Paragon of Sin

Chapter 864 858:A Spirits Advice

rs at most.”

“WHAT?!” Ma Sujiang started. She was about to, in her panic, send more of her own lifeforce into Ma Zheng. Fortunately, a hand reached and grabbed her wrist, stopping her from infusing more. She had already lost four thousand of her own personally refined lifeforce. While she could make up for this loss through alchemical products and specific cultivation methods, her Life Source was suffering damage.

It was the same as if the lungs were breathing too much, too quickly, or the heart pumped out blood at its fastest possible speed. The strain was intense. Underneath her eyes, sunken dark spots formed, not because of exhaustion, but her skin was losing its tautness.

The hand was none other than Wei Wuyin! While he couldnt hope to stop her if she truly wanted, his actions had caused her to stop. She knew the heavy cost she was paying, and maybe because of her reluctance to accept it or hope that Wei Wuyin had a solution, she stopped with her eyes wide and her lips trembling.

????? ?????When she looked into his captivating silver eyes, that beautiful color, she truly sought that much-needed hope. She begged for it. She was her fathers last child. The amount of love, care, and attention she received was likely greater than even his wives or other children. She was brought all the way to the Soul of Mysticism while none of his other children got remotely close.

It was easy to get lost in the difficulties of cultivation when Earthly Saints were surrounding you, but as you remember there are less than two hundred Earthly Saints in the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, which has a population in the tens of quadrillions, being reminded of it wasnt too difficult.

So she was extremely fortunate, only because her father stayed beside her, taught her, trained her, pushed her, and devoted teaching her his lifes wisdom without holding anything back. She was his greatest legacy, and he was her daddy!

“Pl-please…” Her eyes grew wet, and she seemed on the verge of sobbing, breaking her demeanor of a tough, cool-headed, and intelligent beauty. “Please save him! Any-anything you want, just please…”

“…” The Earthly Saints watched all this in solemn silence. Their emotions began to grow quite turbulent in their hearts. Who here hasnt lost important people to time? A wife, a husband, a child, a parent, or a friend? Who here doesnt know what it means to lose someone to the cruelty of time or brutality of the fight to seize?

Wu Yus eyes turned away; those usually domineering eyes showed a vulnerable light. He remembered his wife, Junia, and her laying on her deathbed. She was unable to break the shackles of cultivation and passed away in his arms.

There was a reason cultivators sought those with similar or greater talents and potential…

Wei Wuyins hands holding Ma Sujiangs wrist shook. The look in her eyes was unexpected. It reminded him of his own reflection, the feeling he had when he wished that his older brother had survived somehow, that he would come back to him safe and sound. But it wasnt just that.

Long ago, kneeling at a gravesite, he clenched the dirt that buried his unborn child and its mother. That desperation and willingness to do or give anything in exchange for a chance for salvation—a chance to make the pain go away.

Wei Wuyin let Ma Sujiangs wrist go, walking back a little as he clenched his fists tightly, so harshly that his knuckles became ash-white. His head felt as if it was being pounded by a titanic hammer of steel, smashing into the depths of his Sea of Consciousness.

He didnt know what to do…

“Youre not a Virtue of Dao; Shes unreasonable.” Suddenly, a voice sounded from within his head. It was soft, gentle, and very familiar!

Wei Wuyin instantly recognized the voice of the War Spirit; its undisguised voice was feminine, like a prepubescent. He had bought a Heavenly War Spirit for 5,000,000 War Souls, but since then, its been staying dormant within his Sea of Consciousness while absorbing bits of his refined mental energies.

He hurriedly manifested a mental avatar of himself and entered his Sea of Consciousness, spotting a golden egg at the base of Edens vast tree trunk. It seemed unchanged, but it had clearly spoken just earlier.

Wei Wuyin didnt consider it a figment of his imagination, directly asking: “Whats a Virtue of Dao?”

The Heavenly War Spirit egg didnt reply immediately but began to rapidly absorb his mental energies like an elephant sucking water. That hammer-smashing headache occurred again, and he realized that his mental energies had been drained by roughly a quarter. Considering how refined and vast his mental energies were, this shook him deeply.

“A legendary existence; it isnt relevant.” The little girls voice sounded again, but this time there were signs of exhaustion quivering within.

“…” Wei Wuyin inspected his reserves of mental energy. The Heavenly War Spirit was quickly draining his mental energy to send out fluctuations to communicate. Clearly, it wasnt ready to hatch, or whatever it needed to do, to fully form.

“Is there something you want to say?” He didnt know what a Heavenly War Spirit was, but it was clearly intelligent and knowledgeable. Abruptly, another surge of mental energies was absorbed, even larger than both times before, exhausting more than a quarter of his reserves.

“Sometimes, the simplest solution to a problem is the only answer needed—Dont overthink.” After saying this, the golden egg dimmed considerably, losing a remarkable amount of its shine, and seemed to be reduced to a lesser state than when he had received it.

“…” Wei Wuyin watched as it grew dimmer, his heart feeling a little frustrated.

“Wait!” Wei Wuyin thought, his mental avatar lit with a distinct brilliance of incredible activity. His Sea of Consciousness sank a little, a sign of an outburst of mental exertion.

“Youre right! Im not a Virtue of Dao or whatever, and Ive been thinking about this the wrong way!” He rushed forward and gave the golden egg a kiss before his mental avatar dissipated. The Heavenly War Spirits egg trembled slightly.

Back in the real world, Wei Wuyin gave a bright smile. He said, “I cant save him, but I know who can.”

“What?!” The Earthly Saints reacted quite intensely. After all, was Wei Wuyin implying that the King of Everlore himself might do it? Or perhaps the force that the King of Everlore fostered elsewhere?

Wei Wuyin held Ma Zhengs fragile body, meeting his lethargic gaze with his own bright one. “Its up to you…”

He brought out a jade box from his saint ring!

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