furrowed her brows. She didnt need confirmation of her intelligence, every breath she took, every move she made, and all her achievements thus far was enough. Despite Wei Wuyins mysterious status, it still felt weird to hear that type of compliment from a mere mortal.

Wei Wuyin didnt bother with Lady Clearwinds misunderstanding, having already made a decision in his heart.

“I know you told me all this in the hopes of getting me to not interfere, likely willing to concede some benefits as well, but I apologize: I dont like obtaining a small share of any fortune.” Wei Wuyin told his truest feelings that were deeply developed as an Exploitative Blessed and Inheritor of Sin.

Lady Clearwind was stunned. She indeed told Wei Wuyin all this in the hopes of him staving off any attempt or interfering. She was willing to give him a taste to gain his favor if the masked figure succeeded. In fact, she was about to launch into a wave of talks to discuss this exact matter, but Wei Wuyin had shut that down before she even spouted a single word.

She gave Wu Yu a look and her expression became unfathomably dark. This was what she feared.

As if given a cue, Wu Yus Mystic Aura erupted and pressed against Lady Clearwind. She had to unleash her own to prevent being suppressed, but her flustered complexion revealed that Wu Yu wasnt holding back this time. Moreover, she had to consciously protect her subordinates. Despite Wei Wuyin being in close proximity, that a single breath of hers could eviscerate him, there was nothing she could do with Wu Yu by his side.

“WHAT!” She violently shouted, but then gradually calmed down, “do you want? I can give you fifte-, no, twenty percent of the profits of all sales, and give you a set amount of Stellar Rain every year for five hundred years. What do you think? Why fight when we can be allies?”

Wei Wuyin shook his head, “United Source True Queen, you misunderstand. Im not trying to fight you. I dont intend to receive or take a share of the benefits from you—I intend to obtain my own.” When he said this, Lady Clearwind was taken aback so fiercely that her Mystic Aura became turbulent, causing her to be pushed back a few feet.

“Stabilize the backdoor. Im going in,” Wei Wuyin began to undress. Since mystic-graded materials were restricted, he had to return to his normal attire. He was extremely swift, donning his black-colored, form-fitting, martial arts robes once more, giving him a strong and dashing appearance.

Wen Mingna and Bai Lin seemed to have expected this as the former gave Wei Wuyin a concerned look and the latter was smiling excitedly.

Wu Yu and Wei Wuyin didnt pay any attention to Lady Clearwinds further reactions. Wu Yu brought Wei Wuyin to the ripples and pushed his hand through them once more, causing the ripples to stop. He looked at Wei Wuyin intensely, sending spiritually: “You sure? What if the masked figure is an Ascended being that tricked this woman?” If structured properly, all oaths could contain hidden loopholes.

Wei Wuyin grinned, “I have experience dealing with restricted Ascended beings.” After saying this, he flew into the ripples and vanished.

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