Paragon of Sin

Chapter 878: Calm Before The Storm Planet Origin

Chapter 877: Mortal Saint Alchemist, Transcendent Foundation


Wroo! Wroo! Wroo!

Wei Wuyins eyes opening coincided with several deep, unfathomable sounds that felt as if space was being spun about in a controlled manner. From his entire body, pulsating spatial energy spewed to distort the surrounding fixed space.

The surrounding space soon began to ripple, pushing further and further out as he became the epicenter of the rippling phenomenon. Wei Wuyin held that hand-seal, his pupils lost its dark color, becoming a rich silver color. With this change, his iris and pupils had become entirely silver, exuding a strange, alluring light.

This event lasted a few minutes before a strong, final pulse erupted outwards that merged all the rippling pulses into a thick, distorted ring that engulfed Wei Wuyins figure. When this pulse was expelled, meeting the walls of his secluded cultivation room and Bai Lin, a genuine Genesis Beast that could rival Demi-Mortal Lords, they seemed to fade slightly from the visual perception, growing gradually transparent.

Abruptly, this ended as Wei Wuyin removed his hand-seal.

“Incredible,” Wei Wuyin softly exhaled with intense emotions.

“Not really,” Kratos unhesitatingly countered. It was clearly in disagreement at Wei Wuyins praise.

Wei Wuyin could only bitterly smile, asking: “I wonder why its not thirteen? I thought the effects of the Spatial Divine Resonance Pill would be consistent with the Transcendent Soul Deity Invoker Elixir. But instead of creating thirteen-ripples like Soul Rings, the ten ripples merged into a single, unified spatial ripple.”

This development came as a shock to Wei Wuyin, further expanding his knowledge of cultivation and its intricacies.

“Each stage is unique; there might be similarities, but the reason for the changes are due to a variety of variables. Perhaps even determined by the exact method used to reach it.” Eden explained its own personal beliefs on the topic, and they strongly resonated with Wei Wuyins own. The Spatial Divine Resonance Pill hadnt recreated the Astral Tribulation or provided a unique form of energy like Manifested Spirit Energy that could be brought out, refined, and converted into power.

The Spatial Divine Resonance Pill, at its fundamental base, affected the quantity and quality of Spatial Energies the body can contain, merging it with astral force, and increasing ones compatibility and strength of spatial arts and abilities like Spatial Mark, Spatial Prison, Spatial Sense and Spatial Shift—unlocked at the 1st Ripple, 4th Ripple, 7th Ripple, and 10th Ripple respectively.

So when Wei Wuyins four Astral Souls consumed the transcendent version, there was no great tribulation, but an elevation of spatial strength and compatibility. This was why the ten-ripples merged into a single spatial ripple that Wei Wuyin decided to call: “the Spatial-Convergence Ripple.”

All four of Astral Souls had reached the exact degree of Spatial Resonance. With four Spatial-Convergence Ripples, Wei Wuyin didnt feel much change, however. With a Void Dragons Bloodline, his bodily compatibility with space and time energies was unfathomably high.

This was why Kratos expressed its dissatisfaction and disdain, leaving Wei Wuyin helpless. While it was amazing, the Spatial Resonance Phase focused heavily on Fixed Space, a single aspect of the Void Dao, according to Kratos, and unlocked a variety of abilities. Kratos could definitely replicate all of its abilities, so it wasnt much of a shocker that it wasnt treating it as much.

“I can feel the innate power within these rings, and I can tell Ive unlocked a Spatial Ability similar to Spatial Mark and Spatial Shifting.” Wei Wuyin began to inspect himself, but a faint, deep roar echoed out as he was about to test out his newfound ability.


Kratos Void Energy surged, and the World Rune was interconnected, and without a single waste of time, an expansion of spatial power enveloped the world, and Wei Wuyins figure became transparent until he completely vanished from sight.

Bai Lin reeled slightly, standing up and looking around in confusion. She couldnt find Wei Wuyin!

“How disappointing,” Ori chimed in with a sullen voice.

Shortly after, Wei Wuyin reappeared in the exact same location that he had been before. His left eyelid was visibly twitching. The unique spatial ability unlocked was Spatial Merging. He could, with ease, merge with Fixed Space and disguise his life signature, aura, and even his physical presence entirely. He could move without causing any spatial disturbance, even phase through solid objects to remain unobstructed. It was the ultimate concealment.

However, Kratos could easily replicate this ability to far greater effect. Even a Genesis Beast that could devour mystic-graded materials for breakfast was unable to sense him. Wei Wuyins eyebrows scrunched slightly as he tapped into his spatial energies, executing Spatial Merging with his newly refined, Spatial-Convergence level spatial energies further enhanced by Mystic Light.

Bai Lins eyes stayed focused on where he was. Then, her eyes moved around the room as if focusing on an object. She could clearly see him!

Wei Wuyin soon reappeared once again, giving Bai Lin a look. “Alright, alright. We get it; youre amazing.”

“Facts dont need to be stated,” Kratos smugly said. The Spatial Merging was a Mortal-Grade ability, unable to defy its limitations, but Kratos drew its power from the Void Dao and its profoundness. While it might have a Mark of Mortal Myth as its base state, it wasnt able to be judged by mortal standards.

After all, Kratos could freely leave mystic arrays with ease, while Spatial Shifting, no matter how powerful, would be adversely affected greatly, or outright be halted. Furthermore, it could even passively conceal his cultivation base from Ascended beings. The Spatial Resonance Phase was the most underwhelming stage of Wei Wuyins cultivation, horrifically outdone by Kratos bloodline powers.

Wei Wuyin shrugged his head, looking at the other changes in his body. He hadnt just taken the Spatial Divine Resonance Pill at the transcendent level; Wei Wuyins Four Astral Souls had refined four of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill at the transcendent level too, including a transcendent Primary Light Source advancement elixir and transcendent Centralized Gravitational Mass increasing pill.

The last two had no effect. His Primary Soul Light of all four Astral Souls seemed to be the maximum that a ninth-grade product could reach, and his Gravitational Central Mass that was an interchangeable Black Hole that can become a White Hole barely quivered.

His Astral Souls had driven these two aspects of cultivation to its absolute limits, the former was due to the eighth-grade transcendent elixir capitalized to its fullest effect, gained through comprehension and an ungodly amount of mental energies and understanding of the Soul, while the latter was from the manipulation of their Sixth Astral Tribulation—Gravity Source Astral Tribulation.

Their boldness and advantage-seizing habits knew no bounds.

“I wonder how our Domain Seeds will form with this,” Wei Wuyin couldnt help but look at the shifting Gravitational Central Mass in his body, that would absorb his innate energies and spew them out in a condensed state. Whether they were light, space, elemental, or any type of energy, they were drawn into it, compressed to their greatest limit, and expelled through the White Hole.

However, he only had one Gravitational Central Mass!

The numerous recordings of the Domain Seed formation ceaselessly repeated that the Gravitational Central Mass would be absorbed and act as the central component. It was absolutely crucial to the stability of the Worldly Domain.

But he had one!


Yet he had four Astral Souls, and this confused him greatly. Of course, his Astral Souls werent too sure either. Because they actually had four Gravitational Central Masses, and they were each connected with it, but each had somehow merged together into a single entity.

From their perspective, the Black Hole was theirs. They each can exert full control over it, expel energies in their direction, and absorb that refined energy to convert it into incredibly powerful and dense astral force. According to this, this Black Hole wasnt a single Black Hole, but formed from four smaller Black Holes.

“…” They didnt know what would happen during the Seventh Astral Tribulation, and neither did he. Since the Gravitational Central Mass wasnt contained within the World Seas, the fact they were attracted to each other and merged wasnt too surprising. Considering they all came from the same source—his soul, there was no resistance.

Regardless, the four of the transcendent Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill generated four unique Domain Seeds. However, out of curiosity, Wei Wuyin didnt use the Specialized Variations of Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill with the Infinite Soul Dao Ash. He wanted to test its effects.

And he had a sneaky suspicion…

When his Neo-Dawn Domain Seeds was forming, they immediately tethered to his Astral Souls through a strange force originating from the pill. Then, while they remained inert, it began to extract a wisp of Soul Light from their depths! This was completely without their input, so this was the transcendent effect of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill!

After doing so, four Domain Seeds formed that were reflections of his Primary Soul Lights, the quintessence of his Astral Souls.

Annihilation Saber Domain Seed; Shifting Elemental Domain Seed; Seven Source Domain Seed; Formless Divinity Domain Seed!

Wei Wuyins was utterly speechless! The transcendent effect of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill extracted ones Soul Light, forming their Domain Seed from it! This discovery was mind-blowing, because he wasnt certain if this was an exact copy of his future Domain Seeds!

However, there was one detail that he noticed. The strength of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pills Domain Seed was completely fixed. It wasnt possible to elevate its strength for ambient energy conversion, Mana Control, World Pressure, or expand its size. That being said, the transcendent Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill created a genuine Worldly Domain!

It had all aspects that a Worldly Domain should have!

Unfortunately, it was extremely weak.

Extremely, extremely weak!

Since it had these strength limitations, Wei Wuyins Sky Pressure was thousands, if not tens of thousands of times stronger, by itself. If he wanted to, he could use his Origin States Mana Dominance to seize control of the Neo-Dawn Worldly Domains controlled mana, or contest for ambient energy control with his Intent infused with Spiritual Strength.

His cultivation foundation was so terrifying that the abilities of this Worldly Domain was underwhelming.

Wei Wuyin, however, wasnt looking at it from his perspective or disappointed by this development. In fact, his speechlessness was caused by his total shock at its abilities! With the Soul Light of an Astral Soul extracted naturally by the pill, perhaps there might be an opportunity for cultivators to comprehend greater depths of ones Intent or Soul Light on their own!

Moreover, he was fully aware, just from having four Astral Souls and even the Gravitational Central Mass, that things with the same Soul Signature have an utter ease at merging together seamlessly! If so, then the Domain Seed would definitely be absorbed into a cultivators personally created Domain Seed! The boost might be massive, even affecting it, especially if they didnt comprehend Soul Light!

Wei Wuyin didnt think his Domain Seed would be Soul Light defined, but the byproduct of his entire cultivation base with his Astral Souls being the main contributors. This was also the experience gained from the millions of those who reached that stage.

After all, his Soul Rings, Spatial Resonance, Primary Light Source, Gravitational Central Mass, Intents, Bloodline physical, mental, and essence energies will all be infused within these Domain Seeds, contributing to its formation. Knowing these troublemakers, he was bound to see them perform some shenanigans together.

“Theres nothing else,” Eden remarked with a tinge of emotion.

“Were finished! Finished! Finished! Yay!” Ori excitedly said, its Astral Core was trembling.

“Tch,” King revealed its satisfaction with its signature sound. After so long, quite a few hiccups, they had finally reached the peak of their cultivation base for the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Gravity Emission Phase.

There were thirteen Soul Rings for each Soul Idol, an unprecedented development generated by the Astral Souls combining their Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation with a unique four times four into one strategy, later replicated four times. The result had sent their Spiritual Strength to an unexpected limit that caused Ascended beings to tremble in fear, believing Wei Wuyin to be a Spiritualist.

They had reached four Spatial-Convergence Ripples, unlocking Spatial Merging, and smashing against the limits of fixed-attributed spatial energies. While Kratos found it laughable and underwhelming, the achievement was incredible regardless.

The Light Reflection Phase had many levels, and they exceeded even the legendary True Light, reaching the Soul Light that mortals definitely shouldnt be able to reach! Of course, this was all with the help of transcendent-level products.

The Gravitational Central Mass was a Black-White Hole, and he had never even read any records of that. Furthermore, it seemed to be the result of four smaller Black-White Holes merging together.

The Gravity Emission Phase wasnt even a foundation phase, so its evolution was entirely unexpected, brought fully about through the courageous and crazed habits of his Astral Souls. While there were mass increasing products, that was regarding the Alchemic Dao, which already broke conventions apart with ten soul rings and spatial ripples, but never a natural evolution from the tribulation.

This was all completed with four eighty-one-centimeter-sized Astral Cores that contained the highest extent his physical, mental, essence, and spiritual energies could reach. He was truly at the absolute limit that his cultivation base could allow, with a few unexpected but pleasant surprises.

There was nothing left.

It was time to discuss their tribulation plans.


“…” Wei Wuyin frowned abruptly. There was a strange feeling in his heart. From his literal heart! It pumped normally for a hybridized True Dragon-Human Heart, being three times its normal size, but Wei Wuyin felt as if there was a sound coming from it.

“…Kratos?” He mentally sent.


That sound felt suppressed. Wei Wuyins frown deepened. He felt as if there was something amiss.



He knew that giggling!

“Hahaha! You ruined it, Ori! Go! Go! Go!” Kratos roared out, laughing boisterously to the point that Wei Wuyins vision was once again affected.

“Wait!” Wei Wuyin hastily pleaded, but the four Astral Souls seemed to act in a united, premeditated concerted effort. He felt as if something was shattered inside him, a barrier that kept something back, and this barrier wasnt just crushed, but outright obliterated!

“Wait! Were supposed to talk fir-” Before Wei Wuyin could recount their previous agreement, he felt his entire cultivation base and all his Astral Souls begin to grow abnormally active.


The world began to change.

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