Paragon of Sin

Chapter 863: Ma Zhengs State

ards to Wei Wuyin.

“…” All the Earthly Saints remained silent, and the female Imperial Monarchs left eyebrow twitched slightly. To call Wei WuyinAscendant Emperor was a whole level of ass-kissing and it was overly obvious. Wei Wuyins status as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist wasnt officially recognized due to his absent nature, and he didnt have an Alchemist Title.

Without an official status in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region and due to his status as a mortal rendering him unfit of the titles of Exalted, Venerable, Highlord, or Monarch, it was an ambiguous throw-up as to what to refer to Wei Wuyin as. But the only known title was outrageously grand, almost disgustingly so, referred to as theAscendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn as a mere mortal.

The termsAscendant andEmperor carried extreme significance in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Regions society. The former linked to the Mystic Ascendant Realm, the cultivation realm the powerhouses and rulers all tread with great effort, earning their power and status, while the latter linked to a being of who reached great heights. It felt ridiculous to call Wei Wuyin by that title, even Tian Muyang had outright avoided referring to Wei Wuyin as anything, only acknowledging him by name.

The female Imperial Monarch sent a spiritual transmission to the burgundy-haired woman, “You may as well get on your knees, Yang Chaoyue.” The burgundy-haired womans facial expression shifted ever-so-slightly, but she didnt allow it to disturb her.

She retorted with a gentle sigh: “Tian Lingyu, must you be so childish? Its unbefitting of your status.”

Tian Lingyu, the female Imperial Monarch, sneered back through spiritual transmission, “Yang Chaoyue, must you be so good at guzzling and gagging? It befits your status.” They all saw how Yang Chaoyue had taken action, and sole credit, to bring these two to him. How shameless must one be?

“…” The sharp, harsh exchange went unnoticed by the others, mostly due to their focus directed elsewhere.

Wu Yu retrieved the two Mas, bringing them onto Bai Lins fiery and broad back. She adjusted her Nirvanic Flames to become gentle, accepting them without any harm.

Ma Sujiang had been shaken by the sudden grab and then being brought forward. She was merely at the Soul of Mysticism Phase, so she couldnt even resist Yang Chaoyue. Fortunately, they didnt seem to be acting maliciously.

However, when she saw Wei Wuyin, her eyes widened, her heart raced, and her body experienced some sudden changes as heat surged from her body. And this heat didnt come from Bai Lin.

She swallowed slightly. Those silver eyes, the contours of his face, the quality of his skin, his imposing stature, and everything else, EVERYTHING ELSE, formed a complete and perfect handsome man that shook her to the core.

‘Even Tian Yinwu might not be… Her thoughts were uncontrollable at this point, enchanted like the others.

The Earthly Saints remained quiet, all waiting to see what Wei Wuyin does. Ma Zhengs situation was extremely terrifying, his life source was irreparable, and his soulspan had reached its limits. This was a death sentence and a half. A miracle was needed.

While they had come along due to an itching urge to seek out Wei Wuyin, a spur of the moment impulse due to Yang Chaoyues actions, they wanted to see what this Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist could do, especially if he had links to that legendary figure!

Wei Wuyin could feel the anticipatory gazes on his body. He ignored them, giving Ma Zheng a look. He was a Demi-Mortal Lord, his body infused with refined mystic-grade energies, so his spiritual senses couldnt grasp any detail. Despite his exhausted state, those Mystic Runes imbued within his blood, bones, and flesh wasnt for show. Even after his death, theyd remain for quite a while.

If he was buried, that area would eventually become a mystic-grade location enriched with his unique cultivation qualities. A blessed cultivation ground for the future generation.

He could only look to Wu Yu who touched Ma Zhengs shoulder, inspecting his condition.

Ma Zheng was unable to speak in his current state, his breathing abnormally shallow, and his eyes almost devoid of life. Ma Sujiang seemed absentminded at the moment while the Earthly Saints were silent as if waiting for him to act. They were an audience he didnt expect to have. But he also didnt know what they wanted.

Was Ma Zheng so important that the Imperial Clan sought his revival? Considering what Wu Yu told him about the restrictions imposed on the Golden Life Pavilion, such as being unable to operate in their Domain, including the fierce competition over their banks, it seemed unlikely. It felt more like the Imperial Clan wanted to create a division to replace the Golden Life Pavilion. And if they cared, then why not go to their Medical Sages or the Sky Zenith Saint Alchemist?

Wu Yu frowned. “Young Lord…his Life Source has been damaged to an extreme extent, hes unable to contain lifeforce and his body is decaying at a rapid rate.”

“…” Wei Wuyin was taken aback. But was this a grave issue? “Ever-Rebirth Pill?” He offered as an option to save him, but Wu Yu shook his head in reply.

“The Ever-Rebirth Pill could repair his body and cultivation, but it wont repair his life source, its too far gone.” The Life Source was the living generator and storage center of ones Lifeforce. It was the aspect of a cultivator that defined their bodys lifespan, slowly decreasing until it was unable to contain any further lifeforce. With every breakthrough, the Life Source was enriched. At the Demi-Mortal Lord level, the Life Source advances to the mystic-grade, and it gains twenty thousand years of lifeforce and maximum capacity is extended at least.

“Furthermore, his Soulspan is nearing exhaustion. Hes at his limits…”

Their words were spoken openly, so the others heard every last word.

When they heard the Ever-Rebirth Pill being offered, their eyes all flickered with various emotions, including Han Yuhei. The Ever-Rebirth Pill was a ingenious concoction of the King of Everlore to restore the body of a cultivator, and while it capped at the Demi-Mortal Lord stage in effectiveness, it was still a ninth-grade product with an outrageous degree of difficulty to concoct. At this point, Zhang Ziyi arrived on scene out of curiosity, and Ma Sujiang broke out of her stupor. She felt ashamed, hurriedly moving forward through Bai Lins gentle flames to arrive before Wei Wuyin, “Ca-can you help?”

She had come all this way because her father was certain that Wei Wuyins arrival meant all their problems would be swept away, dust in the wind, or so he said. He suspected him of being a descendant of the King of Everlore, and even formed relations with him early on, tolling on his behalf, ushering profits into his pockets, elevating his reputation, withstanding the pressure of external and internal forces wanting to know details regarding him, and more.

The least Wei Wuyin could do was save his life.

Wei Wuyin, however, was completely speechless.

What the hell was he supposed to do?

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