Paragon of Sin

Chapter 878: Calm Before The Storm Planet Origin

stablish those pavilions, the wealth he possessed was astronomical. Thinking of wealth, she couldnt help but recall those rings Wu Yu had. Just thinking of it was salivating.

“What do you think hes doing?” Zhang Ziyi asked. Over the course of these four months, Wei Wuyin had been making great moves in Origin. The Four Extreme Pavilions caused quite a commotion, and even the strength of the sect elevated amongst those at the Astral Core Realm.

For the last four months, there had been at least twenty Realmlords birthed, including three Timelords, and one talented Starlord. This didnt factor the lesser breakthroughs which reached in the tens of thousands. The amount of Astral Tribulations had increased in quantity to an unbelievable degree. What shouldve taken at least three decades took four months!

Moreover, that Heavenly Seer of his was making all sorts of visits to clans. In fact, there were signs of those in their own faction who had interacted with her. They didnt interfere, but they learned some things. For example, there was a series of oaths sworn and deals made.

Some of those at the table in the True Element Palace had personally met this Heavenly Seer.

“Does it matter?” Han Yuhei indifferently replied.

“…It doesnt?” Zhang Ziyi was slightly baffled.

Han Yuhei looked at the sky, peering into the Dark Void, saying: “It doesnt.”

“…” Zhang Ziyi couldnt comprehend Han Yuheis nihilistic thoughts towards their sect. But when she thought about Wei Wuyin, she couldnt help but feel a little helpless herself. Just Wu Yu was enough to defeat their entire sect, and a single sentence took the life of an Earthly Saint. Another action of his made one!

It truly felt as if he was a terrifying force. Zhang Ziyi couldnt help but feel that Lin Xianxians newfound status was going to threaten her considerably. If Lin Xianxian grew shameless, even her own life and death might not be hers to decide. She had to figure out a way to secure her position, and she hadnt forgotten that favor Wei Wuyin owed her.

However, Han Yuhei couldnt help but look at Zhang Ziyis thoughtful appearance. He couldnt help but shake his head internally. Her scheming thoughts were so insignificant to him; it felt so small.

Wei Wuyin had saved Ma Zhengs life that hung on the thinnest of threads and made him an Earthly Saint.

It was almost certain Wu Yu failed his Third Ascension before and survived by sheer luck, yet now he was an Earthly Saint that could tackle their entire sect.

And he wasnt even a hundred years old!

Whatever backing or force he belonged to didnt matter, what mattered was that he had means far beyond their imagination as a mere mortal.

Wei Wuyins existence was a prelude to an era of change. An era of the greatest change since the King of Everlore. If his talent was remotely as high as that man, this situation wasnt the end but the beginning.

The title Saintmaker wasnt given out casually.

Ma Zheng invested early, and he received immense returns. Han Yuhei was forced to contemplate his own future, and he knew he needed to decide some things. Things that will redefine the direction of his life, and the limits of his cultivation.

“Perhaps even Worldly Saint might not be my limit…”


Suddenly, the two felt a tremor shake the entirety of fixed space. Their expressions changed as light burst out from their eyes, unleashing Ocular Spells.

“Whats that?” Zhang Ziyi gazed at Origin below, feeling as if the entire space of the world was churning violently inwards.

“Is this a Realm World Astral Tribulation?” Han Yuhei instantly deduced from the unique spatial signature. But the intensity of this spatial signature wasnt anything like normal. It was…

“Is that Wei Wuyins courtyard?!” Zhang Ziyi exclaimed.

Han Yuhei looked even more intensely. Like an unexpected explosion, his eyes widened as he was met with a scene that plunged him into abject disbelief!


A few minutes before, there were two figures residing in Lin Xianxeis idyllic courtyard. They were Lin Xianxei herself and Lin Ming, whose aura seemed far more sturdy and robust than before, giving off an intense spiritual aura.

He was holding a stable stance with his Origin Spear in hand, his eyes closed, his breathing rhythmic and steady. Standing not too far away, Lin Xianxei observed with calm eyes.

After a while, Lin Mings aura exploded outwards, causing dust and wind to blow about in chaos. As it slowly calmed down, so did his spiritual aura, and he slowly opened his eyes to see the faintly smiling, extremely beautiful Lin Xianxei.

A warm feeling sieged his heart.

“Youve reached the first stage in only four months,” she softly sighed in amazement as she continued, “but you still have more work to do.” While her first words were praise, the second half was a reminder.

Lin Ming didnt allow his success to cloud his thoughts. He nodded, understanding there was far more left to do. “The Primal Spiritualistic Method is truly profound. To think it can increase ones physiological and mental compatibility with spiritual energies, and elevates Spiritual Strength. Incredible,” Lin Ming praised. This method was one of the few cultivation methods he could cultivate from Divine King Han Xeis legacy left behind in the Paramount Jade Sect.

Lin Xianxei nodded with satisfaction.

Lin Ming said with a joyful laugh: “Its mostly because you acquired that high-tier, eighth-grade Spirit Blaze Elixir at the high-quality, otherwise it wouldve taken me much longer.”

“…” Lin Xianxeis faint smile gradually faded. Those words summoned the image of the man that had saved her life with a few words. She felt a wave of inner turmoil. After all, the pill definitely came from him, as she bought it from the Four Extreme Pavilion, and that was led by Si De. It wasnt hard to figure out for her.

Thinking of that incredibly handsome image, and those words of the Grand Seer once again, she strongly inhaled.

“What is it?” Lin Ming was shocked by Lin Xianxeis reaction.

Lin Xianxei snapped out of her thoughts with a deep exhale. “Nothing,” she replied, trying to regain her smile.

“…” Lin Ming felt something wasnt right.


Suddenly, it felt as if the fixed space of the entire world experienced a harsh tremor. They felt it even more intensely, their bodies shaking and their Astral Souls releasing faint strands of refined spatial energies without their orders, an instinctual reaction!

“A Realm World Astral Tribulation?” Lin Xianxei felt it immediately, her eyes blazing with white light as she looked in a specific direction. How could a Realm World Astral Tribulation feel so…massive?!

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