Paragon of Sin

Chapter 92: Heavenly Wu City Enlightenment!

such actions to their face.

Prince Zhen walked in dressed in his sleeveless, light bronze battle armor. There were faint runic markings etched onto its surface, giving off an aura of power and suppression.

Beside him was a woman and a male, both young-seeming, both slim, beautiful looking, and seemed to be twins. They had short red hair, crimson eyes, and pale skin. Their physiques were similar outside of the noticeable male and female differentiation, but if they wished, they could easily shift into the other.

The woman had small mounds of womanly flesh, perky ass, and decent curves. While the man had a noticeable bulge that was incredibly difficult to miss.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t even bother looking at them as he focused his attention on Su Mei while guarded by the ward.

Bai Lin outside had also peeked her head into one of the upper-floor windows, her lone golden eye gazing at the situation with curiosity.

”My Prince, ” The female twin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Prince Zhen who nonchalantly showed her the back of his hand. She obediently stayed silent afterwards, remaining behind him.

”Who ’s crane is that outside? ” Prince Zhen asked. He had flown over randomly and saw a golden eyed, golden beak, crane that seemed to have an interesting latent bloodline. As a prince of wu, he was well-educated, but those who stood beside him were even more so. They easily deduced that the crane had consumed a Golden Phoenix Fruit, a legendary heavenly resource that could bring out the innate potential of avian creatures.

There were many beasts of legends, and the phoenix was heralded as the progenitor of all avian creatures. Therefore, they all had faint traces of phoenix bloodline that could be brought to bare with the fruit. If they can awaken, they even had a chance of evolving.

In the era after Divine King Han Xei, there was a beast that had become famous for awakening, reaching the Astral Core Realm of strength, otherwise known as an Astral Beast, and ascending to worlds unknown.

If Prince Zhen could obtain this bird and gift it to his future Dao Companion, her feelings may become solidified and true with this gesture. While this form of thinking was naive, it still held the inkling of possibility of being true; therefore, he desired to do so.

The silent crowd remained silent at his question. Instead, they all looked towards the ward that had been set up by Wei Wuyin.

Prince Zhen followed their gazes and his eyes lit up. In this ward was a woman who had her eyes closed but gave off a dense vitality and illusory feeling.

”My Prince, she ’s undergoing her ascension to the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, ” the male twin respectfully commented.

”Here? ” Prince Zhen was startled, but the crowd was even more startled. In fact, they became frightened at the words of the male twin. There was a noticeable trembling of fear in the crowd. Many of them who had wildly cursed and thrown objects at the ward were terrified to the limit.

”Haha! Enlightenment truly does not care for convenience or location. You can gain one at a funeral or while pissing! ” Prince Zhen laughed heartily, but then his expression turned stern.

”Everyone, leave. ” The moment those words were said, everyone felt like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders and feet. They bowed towards Prince Zhen and left. Before long, the entire restaurant had been cleared.

The restaurant ’s owner, a chubby man with a relatively decent cultivation base at the Third Stage of Qi Condensation, appeared with a humble, low-born expression. He clasped his hands and said a few words, but the Prince didn ’t even respond. Instead, the male twin sent a ray of light towards the owner. That ray contained a bag with two essence stones, sufficient enough to make up for the lost business and more.

With thanks, he retreated back to his office and sent the staff home for the day.

Prince Zhen waited. He knew this moment was crucial, whether she succeeded or not will depend on her own personal talent. After all, despite Mortal Gods having three to four hundred years of lifespan, there were less than a thousand in a country of hundreds of millions.

If she did, her entire future would change and she could establish a force that could easily last a century or two with her at the helm. It was a huge step forward in the cultivation world.

Prince Zhen already had faint thoughts of recruiting her into his faction if she had no prior history against the Wu Imperial Clan.

A few hours passed before Su Mei ’s closed eyes opened, revealing a world of her own creation, a false reality. She felt that the sequence of events were out of this world. A few months ago, she had been at the Fourth Stage of Qi Condensation, now she was at the Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation and a Mortal God level figure!

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled, congratulating her with his gaze. ”You ’ve succeeded. Now, we should come up with a title, no? ” As he said this, the qi ward dissolved into nothing, revealing their figure.

Even he felt it was sudden, but that ’s how cultivation was. He had reached the Second Stage to the Sixth Stage in less than a year. Wei Wuyin had always had a distinct feeling that the Qi Condensation shouldn ’t be as difficult as it was. Now that he was a Lord Alchemist, capable of concocting sixth grade alchemical products suitable for the entire Qi Condensation Realm, he knew it truly shouldn ’t be.

Outside of grasping world force and the fusion of your spirit and core, it was truly just a realm of accumulation, only requiring resources already heavily prevalent in the heavens and earth.

His own thoughts were that the alchemy talent was low and the innate resources the Myriad Yore Continent provided was far too low per divided territory. No wonder those truly divine figures had combined the six countries into a single empire. It was to have more resources! Well, ambition to rule likely mattered as well.

While Su Mei and Wei Wuyin exchanged a few words, still remaining indeterminate about the title, the male twin cleared his throat to grab their attention.

Wei Wuyin now shifted his gaze towards this tall, muscular man and his two twins. He softly sighed. With a hint of impatience, he said, ”Bai Lin isn ’t for sale, and never will be. ”

Prince Zhen frowned.

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