Paragon of Sin

Chapter 838: Way of Mysticism; Wu Yus Talent

Chapter 837: Killing Intent Changes Everything


The vigorous words of Han Yuhei sparked a fierce, unanticipated reaction. The cultivators of the True Element Sect hadnt delayed, hastily shooting towards specific locations to take their positions. These formations often required maintenance, replacement of fuel, and protective insurance from external threats. This could only be taken upon by these experts.

They were incredibly swift and organized. The Ascended beings took the lead in the various integrated formations that structured the planetary array. Some went to strange, cylindrical towers that touched the sky. They were dyed a pure, milky white and constructed from a stone-like material.

These were the controlling towers that accessed and activated the Elementus Domains Ultimate Elementus, Paramount Jade Array. An interconnected Domain-wide array that drew its power from the two secret realms of the True Element Sect—the Ultimate Elementus Realm & Paramount Jade Realm—that affected the entire Elementus Domain. It siphoned the stored might within those secret realms central core!

With a unique battle cry, a simple order, the entire planet went into full preparation!


They acted as if they were going to war!

Han Yuhei was the Guardian of Elements, their strongest expert and greatest pride. He was the expert of highest status and renown, his words were law, and his orders were absolute. While he hadnt ruled the True Element Sect with an iron fist, he ensured it stayed afloat despite the internal fractures. If it werent for that indomitable figure, the True Element Sect would be a shadow of a shadow of what it could be, rather than just a shadow of its potential.

But the two Earthly Saints had contorted facial expressions, confused by Han Yuheis order to put the entire True Element Sect into a battle-ready state, sufficient to fight a real war! Why? Just why?!

“Guardian Han, this is…” Zhang Ziyi was the weakest of the trio, so her reaction was of utmost concern. This was an escalation of the highest level, and there was no provocation besides a little show of strength. Sure, Wu Yus actions of establishing dominance by facing all three of them was a little overboard, but was it enough to justify all this?

Moreover, Wei Wuyin was here! He was finally here! Not only was this elusive talent here, someone they wished to arrive day and night, planning and plotting to gain an advantage to recruit him, but they were going to act this way against him? Was this Han Yuheis attempt to kill him? Eliminate any variables?

The planetary formation was charging to full activity; the resplendent light that turned Origin into a Solar Star was becoming increasingly brighter, exuding a stronger, intense aura. The nine towers of the Ultimate Elementus, Paramount Jade Array were activated; at the helm of each were Ascended beings consisting of numerous Mystic Star, dozens ofSoul of Mysticism, and four Demi-Mortal Lord Phase cultivators. The four Highlords independently took a tower.

Gong Lau was less hesitant in his questioning and objections. “What the hell are you doing, Guardian Han? This is insane! A complete overreaction! Rescind the order!” As a member of the True Origin Faction, he held the external factions of the Elementus Domain in his interest.

The Ultimate Elementus Realm was their central realm meant to train and cultivate their elites. They had taken it for themselves, fostered it, and only allowed it to initiate the Ultimate Elementus, Paramount Jade Array, in the unlikely event of an invasion or assault from other forces. After all, this Elementus Domain was mostly theirs!

This heavily harmed their interests, so he directly rebuked Han Yuhei.

Han Yuhei didnt even look in his direction.

“This isnt war! Hes…hes our Chosen, not our enemy!” Zhang Ziyi gathered her courage and tried to convince Han Yuhei alongside Gong Lau. Unfortunately, Han Yuhei held the Core Key to both planetary array and domain array. Unless they forcefully took it or killed those experts, the process would continue.

The Elementus Domains Dark Void was already experiencing heavy changes. A mixture of jade and nine-colored pearls manifested throughout the domain, growing from tiny to obscenely large! They numbered a total of ninety-nine and became the size of small-sized lunar satellites! They were scattered in a profound formation, like a constellation that was interconnected by rivers of white light.

As all this was happening, Wei Wuyin wore the deepest frown hed ever revealed in his life. He knew that Domain-wide arrays required time to deploy unless predetermined and preprepared for use. The Everlore Association was incapable of fully activating their array, only partially and enough to seal their Domain off. After all, the materials must be set beforehand, and various formations had to be activated.

This meant Han Yuhei was prepared for this to happen. He intended to do this from the start.

If Wei Wuyin, a mortal, knew this, how could the two Earthly Saints not? Their realization that Han Yuheis actions were premeditated shook their hearts. When they saw his Mystic Aura condensing into its strongest state, they knew…

There was no turning back.

The astral-graded and mystic-graded materials were being burned, used up, and drained of their already limited resource reserve. Their financial situation would take an even further nosedive, maybe sending them to a decaying downfall outright if this wasnt concluded swiftly.

“I know what Im doing. Its him or us,” Han Yuhei stated. They had never heard the degree of glacial ferocity from his tone before. It chilled the soul and mind.

Zhang Ziyi countenance significantly paled hearing those words. Despite being an Earthly Saint, she had no idea what to do.

Gong Lau frowned deeply, giving the ninety-nine gigantic pearls created by the Ultimate Elementus, Paramount Jade Array, and Wei Wuyin a deep, complex look. Gong Lau had always been someone who understood the situation, and while this situation was abrupt, he knew that when you offend a young genius, you have to kill them in their cradle.

They had the absolute advantage, and there was only the Fire Phoenix, Wu Yu, and a mortal female by his side. While the fire phoenix was a sign of a larger problem, that foreign Earthly Saint that decimated the Tang Clan for one, but that existence wasnt here.

Their Domain-wide Mystic Array was established, their planetary array was activated, and they had an entire army of Ascended beings and cultivators, including three Earthly Saints. On their side, while Wu Yu was powerful, he was a newly ascended Earthly Saint with an unconsolidated cultivation base and a fire phoenix that possessed the might of a Demi-Mortal Lord.

While the Everlore Association had suggested the Rainbow Sky incident was coincidental, only fools would believe such lies. If they acted, the Everlore Association might reward them for doing so. If they captured the fire phoenix, delivered it to the Imperial Clan, they would benefit from it. Moreover, that foreign Earthly Saint will be redirected there.

They could do it.

They could kill him.

“Are you certain, Guardian Han?” Gong Lau sought further confirmation of this plan, but Han Yuhei was determined. Gong Lau received a steady nod, Han Yuheis gaze unmoving from Wei Wuyins group.

A glint of killing intent was born within Gong Laus eyes, perking his lazy posture expression right up. The way he looked at Wei Wuyin carried an ill-intended and hostile light.

Unfortunately, Gong Lau was unaware, just like Zhang Ziyi and those who acted earlier, that Han Yuheis real target wasnt the talented young alchemist but the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn!

“…” Wei Wuyins furrowed brows slightly twitched. He felt the intense, unfathomable degree of killing intent. If Han Yuhei had directed his entire focus onto Wu Yu, another Earthly Saint had focused their attention on himself with their thoughts unconcealed. If it was any other mortal, they might feel suffocated. But he faced 10,000 Ascended beings and their killing intent, so this was insignificant by comparison.

Wen Mingna grimaced. Her Worldly Domain was experiencing a faint pressure that caused it to distort into an abnormal shape.

Bai Lin unleashed her nirvanic flames, enveloping both Wei Wuyin and Wen Mingna, fending off any foreign force with a burning intensity. There were sounds of sizzling being emitted, so it was clear something was being incinerated.

Wu Yu hadnt entirely warded off the pressure purposefully. He looked at the ninety-nine pearls that surrounded the entire Domain. Some were near, roughly ten thousand miles away, while others were at the far reaches of the Elementus Domain, touching and designating its borders. A thin, translucent layer of light fully outlined those borders. It was another formation that sealed off fixed space.

“Haaa, how is it?” Wei Wuyin sighed as he asked Wu Yu.

Wu Yus lips lifted slightly, “It is within limits, Young Lord.” He slowly unfolded his arms from his chest.

“Youre loving this, arent you?” Wei Wuyin shook his head. Wu Yu had suggested directly bringing the True Element Sect to their knees, disliking how they were using all sorts of false rumors to tie Wei Wuyin to their force, reaping benefits without permission. His confidence, however, was worrying.

“A little, Young Lord.” Wu Yus smile grew, his eyes focused on the charging fluctuations of the Mystic Arrays. He could sense the incredible power within, but as he contrasted it with his own, there was a notable difference.

Wei Wuyin wasnt sure of the ramifications of taking this course of action, and he didnt feel it was needed, but that horrific killing intent had changed his mind entirely. While he could retreat, this would only worsen his chances of finding a solution for his eyes.

“Dont kill anyone.” Wei Wuyin gave this three-word order. Wei Wuyin didnt want any casualties or the planets devastation, and hed have preferred a different battlefield, but the True Element Sect had set the stage. It wasnt in his control. Furthermore, when he sent his spiritual sense outwards to communicate with the planet, he felt a very familiar aura.

“Thats no fun,” Wu Yu chuckled. He held his right hand out to Bai Lin, Wei Wuyin, and Wen Mingna, interfacing with his Internal World. He had learned of the Internal World from the Blood Origin Method. It detailed not just the basic introduction of an Internal World but also how it could help increase its stability and properties through its refined physical energies.

But Wu Yu had directly used the World Genesis Elixir and Blood Origin Method to generate one naturally! A swirl distorted space as the trio vanished into the life-sustaining spatial dimension within Wu Yus dantian. Now, only the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn, Wu Yu, remained alone.

Wei Wuyin left some last words, “If its too much, Ill get us out. Dont throw your life away.”

“…” Wu Yu could sense the genuine concern and emotion within those words, and his heart grew slightly warmer. After a slight nod, he looked at the almost glowering Han Yuhei. “Little Yu, let me teach you another lesson on behalf of your father once again.”

Without worrying about hurting Wei Wuyin, Wu Yu no longer held back. His Mystic Aura was fully unleashed!

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