Pet Simulator

Chapter 3 - Reserve Investigator

Chapter 2: Arent You a Little too Brave?

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Wang Ye looked on with great excitement as he began to think about how to use the cheat.

As a high-quality otaku on 21st century Earth, he quickly understood the function of the cheat.

The operation of the Pet Simulator was very simple. There were only two ways to use it.

One was the reality simulation, which would allow him to simulate the pets whole life in the real world.

At the moment, it could not be activated, and Wang Ye had yet to learn how to activate it.

The other one was the script simulation. He could set the final evolution form of the pet, and the cheat would automatically generate the scripted world where the pet would enter and be loaded into the simulation. The longer the pet lived in the simulation and the more times the simulation was done, the higher probability of the pet evolving to the final form as set before.

“This, is this for real?”

Wang Ye thought for a moment.

Was it that awesome?

“Lets give it a try first!”

Wang Ye looked at the green sparrow that was pecking at the rice. His eyes sparkled, and he began to construct in his brain the general information of the final evolution form of the pet that he wanted, the “Divine Phoenix Heavenly Beast”!

“Chirp?” The green sparrow was probably a little scared by Wang Yes gaze as it tilted its head and looked at Wang Ye.

“Come! Little guy, lets play a game!” Wang Ye smiled kindly at the green sparrow.

The green sparrow walked over in confusion and jumped into Wang Yes hand.

At this moment.

[The final evolution form of the pet has been set successfully. Starting to deduce and perfect the setting.]

[Successful completion of setting. The script is being generated.]

[The final evolution form of the pet that you have set is too powerful and mysterious, and varies highly from the initial stats of the pet. The difficulty of the scripted world is extremely high. Please try to survive for as long as possible.]

[Successful contact with the pet, loading…]

The green sparrow suddenly shook and stopped moving as if it had lost consciousness.

At the same time, information began to appear in Wang Yes line of sight.

[0 years old, the green sparrow has been born. It trained to fly from a cliff and fell from the cliff upon encountering a strong gust of wind, thus covered in injuries.]

[At the age of 1, the green sparrow learned simple flight through unremitting efforts.]

[At the age of 2, the green sparrow saw a mysterious bird dancing in the air. It seemed to have understood something.]

[At the age of 5, the green sparrow became more and more familiar with flying. It learned a skill: Sky-dance.]

[At the age of 5 and a half, the green sparrow felt that it was very brave. It wanted to learn how to swim and thus rushed into the spring at the bottom of the cliff. In the end, it drowned. It obtained a character achievement: Unstoppable.]

[The simulation has ended. The green sparrow has survived for five years. One of the following can be retained.]

[Skill: Sky-dance.]

[Genetic Characteristic: Unstoppable.]

[Five-year Six-dimension Growth.]

Wang Ye was speechless.

The green sparrow at the side seemed to have been electrocuted as its entire body trembled, and it looked at Wang Ye in confusion.

What did its beastmaster do to it?

“Arent you a little too brave?” Wang Ye looked at the green sparrow speechlessly and lectured it, “You just learned how to fly, and you want to swim already? F*ck, the Groudon, a divine beast, hasnt even learned how to fly yet, and you, a bird, want to be amphibious?”

The green sparrow made a face: o(^` )o

It tilted its head as if to say that it didnt understand!

It decided that it wont listen! It just wont!

“Stupid bird,” Wang Ye said in his heart.

Out of the three choices, he chose the first option, the skill.

Because the other two were more harmful than beneficial.

The unstoppable genetic characteristic would make the green sparrow fearless and valiant, but when it got excited, it would easily lose control.

As such, the genetic characteristic was a double-edged sword that would not be easy to use.

As for the “five-year growth”, it was useless because the stupid green sparrow had just been flying and had done nothing else for the five years of its simulated life.

Skills, on the other hand, were different.

Skills were an important component of a pets battle strength.

For a pet to learn a skill was extremely difficult, let alone the one he had been given to choose.

[Sk-dance]: An advanced sky-type skill. By flying and dancing in the sky to a mysterious melody, the pet can sense the power of the sky, and increase its own cultivation speed. When used in battle, agility will be increased. This skill consumes physical strength and not spiritual energy.

“An advanced skill? What kind of scripted world was that? Just a random skill is already advanced?” Wang Ye was a little confused.

The skills of pets were divided into different grades, namely: beginner, intermediate, advanced, emperor, inheritance, and mythical skills.

And now, the first skill was already an advanced skill. Was this even something that the green sparrow could learn?

Just as he was thinking about it, the green sparrow seemed to have been electrocuted as it quivered, then took off abruptly.

It had not been familiar with flying, but now, as if it had been possessed by the God of birds, it flapped its wings and flew elegantly in the air.

The spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth began to converge on the green sparrows body as fast as lightning, causing its entire body to glow.

In just half an hour, the light condensed into a cocoon before bursting.

As if there was a high-speed hurricane sweeping in the room, Wang Ye was blown to the ground.

“Your combat power has improved?” Wang Ye was stunned and immediately looked at the green sparrows stats.

[Pet: Green Sparrow]

[Type: Sky-type bird]

[Race Grade: Otherworldly third-class]

[Combat Power Level: One-star level one]

[Skill: Sky-dance (beginner)]

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength(E-), Constitution (E-), Agility (E), Spiritual Resistance (E-), Spiritual Energy (E), Soul (E)]

[Genetic Characteristics: None]

[Spiritual Energy Value: 100 points]

“It has really advanced! This skill is amazing!” Wang Ye was shocked.

The green sparrow could be considered a very ordinary pet that was very weak in all aspects.

Otherworldly third-class was already the lowest race grade.

Above the Otherworldly class was the Transcendent class, the Supreme class, and so on.

The pets grade would affect its cultivation speed, the growth range of the six-dimensional growth, and the highest level of combat power that it could cultivate to.

It was equivalent to the potential aptitude of the pet.

The six-dimensional growth was the pets growth in all aspects.

These stats were fixed at birth with slight individual differences. For example, some green sparrows might have E+ grade strength growth.

Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult to change these grades.

The lowest was E+ grade growth, and the highest X+ grade, a difference of seven grades between them.

The spiritual energy value was equivalent to the amount of mana that could be used to cast skills.

Sky-dance did not consume spiritual energy value, only physical strength. As such, it was equivalent to only consuming HP and not mana.

100 spiritual energy value was the norm for star level one pets.

“The green sparrow had cultivated for a few months but its spiritual energy value was only a few dozen points, not exceeding 100 points. Yet now, it broke through in just half an hour. As expected of a high-graded skill. Were going to take off!”

Just as he was thinking excitedly, Wang Ye suddenly felt weak. The world dazzled in his eyes, and he fainted.

When he woke up, Wang Ye felt as if he had returned to the state when he had pulled an all-nighter to play games.

“This lousy simulator consumes my mental strength?”

“Chirp! Chirp!” The green sparrows familiar cries rang in his ears.

Wang Ye opened his eyes and lay on the bed. When some of his strength recovered, he took a look at the Pet Simulator only to find it to be in a state where it could not be activated.

“Ill probably have to sacrifice myself every time for the simulation,” Wang Ye scratched his head and muttered, “I only activated the Pet Simulator after eating that mind-clearing pill. Should I just eat another one? Based on my experience, I reckon that one pill isnt enough. Im afraid Ill have to eat more and more in the future, huh? Then, whats next? To earn money to buy medicine?”

Probably hearing Wang Yes mutters, the green sparrow immediately chirped loudly, “Chirp, chirp!”

It would deliver take-out!

“Deliver take-out?” Wang Ye was angry and amused at the same time, “Youre a pet with a star level now. Besides, how much can one earn just by delivering take-out?”

For him to have a pet with a star level, he was now officially a beastmaster.

“Let me think. With my current status and strength, the quickest way to get money is to join the investigation corps. As long as I join the reserve army, I will receive a high allowance. Sigh, I failed the college entrance exam and I cant redo it either. Otherwise, I can only find a job. But with the cheat, its unfair to my cheat to just find a normal job,” Wang Ye pondered.

The Investigation Corps was a special organization that existed in all the cities of Dongli Country.

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