Pet Simulator

Chapter 25 - D+ Soul Growth!

Chapter 24: Permanent Sharing?

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“This information is very valuable… Especially this thing called strange evolution. To combine with a strange core and eat strange gods… This guy called Ming Tianxu is really daring… But, Ive never heard of this person before. Could this information have just been discovered? Mingguang Enterprise… Could Ming Kai be the descendant of Ming Tianxu?” Wang Ye was shocked.

He thought of the various things in the manual.

“If this fell into the hands of those with evil intentions, and they used their pets as tools to carry out the strange evolution, Im afraid it would turn the world upside down. But the strange evolution is so powerful. If used properly, it can indeed be of great use.”

Wang Ye shook his head, feeling that he definitely wouldnt find it any useful.


“Wait, the dark fog explosion in Anping County…” Wang Ye seemed to have vaguely thought of something, but he just hadnt grasped it yet.

Closing the scrolls, Wang Ye had many things on his mind.

“Chirp chirp!” Xiao Jiu flew onto Wang Yes shoulder and urged him to cultivate.

“Oh right, its time to cultivate. Come on then!”

After choosing the reward, Sky-dance once again appeared in Wang Yes mind. As if he had gone through countless rehearsals, he began to dance.

The spiritual energy stones began to glow.

Spiritual energy was quickly absorbed by Wang Ye and integrated into every cell in his body.

The surging power made Wang Ye feel very comfortable.

Unfortunately, it didnt last long, only a few hours.

“Sky-dance is quite a good skill! The skill that I have temporarily acquired skill is Sky-dance which is close to the great success realm. To think I can cultivate it even though Im not a pet,” Wang Ye found it quite ridiculous.

Though compared to Xiao Jiu, his cultivation efficiency was much lower.

Perhaps it was also because he wasnt a bird?

“If I can obtain the skill characteristics and six dimensions of pets from reality simulations in the future, Ill have to think about how I cultivate my pets.”

Wang Ye put aside the matter of the diary for now.

Unfortunately, the skills could only be obtained temporarily.

But since it could be obtained temporarily, then it must mean that the skills could be obtained permanently as well, right?

Though, what were the conditions that he needed to fulfill?

“My talent is not quite useful, and I dont have much fighting strength. So, as long as I dont die in the future, its fine. As such, I should try my best to become physically stronger and more muscly. For the next month, Ill first let Xiao Jiu put the training of Skyful of Feathers to the side and ask it to try its best to train the three beginner skills to a higher realm! Especially Sky Breath, its extremely useful! Then, Ill help Xiao Jiu to breakthrough to level two!”

After setting the goal, Wang Ye let Xiao Jiu and the white python train for a while, not in a hurry to train himself.

The next day, after Wang Yes spiritual power was recovered, he continued to run the reality simulation for Xiao Jiu!

“I still have three more chances. I clearly feel like Ive caught something… Ill continue to look for any clues in that diary in the simulation! I cant waste any time in reality.”

[The reality simulation begins. Information loading…]

[Your beastmaster seems to have learned something. He keeps mulling over the diary over and over again every day.]

[A month later, you and your beastmaster missed Commander Lins training. Tang Xiong personally came to visit.]

[One day, while you were training at the side, your beastmaster couldnt help but ask Tang Xiong about some news regarding the strange gods. To his surprise, he realized that the Investigation Corps didnt seem to have some of the information about the strange gods that have been recorded in the diary.]

[Two months later, you and your beastmaster went to Yaoguang City for the assessment in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb Secret Realm. On the way, you encountered an attack from the strange gods. Tang Xiong went all out to protect you, allowing you and your beastmaster to ride on his pet and fly to Yaoguang City. He was killed. However, before you could reach Yaoguang city, you encountered another strange god attack. You and your beastmaster died.]

[The simulation has ended.]

Wang Ye was speechless.

His death this time was extremely strange.

He had been attacked on the way?

“Somethings wrong, somethings really wrong!” Wang Ye broke out in a cold sweat.

The first time he went to Yaoguang City in the simulation, he was attacked in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb by a fierce beast, not a god.

“Did the dark fog break out early?” Wang Ye frowned as if he had encountered a dead end.

“Could Tang Xiong be from my parents generation?” Wang Ye pondered, “He always protects me with his life in the simulation. Why would he protect me to that extent for no reason?”

Wang Ye shook his head and decide that he would find an opportunity to ask about it.

The simulation this time was still very short.

Wang Ye once again used Sky-dance to cultivate for a while.

After this, he felt that his talent had become a little stronger.

As if remembering something, Wang Yes heart moved and he immediately glanced at the white python, as if he had seen its evolved form, the hornless shadow dragon.

“Ive definitely seen you somewhere before! Definitely!” Wang Ye stared at the white python.

The talent Deep Memory couldnt possibly be wrong.

Once one had this talent, no matter how long ago the matter had occurred, or how small it was, one could still gradually remember it.

“Hu?” The white python tilted its head slightly and looked at Wang Ye in confusion.

“My talent is still not strong enough,” Wang Ye thought for a while.

There were still two more reality simulations.

Another day passed. This time, Wang Ye changed his train of thought.

“Lets not bother about the matters in Anping County for now. Lets just leave this place and be a little cowardly. Well see how long we can live!” Wang Ye instructed Xiao Jiu.


[The reality simulation begins. Information loading…]

[You and your beastmaster stay at home and work hard to cultivate. Two months later, both of you head to the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb to participate in the assessment. The Investigation Corps had high hopes for you, but you only received mediocre results.]

[After the assessment ended, your beastmaster received an invitation from the Mingguang Enterprise. He agreed and left the Investigation Corps. Mingguang Enterprise paid a penalty for his breach of contract.]

[Not long after, dark fog erupted in Anping County, and the place turned into a land of death.]

[Half a year later, you cultivated to six-star level-two. Your beastmaster spent a large amount of resources to help you evolve into a Supreme class pet, the lustrous bluebird. After you evolved, your beastmaster took in two talented pets. You felt unloved and unhappy.]

[A year later, your beastmaster got in a relationship with Ming Zhu, the young miss of Mingguang Enterprise. The time he spends playing with you became less, and his pets grew more in numbers.]

[Two years later, you relied on your own hard work to break through to level four. However, at this time, your beastmaster already has an Emperor class pet cub with the help of Mingguang Enterprise. Among the pets by your beastmasters side, your strength is still the most unique, but he rarely spends any time with you. You feel an incomparable sense of loss.]

[At the end of the third year, you wish to return alone to the place where you met your beastmaster, Anping County. However, at this time, a terrifying strange god has appeared in Anping County. In just a few days, the dark fog swept through the entire Xinghai Province. The first to bear the brunt was Yaoguang City.]

[Mingguang Enterprise ceased to exist overnight. Your beastmaster instantly fell from the clouds to the bottom of the valley. Mingguang Enterprises leader, Ming Kai, let your beastmaster and his lover, Ming Zhu, leave Yaoguang City. But the other pets of your beastmaster were all left behind.]

[Only you, the green sparrow that he had personally groomed, left with him.]

[You seemed to have returned to the past! For half a year, you were very happy. Even though your strength didnt improve at all during this half a year, and the food you ate was terrible, you were able to spend a lot of time with your beastmaster.]

[A year later, your beastmaster and Ming Zhu got married. Your lives were quite happy. However, not long after, Xinghai Province was engulfed by the dark fog and all of you started wandering around the other provinces.]

[One day, your beastmaster suddenly wanted to destroy the pet contract with you. You couldnt accept it, and let out angry sobs. However, under your beastmasters expressions and urges of extreme dislike, you flew away in sorrow, further and further away. You dont know why your beastmaster would act like this…]

[A few years later, you returned to the place where you had left after wandering around. You saw a little boy who looked very similar to your beastmaster and was very surprised, so you secretly followed the little boy. To your surprise, you discovered that he is the descendant of your beastmaster, but he seems to be an orphan as well.]

[His parents, your beastmaster, had died a few years ago. You checked and found out that the exact time of his death was after he destroyed his contract with you. You seemed to have sensed something… So you continued to investigate.]

[A few months later, you understood the matter. Not long after you had left your beastmaster, they were assassinated and died. You suddenly realized that your beastmaster had wanted to destroy the contract with you back then because he learned that he might have been discovered by a mysterious force that wanted to kill him. He chose to break the contract with you because he wanted you to live on.]

[You were devastated. You started to investigate the mysterious force, but one day, you were discovered. You were killed by a powerful pet beast in one move. You died.]

[The simulation has ended. The green sparrow has survived for seven years and has reached level 5. The emotional bond has changed. You may retain one of the following three options.]

[Acquire a current skill of your pet.]

[Acquire a current characteristic of your pet.]

[Acquire one of the current six dimensions of your pet.]

“…” Wang Ye.

“!!!” Xiao Jiu.

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