Paragon of Sin

Chapter 89: Commencement

Wei Wuyin had no qualms with the act of plundering, nor with taking advantage of others for his own benefit. While he wasn ’t to the extent of being an Evil Cultivator, he exemplified the characteristics of an elite cultivator. In a world of strength, very rarely do you use resources you searched for and discovered yourself.

From the Three-Point Yin Physique to the Ash Dragon City ’s vault, he had always capitalized on opportunities to the best of his ability. Since becoming an Inheritor of Sin, this belief and principle was further accentuated. He remained cautious and calculating, trying to determine the best benefit with the smallest loss.

This was his approach when facing Anu, and it will be his approach for the future; such as right now.

Agreeing in this expedition to plunder a fallen Imperial Clan was packed with benefits and risk. The tools, arrays, resources at their disposal would ’ve been accumulated at their height. While they couldn ’t prevent their inevitable fall without an expert capable of calling forth the wind and rain, they could ensure their survival with the threat of mutual destruction.

However, what shocked Wei Wuyin was the line-up sent. Where were the two Godlords of the Sky Sword Sect? To think they ’d merely send a single peak-Mortal God to oversee this while the Scarlet Solaris Sect sent a Godlord.

The benefits they could gain would be definitely less than the Scarlet Solaris Sect, and this would happen in their territory. This baffled Wei Wuyin. While sword and saber cultivators were known for their fierce offensive power and combat prowess, it seemed odd to not send at least one.

And, what about the misfit band of high-end cultivators? Where did they come from?

Just as he was wondering, Mei Yang explained everything. According to her, even she was surprised by the lack of Godlord presence from the Sky Sword Sect. But they were busy, with one roaming the world and the other at a crucial point in cultivation trying to strive for the Ninth Stage, to become a Godking.

Therefore, they only had their Vice Sect Leader, Jian Daiyu, available. She was fourth in command, beneath the two Godlord Ancestral Elders and Sect Leader. She was highly renowned and known as the Sword Flash Goddess. It was said the speed of her sword could reap lives minutes before they realized their death. While this was likely an exaggeration, it was impressive and indicative of her exceptional prowess.

As for the other group, they were known as the Earth-Sky Alliance. They were loose cultivators that gathered together in the Sky Sword Domain. They didn ’t have a Godlord as a leader, so they couldn ’t establish their own Domain, but due to Dong Fa, a peak-Mortal God, they were a top-tier force just beneath the Five Great Sects.

After all, there weren ’t more than two hundred Mortal Gods, known and hidden, in Wu Country and the majority are Sixth Phase Mortal Gods. Those at the seventh phase could become Sect Leaders of the Five Great Sects, so it should not be underestimated.

Before Wei Wuyin and Mei Yang returned to the group, he informed Bai Lin and Su Mei to find food and cultivate until he found them. With a wave of his hand, the white mist that was False Mortal God Avatar became a bracelet on Su Mei ’s wrist.

Su Mei realized Wei Wuyin ’s intent and accepted it. Bai Lin, who had declared her hunger before, was ecstatic as she flew away. Wei Wuyin could only form a thin smile as he shook his head. While he wouldn ’t mind riding on Bai Lin to plunder, and he was sure she wouldn ’t either, he actually wanted to test his prowess on live targets and not rely on her. With her enthusiastic inclination for battle, she would probably scorch everyone in sight.

Thinking this, his smile grew wider with a hint of happiness.

”So, let ’s meet everyone. ” After that interlude, Wei Wuyin and Mei Yang set off. When they arrived, he was eyed with an intense gaze. There were even a few cultivators executing optical spiritual spells to peer into his secrets. If it was any other time, this blatant act of disrespect would be met with a swift lesson. Luckily for them, this was a joint mission.

Mei Yang had already introduced Wei Wuyin ’s name, but these elites were quite unfamiliar with it. A disciple from the Sky Sword Sect stepped forward. He directly asked Wei Wuyin, ”Are you really Wei Wuyin from the Scarlet Solaris Sect? ”

Wei Wuyin was shocked when he heard a mere disciple step up to talk. This area had Mortal Gods, and this disciple was merely a Yang Growth expert. However, when he observed this brazen fellow his heart was tickled with remembrance.

It was a young man with a thin physique, his short black hair was common, but his eyes were wrapped by a black blindfold sealing off his vision. His entire body had a restrained yet unforgettable sharpness. It was Sword Intent, polished and defined. He was like an unsheathe sword.

This impression triggered his memory as he recalled a young man more than ten year ago.

”Dao Shin? ” He recalled this name.

Dao Shin was the young sword cultivator that took the lead during the Task Force at Muu Lake. He gave him a lethal impression at that time. Unlike Wei Wuyin, however, Dao Shin ’s cultivation speed was just barely above the genius standard. In the short span of these eleven years, he was incapable of reaching the Mortal God level. Even Mei Mei was considered exceptional for reaching the Mortal God level before sixty, a feat that is still herald as a phenomenal achievement among the younger generation.

”You are Wei Wuyin! ” Disbelief was written on Dao Shin ’s expression. So many things happened to the Wei Wuyin that he remembered. He was an elite cultivator that reached the Yin Form Phase and birthed two advanced Elemental Qi, Steel Metal Qi and Violet Lightning Qi, all at the age of twenty-six. Unfortunately, he went through an odd deviation and then left.

There was news of his return, but a few years later, he was declared dead after having left the sect on his own. This was a verified and accepted fact. Many lamented in the early death of this staggering genius, yet now…

If his eyes weren ’t blindfolded, they would be bulging with surprise.

”Wei Wuyin? ” The various members mumbled to themselves, but the name didn ’t trigger any memories. Wei Wuyin was unimportant for the vast majority of his life. Would Mortal Gods pay attention to a talent of another sect that had no background? Absolutely not. As for his brief reveal, they might ’ve learned of his existence, but likely not his name.

However, Dong Fa ’s expression changed after the name was repeated numerous times. His eyes roamed to Bai Lin ’s departure route. When he once more observed Wei Wuyin, his chilly eyes contained a hint of vigilance and fear.

In his heart, ”Saber Ascendant? He ’s the Godlord that fought the Jade Lotus Sect and got rid of the Lei Family! ” There were quite a few rumors circulating, some embellished and exaggerated, but they all had a consistent feature. An unearthly handsome man arrived atop a crane and faced the entire Jade Lotus Sect alone. They conceded without a fight, his cultivation at the Godlord level!

He was an acquaintance of the Lei Clan ’s Mortal God, so their demise obviously reached his ears, including details of it.

While he was reeling at his discovery, Wei Wuyin smiled at Dao Shin. ”Its been a while. ” After that, he didn ’t talk further because he didn ’t know Dao Shin, and his current status and strength was far beneath his notice. He was more interested in Jian Daiyu.

Just as he was about to speak, Mei Yang cheerfully clapped. ”He ’s our additional support, a peak-Mortal God. This will only serve to decrease the effort we need to put in. As for division of resources, we ’ll wait until we ’ve thoroughly completed the job before discussing, kay? ” Her cheerful, brilliant smile was truly an uplifting act.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother with all this, walking forward to try to talk to Jian Daiyu. Unfortunately, ”Let ’s go! ” She spoke coldly and with the utmost disciple, she and her disciples swiftly shot off. They weren ’t utilizing Qi to invigorate their bodies, relying in their strengthened physical forms to traverse their path.

Mei Yang smiled, chuckling as she gave Wei Wuyin the side-eye. Seeing Wei Wuyin try to approach Jian Daiyu and fail was quite amusing. ”Us too! ” With those words, she led the Scarlet Solaris Sect members away, following the Sky Sword Sect.

Dong Fa was quiet for a moment and then gave the same order. It wasn ’t long before Wei Wuyin was left alone. He had a wry smile as he realized Jian Daiyu ’s swift departure was to avoid being tied with his advances. He chuckled, but the challenge was invigorating. Most women nowadays were easily obtained with his high cultivation base and handsome looks, but she might take a little more effort.

With a kick off, he vanished. Unlike the others, his body was refined by all nine elemental energies, saber energy, and draconic blood energies, and the first two were Godlord-level. It was strong to the utmost, so when he relied on merely his physical body, not only did he catch up, in a flash, he had already bypassed them.

Jian Daiyu was already behind him. With a swift turn of his body, he halted his steps. It wasn ’t long before Jian Daiyu arrived, her eyes flashed with shock as she saw the smiling Wei Wuyin in front of her. She halted her steps too, with the others halting in response.

”I didn ’t get a chance to introduce myself personally; Wei Wuyin, it ’s a pleasure to meet the renowned Sword Flash Goddess. ” He was polite yet confident.

Jian Daiyu was an extremely reticent woman. Her emotions and thoughts were hard to extract, and she barely responded to much. That reserved demeanor with her incredible beauty and intense sharpness made her seem like an empress of a mortal empire.

She blinked. At the moment, they were all not revealing their spiritual sense as to not trigger any alert formations so she nor anyone had seen Wei Wuyin ’s movement. However, seeing his intent to introduce himself, she inwardly grew annoyed. How could a woman of her beauty and talent not be pursued endlessly.

She knew the signs. Therefore, she coldly stated, ”Stay on task. Follow, and don ’t make a mistake. ” With that, she directly shot off followed by the members of her sect who gave Wei Wuyin all sorts of looks, including shock and a hint of pity. To try to court this woman was a fool ’s mission, even for a peak-Mortal God.

Wei Wuyin merely saw them off, his eyes glimmering with a hint of calculation and plotting. After Mei Yang arrived, he had a brilliant smile on his face. She saw him and was startled, but before she could ask a question, Wei Wuyin shot off ahead of them, but this time at a slower pace to merely trail behind.

Mei Yang frowned. How did he bypass them when he left earlier? Her eyes flashed a mysterious light as she followed along.

Dong Fa arrived and saw Wei Wuyin ’s silhouette and his heart quaked. Indeed, he is a Godlord! With two, this mission should be easy. With renewed vigor, he similarly made plans to place himself in Wei Wuyin ’s list of friends.

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