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Chapter 22 - Xiao Jiu I Want You to Help Me Cultivate!

Chapter 21: You Try

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Three bgeinner skills.

Wang Ye had some understanding of these three skills.

Wind was one of the attributed skills that many sky-type pets had.

Feather Cut was a race skill. Any pet with wings would definitely have Feather Cut as its race skill.

Sky Breath was one of the rare support-type skills among the beginner skills. It could reduce the consumption of spiritual energy when sky-type pets used their skills.

“All of them seem pretty good,” Wang Ye nodded to himself, “Especially Sky Breath. Its considered very difficult to learn but easy to use among the beginner skills.”

Of course, all three moves were very practical. Wind was an attributed skill that allowed long-range attacks, Feather Cut was for close-range attacks, and Sky Breath would allow a pet to continue fighting.

“Commander Lin, isnt it too difficult to learn three skills in one day? Moreover, Sky Breath is extremely difficult… Even many Supreme class pets have to learn it for a long time,” An investigator said in a low voice, “Our pets are only a few months old. It takes one or two weeks for it to train even one skill, so how can they learn all three in one day?”

Lin Rou said calmly, “The difficulty of learning skills will reduce when it is passed down from high-level pets to low-level pets. Three skills in one day may indeed be difficult for you, but learning one is no problem. Besides, these are only beginner skills and the only difficult one is Sky Breath. Therefore, my requirement for you is to learn at least one. Ask your pets to come over.”

The investigators stopped talking and made their pets go forward.

Among the pets skills, some could be learned by themselves after reaching a certain level of combat strength, while some had to be taught and trained.

In addition, by consuming their own life force, high-level pets could teach skills to pets that were lower in class.

This would greatly reduce the difficulty of training, but it was only limited to those with the same attributes.

Another way was to buy expensive skill scrolls for their pets to learn.

Wang Ye had Xiao Jiu fly over.

Lin Rou was quite responsible. Teaching other pets was quite taxing on her blazing sky falcon.

If it were any other beastmaster, it was only a given that they wouldnt do something like this.

As the dozen or so pets flew forward, the blazing sky falcon let out a roar, “Li!”

In an instant, the dozen or so pets immediately fell in line, flapping their wings.

The blazing sky falcon immediately flapped its wings, and a hurricane formed and engulfed them as if it was letting them feel the power of the wind.

Low chirps and squawks sounded while the wings fluttered.

It was as if they were communicating.

“I dont understand the language of birds,” Wang Ye held his chin in deep thought as he watched quietly.

The teaching time was actually quite short.

This kind of teaching was not as simple as the blazing sky falcon executing a skill and letting the pets learn it by watching.

Instead, when the skill was being executed, the execution method of the skill would be injected into the minds of the pets with the falcons powerful spiritual power.

With that, the pets would know these skills in their minds, but since their bodies had not learned them, they could not use them yet.

That being said, once the brain knew the skills, training them would naturally be much easier.

It was still relatively easy to teach beginner skills.

If it was an intermediate or advanced skill, the blazing sky falcon would not be able to teach so many pets at the same time. Otherwise, it might not even be able to successfully teach them even if its strength dropped drastically.

After about half an hour, the blazing sky falcon flapped its wings, and the dozen of pets started to descend.

“Alright, all of you, communicate with your pets and train them. Later on, try to see if your pet can use any one of the skills,” Lin Rou walked to the blazing sky falcons side and took out a pill to feed it.

The more than ten investigators looked at each other.

They could only brace themselves and communicate with their pets.

“Have you learned all three?” Wang Ye walked to the side and looked at Xiao Jiu, “Of these three moves, only Sky Breath is a little more difficult, right?”

Xiao Jius Soul growth was now D+!

It had also learned intermediate and advanced skills, so it had quite a lot of experience in learning skills.

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu nine cried out and raised its left and right wings.

This meant that it had comprehended Feather Cut and Wind, but not Sky Breath.

“Then lets run a simple simulation,” Wang Ye said, “Try to learn all three moves. Work hard quietly and amaze all the other pets.”

“Chirp?” Xiao Jiu tilted its head.

Was this working hard? It felt more like cheating though.

Wang Ye patted Xiao Jius head, “Isnt the bird in the simulation you as well? If the bird works hard in the simulation, isnt it equivalent to you working hard?”

Xiao Jiu thought for a moment and felt that this logic was absolutely correct. It cried out loudly.

Come on then! It, a green sparrow, could learn these skills all thanks to its own hard work!

Beastmaster, run the simulation!

[Pet information has been updated. Script loading…]

[0 year old. The green sparrow is practicing its breathing techniques on the cliff.]

[1 year old. The green sparrow has learned a unique breathing technique and comprehended a skill: Sky Breath.]

[3 years old. The green sparrow is practicing Sky Breath. Its realm is getting higher and higher. With each breath, the white clouds move and strong winds blow.]

[5 years old. The green sparrow is thinking about that big snake. It starts to practice Sky-dance.]

[10 years old. The green sparrow feels that its entire body is filled with energy. It starts to practice all the skills that it knows.]

[15 years old. The green sparrow, which is already several meters tall, feels that its strength has increased greatly.]

[29 years old. The green sparrow has grown to more than ten meters tall. As it inhales and exhales the essence of the sun and moon, its entire body emits a dazzling green light. It can feel that it was becoming stronger, but it seems to have encountered some sort of bottleneck. It was unable to continue growing and unable to cultivate.]

[30 years old. The green sparrow found the large snake and fought it for dozens of rounds. In the end, it died from exhaustion.]

[Gray characteristic achievement: Innate Bottleneck]

[The simulation has ended. The green sparrow has survived for 30 years. You may keep one of the following three options.]

[Skill: Sky Breath]

[Gray Genetic Characteristic: Innate Bottleneck]

[30-year-old six-dimensional growth]

Wang Ye looked at the simulation information and fell into deep thought.

D+ Soul growth allowed the green sparrow to comprehend this skill very easily.

“To be honest, you can try leaving the novice village now,” Wang Ye thought for a moment before saying, “But theres also the big snake, the mysterious bird beast, and the green little insect between the cliff. Perhaps there are still some special events that havent been triggered.”

Those special events were probably like hidden achievements.

If the green sparrow really couldnt beat those creatures, it could just leave the novice village for the time being and take a look at the large world of the scripted world.

The gray characteristic was a negative characteristic.

The Innate Bottleneck meant that Xiao Jiu had met the upper limit of its cultivation in the scripted world.

If it wanted to defeat that big snake, it would have to break through its upper limit.

With the support of all kinds of skills and its six-dimensional growth, Xiao Jiu had reached the upper limit of its cultivation in just a few decades.

Compared to it being instantly killed by the big snake in the beginning in all kinds of ways, being able to fight for dozens of rounds this time was already a tremendous improvement.

Dying from exhaustion also showed Xiao Jius weakness: Its endurance wasnt enough.

“Chirp…” Xiao Jiu nodded but was still somewhat unwilling to accept defeat.

After communicating for a while, the time had reached around noon.

Lin Rou returned and began to call out names one by one, “Xu Liang, you try first!”

“Commander Lin, I have made my sonic bird train for quite some time. Its just too hard and all its spiritual energy value has been exhausted!”


“He Jun, you do it!”

“Commander Lin, when my spirit pigeon practiced Sky Breath just now, it got short of breath and is still resting…”


One by one, the investigators walked to the front, then back.

As if they were being called out by a teacher in class, they were trembling in fear.

Only a few of the trainee investigators had their pet try to cast the skills, and they were barely able to use Wind or Feather Cut.

The trainee investigators were, after all, official investigators, so their abilities in all aspects were still passable.

Lin Rou looked at these investigators, but there was no disappointment in her eyes. All of this was probably within her expectations.

At this time, she looked at Wang Ye and paused for two seconds before saying, “Wang Ye, you try.”

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