Pet Simulator

Chapter 21 - You Try

Chapter 20: I Do Have Some Talent When It Comes to Raising Pets

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The battle in the Fenglin Secret Realm had made Wang Ye realize that the current realms of Xiao Jius skills were too high, and its genetic characteristic was too strong that its spiritual energy value psionic ability points couldnt keep up with it.

If Xiao Jiu were to cultivate with the normal speed of a green sparrow, it wouldve been far from this fast.

It was all thanks to the skill Sky-dance that had greatly increased the speed of Xiao Jius daily cultivation.

Otherwise, no matter how good the green sparrows food was, or how many spiritual energy stones it had for cultivation, it wouldve at most been a two-star or three-star level-one pet.

Of the skills it had learned from the simulator, three were related to the mysterious bird beast.

Other than Feathery Habitat and Skyful of Feathers, the rest were intermediate and advanced skills. However, Skyful of Feathers was a soul-type skill, so its power and consumption were comparable to an intermediate skill.

“Normal pets would usually start to cultivate intermediate skills after reaching level two. Using intermediate and advanced skills all the time is too exhausting for Xiao Jiu. As a pet, it cant do if it cant last for long. I hope it will be able to learn a few beginner skills tomorrow. As long as it advances those beginner skills, the power will not be weak either. Moreover, the consumption will be even lower!”

Wang Ye released Xiao Jiu and the white python from the pet space and took out the spiritual energy stones.

The white python did not know how to cultivate and still only knew to eat.

As soon as it came out, it followed the smell and wrapped itself around Wang Yes hand, looking at the spatial sphere on the table in a distance.


The white python flew out and immediately wrapped itself around the spatial sphere. It opened its mouth and drooled.


It wanted to eat this!

“No way? You even want to eat this?” Wang Ye was shocked and quickly ran over. He stretched out two fingers and stopped the white pythons mouth from closing down.

If it ate the sphere, he would go bankrupt.

Wang Ye wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and took out a few snake spirit fruits, letting the white python eat them at the side.

After eating non-stop for more than a month, Wang Ye could clearly feel that the white pythons life force had become much stronger.

With the suitable opportunity, he could start putting the white python in the simulations now.

After the white python finished eating the snake spirit fruits, it narrowed its eyes, as if it was about to enter a state of slumber again.

“Youre sleeping again? Even a pig needs to exercise, right? Otherwise, your body will just be full of fat!” Seeing this, Wang Ye had a headache, “Its not good for your growth!”

At this moment, he saw Xiao Jiu dancing and cultivating at the side, flying around the room.

Compared to the white python that slept right after eating, Xiao Jiu seemed to have ADHD and didnt stop for a moment.

It was probably immersed in its own strength.

Wang Ye thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea.

He walked over, grabbed Xiao Jiu, and said, “Do you want to play a game?”

“Chirp?” Xiao Jiu immediately nodded excitedly.

“Very good. The name of the game is calledEagle Catches the Chicks,” Wang Ye pointed at the white python.

Xiao Jius eyes lit up.

The name of the game was easy to understand, and Xiao Jiu understood it immediately.

It could fly, so it would play the role of the eagle and catch the white python that was playing the role of the chick, right?

If it caught the white python, it could then eat it!

“You play the role of the chick,” Wang Ye said.

“???” Xiao Jiu.

Wang Ye held Xiao Jius neck and walked to the front of the white python.

“Look here,” Wang Ye slapped the table.

The white python opened its eyes in a daze and cried as if to ask “Is it time to eat again?”

“Thats right, its time to eat!” Wang Ye patted Xiao Jius feathers, “Look, these wings, these calves, and this strong body. Its delicious just by looking at it, right?”

The white python glanced at Xiao Jiu a few times and drooled.

“As long as you can catch it, it will be your lunch. Alright, lets start now!”

With that, Wang Ye let go of Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu was furious as she was entangled by the white python.

The bird and the python immediately fought like cats and dogs in the room.

Looking at this scene, Wang Ye nodded in satisfaction, “Not bad, not bad! I do have some talent for breeding pets. With this kind of training, it wont be long before the white python will be able to grow up relatively healthy.”

The next day, on the training ground of the Investigation Corps headquarters, more than a dozen investigators were whispering among themselves.

Among them were trainee investigators and reserve investigators.

“Commander Lin of the Anping County Investigation Corps is one of the few master-rank beastmasters in our county. Moreover, shes a professional fighter whos best at fighting! It would be worth it if I could learn a move or two today!”

“The chances of a high-level pet imparting skills to a low-level pet arent high.”

“Well, I think it depends on the pets comprehension ability. For example, my pet bird, the sonic bird, is very smart. If it wasnt for my poor talent, I might have been in a beastmaster university by now.”

“The sonic bird? Its a piece of trash that can at most have an E-grade Soul growth. How could it have any comprehension ability? Even learning a beginner skill should be difficult for it.”

“Dont be obsessed with the six dimensions, its just a concept. I think it still depends on the beastmasters standards. Those with high standards, even if their pets Soul growth is weak, it can still be trained to have skills.”

“With that standard, how can be in the Investigation Corps?”

“What do you mean? Are you looking down on the Investigation Corps?”

Wang Ye picked his ears. It was really noisy.

The people who joined the Investigation Corps came from a wide range of sources. Although they had been screened, there were still people from all walks of life.

After all, in this day and age, if it wasnt for the fact that they really couldnt continue their lives anymore, who would want to put their lives on the line at work?

Of course, the ones who quarreled were mostly the reserve investigators.

The trainee investigators already had a certain sense of belonging to the Investigation Corps.

At this moment, the sky darkened slightly, as if a giant beast had descended.

Wang Ye raised his head only to see a giant bird beast that was at least ten meters long fly down.

It was like a helicopter landing, causing gusts of wind that blew Xiao Jius feathers messy.

What a powerful aura!

“This is the Emperor class pet, blazing sky falcon. Its a falcon sky-type pet! Judging from its aura, its at least level four and above, close to level five!”

Its black and white feathers, slender body, sharp eagle eyes, and ice-blade-like claws all symbolized its identity and strength as an emperor of the sky.

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu chirped loudly.

It wanted to challenge it!

Wang Ye was speechless.

“Be realistic,” Wang Ye was speechless, “Dont be too brave. Be steadier and calmer.”

The green sparrow would probably be gone before it could even take a claw attack from the other party.

A few seconds later, the blazing sky falcon descended, and its pressure intensified, coming straight at the people and pets on the training ground.

The bird-type pets of the surrounding investigators let out terrified cries as if they had met their natural enemy.

Xiao Jiu felt that what its beastmaster said was right. As a green sparrow, ut needed to be a little steadier.

It retracted its wings and lay down on Wang Yes shoulder.

Even in its standing form, the blazing sky falcon was at least ten meters tall. The pressure was not only felt by the pets, but also by the humans.

At this moment, a figure jumped down and landed on the ground, creating a huge wave of air.

“My name is Lin Rou. This is my pet, the blazing sky falcon. It just so happened I have some time today, so Im back to see the new investigators and help you train your pets while Im at it. You can call me Commander Lin,” A figure walked out from the wave of air.

It was a woman who was even taller than Tang Xiong.

She had bronze-colored skin, deep black eyes, short hair, and wore a black vest, revealing her well-defined lower abdomen.

Wang Ye could feel an explosive force from her slender and strong thighs. He couldnt help but swallow a gulp.

Looking at her face, she looked to be in her thirties. Her facial features were quite exquisite.

However, one of her eyes was covered by an eye patch.

“She should be almost 1.9 meters tall, right?” Wang Ye couldnt help but say.

Her name was Lin Rou, but there was nothing gentle about her.

Wang Ye felt that even Tang Xiong probably wouldnt be able to withstand a few punches facing her.

She was almost like a human-shaped pet at this point.

However, her body parts were quite proportionate and in harmony, indicating that she trained well.

The few investigators at the side also kept quiet out of fear, not daring to make a sound.

Among the beastmasters, the profession assessment was divided into several profession sequences.

Usually, different beastmasters could take different paths depending on their talents.

The fighter was a profession sequence among beastmasters that was best at individual combat.

Fighters would use ones talent as a weapon and their pets as support, walking the path of using their physical abilities to produce nuclear explosions.

It was a profession sequence with extremely high individual combat strength.

It was also one of the most popular beastmaster profession sequences in the current world.

“Alright, I wont say any more nonsense,” Lin Rou grinned, revealing her white teeth, “I already looked through all of your information before I came. Since your pets are relatively young, Ill have my blazing sky falcon teach you three beginner skills. They are Feather Cut, Wind, and Sky Breath. Anyone who can learn all three of them in one day will be given an extra reward. If you cant learn even one of them, it means that you arent suitable to be a beastmaster, so dont continue to waste our resources here in the Investigation Corps.”

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