Paragon of Sin

Chapter 860: Tian Xiaolu

Chapter 859: Its A Little weak



These were words from the King of Everlore himself, if Han Yuheis words were to be trusted! Wei Wuyin had always thought the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was exceptional, having studied it himself, and even devised some of the listed products for Wu Baozhai. However, he found it extremely limiting due to the requirements for the Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence.

This was an innate type of essence within a very specific bloodline. Wu Baozhai and Wu Yu had this essence within them, the former was dormant, while the latter was active. Without it, it was almost impossible to cultivate the Imperial Heaven Qi Method. There was, however, an exception. It was extremely specific, incredibly difficult to replicate.

Long Chen!

By dual cultivating with a female body with their Primal Yin untouched, having an Ascendant with a Imperial Mystic Soul assist—they must have the Infusion-grade Rune of Mysticism at the Seed Stage, and an unfathomably strong willpower to resist the indescribably horrific pain during the process of transforming ones Spirit of Cultivation. With these three things, a cultivator could birth an Imperial Heart of Qi and embark on cultivating the Imperial Heaven Qi Method without the Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence.

Wu Yus line of Grand Monarchs after his fall had all been connected to his bloodline, all had Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence through the natural way. However, not all of them bore theWu surname. They were selected due to that prerequisite, but that didnt mean they were his family members.

Wu Yu had always thought that multiple bloodlines carried the possibility of birthing the mutation that was the Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence. Because it wasnt limited to the Myriad Yore Continent, but others within the Desolate Dragnet Region had it too. While extremely rare, it was possible.

As for Wu Baozhai, she was a legitimate descendant of Wu Yu.

Wei Wuyin could replicate the Imperial Heaven Aura to a certain extent, but it was like cultivating alchemical energies without an Alchemic Soul, the effects were laughably weak. He had even practiced various arts of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, but it considerably paled in comparison to his normal arts. Still, it allowed him to make certain products meant for the method with greater ease, so it was beneficial.

Wu Yu and Wei Wuyin soon gathered their thoughts. The former couldnt help but ask: “How is that possible?”

Wei Wuyin lowered his gaze contemplatively, ruminating on the possibilities. He had just finished cultivating the fourth Eye of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, learning that there were other versions out there. He had thought that perhaps this Aeternal Sky Scripture was similar in regards to the Myriad Monarch Canon, but he didnt feel that any of the four ocular spells were lacking in comparison to the other, in usage or of profoundness. If that was the case, the King of Everlore wouldnt have bashed it so greatly.

“A derivative?” Wei Wuyin recalled the Everlasting Spirit of Nine Flames. This was a spell derived from the Eye of Immortality and Eye of Creation, intermixed with other spell formations to create a lesser version with a greater specific focus.

Han Yuhei couldnt answer this question, and an answer wouldnt emerge without a comparison, so he changed the topic. “The Tian Clan is here on official business; we cant prevent them from entering our territory and trying to find you. Fortunately for you, youre in possession of the Domain-sealing formation and not us. They wont enter until the barrier is down, afraid of the consequences of a breakage of their oaths.”

“Oh? They cant tell the barrier is not in your control?” Wei Wuyin lifted Wen Mingna a little upwards, allowing her head to more comfortably rest on his shoulder. She was still quite weak after exhausting her lifeforce again. She was half-asleep.

“If they knew, they wouldve already entered. Mythical Oaths doesnt bestow omniscience regarding matters surrounding it. All they can feel is that its still active.” Han Yuhei said, looking upwards at the sky. “Theyve layered their own sealing formation over the Elementus Domain. Theyre clearly aware that youre here.”

“…” Wu Yu looked at Wei Wuyin. As his Grand Knight, he would listen to his instructions regarding this matter. While the Imperial Clans cultivation method might be weaker than the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, it was best to point out that his method had been unchanging for thousands of years. There were very few cultivation methods that remained stagnant with time.

The King of Everlore had been absent for thousands of years, so his assessment was thousands of years ago, not today. It would be wholeheartedly foolish to believe there had been no improvements, expansions of spells, arts, and formations within that time. He could be considered as using the true-to-origins legacy method given to him by his family, but he hadnt had the opportunity to invest time into improving it.

The Imperial Heaven Qi Methods Grand Transformations ended at the 3rd Stage. The various arts and spells were clearly limited to scope at the Earthly Saint, and just the entry level. He had no spells or arts that capitalized on any of the 9 Runes of Mysticism. There wasnt even a portion that spoke about building an Internal World.

In terms of cultivation information, it was completely restricted to explaining the Foundation Establishment Realm, Qi Condensation Realm, and Astral Core Realm. Furthermore, it was written in mortal language, not the Language of Mysticism.

The Blood Origin Method was certainly of a higher-grade.

Wei Wuyin had to think; this situation could easily escalate to a life-threatening situation. With the Imperial Clan after Wu Yu, his own powerbase was being threatened. However, he wasnt foolish like others to automatically assume that they intended to bring Wu Yu harm.

“How much do you care about the Imperial Heaven Qi Method?” Wei Wuyin asked Wu Yu directly.

Han Yuhei was greatly startled, “Youre going to give it up?” This was a cultivation method that allowed Wu Yu to dominate geniuses of a similar caliber. None of the King of Everlores favorites were untalented or weak, yet they all had to bow their heads to Wu Yu, except that frightening woman. Thinking of her, Han Yuheis body slightly shivered like a mortal.

Wu Yu was solemn for a long moment. “How much do you value it?” He asked Wei Wuyin in turn, unable to truly come to a conclusion on his own. He obviously cared an extreme amount towards the cultivation method that allowed him to become who he is, and giving it up was a frustrating thought if that was the Imperial Clans intentions. Would he fight if they wanted to take it by force? Obviously!

But he wasnt some inexperienced expert filled with unyielding pride like he was before. He was an Alchemic Knight, the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn, and he had long since accepted his willingness to act in accordance with Wei Wuyins will. The Imperial Heaven Qi Method had already been juiced entirely by him. There was nothing left but to build and develop using his own experiences and cultivation knowledge. However, Wei Wuyin was the true dragon that could carry him to heights beyond.

Wei Wuyin understood why Wu Yu replied with that question. After obtaining those things from the Battlefield, the Imperial Heaven Qi Method felt like trash to him. It might not be the same degree of trash, but in terms of relative potential, it felt slightly stronger than the Dawnbreaker Swordlight Method, a High-Earth graded cultivation method that forged a Dawnbreaker Physique and guaranteed the success of a 6th Rune Seed Ascension.

It sharply paled in comparison to the Warring Soul, Triumphant World Method, a Peak-Earth graded cultivation method that can refine a War Soul and a unique World War Physique. It just seemed greater than the Imperial Heaven Qi Method. There were various transformation stages in both of these methods, bearing similarities to the Imperial Heaven Physique.

When he thought about the other Low-Heaven Methods he had in his spatial ring, he truly felt that it was a little too…

“I think its a little weak…” Wei Wuyin honestly commented.

Wu Yu nodded, feeling the same. When he cultivated an auxiliary cultivation method like the Blood Origin Method, he felt that the Imperial Heaven Qi Method was quite basic. It bestowed great powers, but that was relative.

“Weak?!” Han Yuhei was flabbergasted. There was a time that he hated that Wu Yu could cultivate such a fantastic cultivation method, owing a large amount of his success to it. If only he had Imperial Heaven Ignition Essence! Yet they said it was a little weak? And it came from a mere mortal?!

“It might not be the entire thing,” Wei Wuyin mentioned, ignoring Little Yus outburst.

“Entire thing?” Wu Yu was surprised by this claim.

Nodding, Wei Wuyin explained: “Its not written in Mysticism, so there could be another section of it that involved the Mystic Dao.” He always wondered if one of the Low-Heaven graded methods he purchased with War Souls were advanced versions of the Earth-grade versions. Unfortunately, he couldnt read them.

“…You might be right,” Wu Yu thought this was a possibility too. After reaching the peak of this method, his next step was to devise an advanced version based on his cultivation insights and experiments. This would certainly be written in Mysticism, otherwise the profundities would be lost in translation.

“Then that settles that; as long as the Imperial Clan doesnt wish to dissect you, well avoid conflict.” Wei Wuyin decided. “That said, I dont like being passive,” he added, looking at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu grinned, nodding with a knowing light.


Wei Wuyin whistled.


A proud and excited clarion cry responded. Bai Lin descended from the skies, at the lower-end of her neck was a blushing silver-haired woman holding tightly. She was quite flushed in the face, but it only accentuated her unique charm.

When Bai Lin landed, Han Yuhei glanced at the Fire Phoenix. He couldnt help but ask: “Wheres the Earthly Saint from before? The one that dealt the Tang Clan a heavy loss?”

He was obviously asking about the Legion Commander, and it was bound to be a question everyone thinks about. Wei Wuyin smiled, answering with: “In my back pocket.” Then, he leapt on Bai Lin while carefully holding Wen Mingna. He wouldnt allow anyone to watch her but himself. Furthermore, she was safest with him.

Wu Yu exerted a little bit of power, soaring upwards. Bai Lin lifted off, following him as her body began to undergo a fiery transformation. She began to ignite into a burst of scarlet-golden flames, enveloping Si De, Wen Mingna, and Wei Wuyin in its warm, harmless, life-stimulating heat. She breached the atmospheric layers, fully transforming in the Dark Void!

Her twenty-two thousand meter fiery form could even be seen as a blazing shadow through the Domain-sealing barrier!

Han Yuhei was completely stunned.

He wasnt going to…was he?!

Outside the Elementus Domain, Tian Muyang was casually looking at the barrier when he saw the emergence of a burning figure. As his eyes glinted with brilliant starlight, a wisp of worry and fear flashed across his gaze.

He softly muttered to himself, “Hes coming here…so its true…”

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