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Chapter 28 - Double Orange! Xiao Jiu Kills the Huge Snake for the First Time!

Chapter 27: Great Success Realm Sky Breath

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The dazed white python finally lost its drowsy look.

It felt as if it had learned a skill.

Was there something extra in its body?

It floated to the side in a panic and looked at Wang Ye.

“Shadowless Line seems to be the white pythons race skill, but its still far from awakening and comprehending it. To think it can learn it now, what a profit! What are you looking at?” Wang Ye grabbed the white python and tied it into a knot, “Dont you feel that youve become stronger?”

Because he hadnt chosen the growth process as a reward, the white pythons feeling of becoming stronger was probably not that obvious.

But after learning a skill, there was bound to be a big difference.

Especially that orange genetic characteristic.

[Never Rest Until Death (orange)]: Your will is extremely tenacious. Even if your body is cut into two, you will not give up on the slightest chance of living. In a battle, when your stamina is exhausted, you can unleash the hidden strength in your body and survive for a short period to continue fighting.

“What a strong orange characteristic,” Wang Ye looked at the information and nodded to himself.

When the pets stamina was exhausted, it meant that its HP was depleted and that the pet had lost its fighting strength.

This characteristic would allow the white python to hold on for a short time. It would definitely be of great use in a critical moment!

“Speaking of which, the white python seems to have its own characteristic, though its just three question marks now. I suppose it has something to do with its evolution. Isnt this characteristic a little too compatible with the white pythons personality?”

Wang Ye looked at the little white python.

To be honest, looking at it now, he couldnt tell what kind of personality the white python had.

But watching the white pythons growth in the simulator, he could see its gradually forming personality.

“Hu!” The white python wriggled its body and struggled as if it was a little angry.

“Chirp, chirp!” Xiao Jiu flew over and used its mouth to hold the white pythons tail, releasing it from the knot.

At this moment, the angry white python suddenly opened its mouth, and with a spit, an invisible silk thread instantly shot forward.

The strange silk thread cut through the air, and with a flash of light!


The big bed in front of Wang Ye was directly cut into two!

It collapsed!

Even the room was left with a circle of marks.

Wang Ye, “?”

So this is how you treat me?

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu quickly flapped its wings and flew up. It looked at the white python in surprise.

It was so powerful!

The silk thread was much more powerful than its feather blades!

And it was extremely accurate!

“Hu!” The white python slithered around and looked at the scene in front of it. It seemed to know that it had caused trouble and immediately flew into Xiao Jius nest to sleep.

And it really did sleep.

Wang Ye was speechless

Sigh! Raising pets really took a lot of effort!

This was great, his home was gone.

“Just to raise the two of you, I didnt even move to a better place even with so much money,” Wang Ye couldnt help but complain.

That being said, he was still very gratified.

The white python had just learned a skill, and its power was pretty good.

Shadowless Line was probably a beginner space-type skill.

The noble space-type skills were like soul-type skills in the sense that their power was much stronger than beginner skills of other attributes.

“The white pythons condition isnt too good though. It has learned a skill, but it hasnt cultivated it yet, so it doesnt have much spiritual energy in its body. Hmm… Lets just treat the first simulation as an experiment. I should focus on Xiao Jiu next. After all, Xiao Jiu is a little stupid… The white python almost walked out of the novice village during its first simulation… yet Xiao Jiu is still fighting with that big snake.”

Xiao Jiu showed an expression of indignance.

For the next month, Wang Ye was unhurried as he continued to run the simulation for Xiao Jiu once a day.

First, he spent a week simulating Xiao Jius level of proficiency of Sky-dance to the great success realm.

Then, he simulated Xiao Jius Feather Coat and Skyful of Feathers to the great success realm as well.

These three moves had only been one step away from the great success realm. Previously, limited by Xiao Jius Soul growth, they had been unable to improve.

Thus, after only one or two simulations, all of them were successfully upgraded to the great success realm.

Sky-dance in the great success realm made cultivation even more efficient and its improvement effect was also stronger. However, it also consumed more stamina.

After Feather Coat reached the great success realm, it made Xiao Jiu firmer and stronger in defense!

Especially when it was used, the feathers all over its body would turn dark gold like a majestic armor. It was quite cool.

This was Xiao Jius favorite move because it was nothing but cool.

As for Skyful of Feathers in the great success realm, its power had grown to be even more terrifying. Wang Ye estimated that among level two pets, those whose constitution had not reached C-grade could be killed in one move with this skill.

These three moves were to be used as trump cards, and Xiao Jiu was instructed to try not to use them as much.

Wang Ye estimated that if the Skyful of Feathers reached the peak mastery realm, Xiao Jiu might be able to accurately control the power of each feather, thus making its attacks more diversified and reducing the consumption of spiritual energy.

For now, it should just avoid using the skill as best it could.

Otherwise, if it used up all its spiritual energy, it would just be a little silly bird waiting to be slaughtered.

After cultivating these three moves to the great success realm, the next was to cultivate the four beginner skills, namely Sky Breath, Wind, Feather Cut, and Feathery Habitat.

The first to be practiced was naturally Sky Breath.

This move was too crucial.

After spending a few days simulating it, the skill had reached the great success realm with much difficulty.

The effects of the simulation on the first day had been quite significant. Xiao Jiu had managed to cultivate the skill to the proficient realm in one go.

This was on the basis that Xiao Jiu was without insight. It had purely advanced the skill via training, and it had practiced for several decades.

In the simulation, Xiao Jiu had even been wandering around for more than ten years. Let alone practicing, even its realm had almost regressed.

With the characteristic Hurricane God Wings, Xiao Jiu was able to easily survive the hurricane that came once every sixty years.

Unfortunately, Xiao Jius personality made it so that it was not as steady and cautious as the white python.

Sometimes, it would die in a manner that made people speechless

Sometimes, it was doing just fine in the simulation, but then would probably be a little carried away that from time to time, it would want to provoke the green little insect and then be killed in various ways.

Even if Wang Ye instructed it every time, its nature wouldnt change.

The main reason was that this little fellow probably treated the simulation as a game, so it wasnt afraid even if it died in there…

After dying so many times, it was probably even less afraid…

But sometimes, Xiao Jius reckless ways could also bring some surprises to Wang Ye.

For example, in one simulation, it learned how to swim and went to the bottom of the pool. After training for more than half a year, it accidentally found a mysterious crimson herb deep at the bottom of the pool. After it ate the herb, it couldnt withstand the energy of the herb and died within a few days.

With that, it triggered a fortuitous encounter.

Therefore, during the second simulation, it put in some effort and cultivated for dozens of years. Then, it flew to the bottom of the pool and ate the herb again. This time, it grew several meters tall, and even its feathers were dyed red, but in the end, it could not endure the energy and once again died.

“This is a fortuitous encounter!” Wang Ye sighed.

There were hidden fortuitous encounters in the novice village.

If it had been the white python, it probably wouldnt have been able to discover such a fortuitous encounter even if it lived there for a few hundred years.

Yet Xiao Jiu could discover it.

Sometimes, a little courage and a little recklessness were also beneficial.

Just like that, a month passed.

During this month, Xiao Jiu improved a lot.

Sky Breath had reached the peak of the great success realm and was Xiao Jius highest realm skill at the moment!

The other three beginner skills were all at the peak of the proficient realm.

“After the skills have reached the great success realm, with Xiao Jius current Soul growth, the speed of its cultivation is too slow. Only after dozens of years of practicing will there be a bit of improvement for the intermediate and advanced skills, though the beginner skills are still fine.”

This was the same problem as before, the grade of Xiao Jius Soul growth limited it.

Its intelligence did not allow its skills to break through to a higher stage unless it encountered an epiphany or something like that.

On the other hand, the effect of the great success realm Sky Breath was beyond Wang Yes imagination.

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