“This is what you have brought me?”

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A man with his chest exposed, dressed in a kitchen apron, was holding a bright green jade statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva1.

The white apron wasn’t clean.
It was completely stained with old yellowish and black greasy stains.
Although the man with the shaved head was quite handsome, his eyebrows and eyes were hostile.
Contrary to him, the Guanyin statue still in his hand was smiling as she held a lotus flower in her hand, while under her feet, there were curly clouds.

The jade that was used to create the statue looked almost translucent, given that its original owner had kept it in their hands for years.
It looked as if it was covered in a thin layer of oil that made it glow brightly under direct light.
The fierce looking man, who was currently holding it, didn’t match its delicate beauty at all.

The head of the Wang family, whom Zhang Ming had known since childhood, was the one who made him come to this place to make business.
However, when Zhang Ming heard the question asked by the man standing right in front of him, who spoke as menacing as a gangster, Zhang Ming completely regretted having come here.
Filled with fear, Zhang Ming hastily nodded his head and said: “Yes, this is an ancestral artifact that belonged to my mother’s family.
It’s a few hundred years old, so it’s a priceless treasure.”

Wang Da nodded repeatedly and said: “Mr.
Pi, long ago this used to be placed in front of Buddha as an offering for good deeds.
It has been dyed with incense and prayers for a hundred years, plus it hasn’t lost its powerful value over the years.
After hearing your request, I thought this would be the most suitable thing to bring to you.”

Pi turned over the Guanyin statue in his hand, to take a good look at it under the light.
However, the frown present in his face never relaxed.
Old Zhang and Old Wang were worried, afraid of what might come out of this man’s mouth.

“What price do you want?”

Old Zhang gave a number, and upon hearing it, Mr.
Pi gave a rare smile.
But that smile didn’t look friendly at all.
It even made the other two people feel scared and nervous.

Pi Xiu: “The bottom of the lotus base is missing a piece, and the golden covering at the back is also nowhere to be seen.
Do you really think this item is worth that price?”


Old Zhang gritted his teeth and said other series of numbers.
After seeing that Mr.
Pi was about to ‘laugh’ again, Old Zhang hurried to add: “I won’t go any lower! If my mother hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have offered this jade statue.”

Pi Xiu glanced at him and said: “Alright.
Cash or check?”

Old Zhang was stunned: “But….If it’s by cash, I would need a truck to transport it.”

Thus, Pi Xiu took out a check from his trousers and filled it out.
Then, he placed the check in front of Old Zhang and said: “Alright, now take it and go.”

When looking at the number written on the check, Old Zhang gulped and asked in a trembling voice: “Th-this….can it really be cashed?”

On the verge of becoming angry, Pi Xiu raised his eyebrows.
However, Old Wang was able to notice this on time and hurried to pull Old Zhang away with the check: “What nonsense are you spouting?! Mr.
Pi isn’t that kind of person! Mr.
Pi, we’ll be leaving now.
Pi’s business is thriving and booming, as always.”

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Zhang Ming was pushed out of the store by his old friend.
Only when the warm wind touched his face, he was finally able to relax.
When Zhang Ming touched his forehead, he realized how sweaty he was.
It was proof of how frightened he had been just now.

“Wang-ge, what kind of person is that man?” The hand that was still holding the check was shaking.
When Zhang Ming turned around, he pointed at the somewhat dilapidated signboard with the word ‘Restaurant’ written on it.
The open-air kitchen under the sign was emitting a greasy smoke towards the outside, dyeing the white tiles at the entrance yellow.
No matter how you look at it, it had the appearance of a store that was fined by the City Management.

Zhang Ming: “If he can take so much money at once, why doesn’t his business look cleaner?”

The man surnamed Wang glared at Zhang Ming and said: “You don’t know shit! Rich people are usually really weird.
Besides, didn’t you see the inside of the restaurant just now? All of the decorations and furniture are expensive, quality items….”

Wang Da then lowered his voice and added: “Think about it, the shabby outside is done on purpose.
That way, when ‘they’ see it, they wouldn’t bother to check the inside.”

As if he had suddenly realized something, Zhang Ming nodded his head repeatedly.
He heard that the city had become quite strict lately, since many gangs had sprung up everywhere.
Of course, it’s not surprising that Pi Xiu would choose a place that was located right next to the farmers market and the bus station, in a hidden area within the city.

Wang Da grabbed Zhang Ming’s arm and pulled: “Let’s go now.
You can still cash this check while the bank is not closed.”

As the two men walked away, the Monkey Waiter, who had been standing at the door all this time, immediately rushed to the private room and knocked on the door: “Boss, they’re gone.
Hou Er is following them.”

“I understand.
Follow them for a while and then come back.
Don’t get caught.”

“Got it, Boss!”

As the sound of voices outside the private room faded away, Pi Xiu sat at the table, frowning.
The Guanyin jade statue placed on the table was then picked up and carefully touched.

“How is this thing good? And he still had the nerve to ask for a large sum of money?”

With a sneer, Pi Xiu threw the jade Guanyin statue on the table again.

The fact that two Humans had taken a large sum of money from Pi Xiu’s hands made him feel extremely upset and angry.
To make matters worse, he couldn’t even burst into frustration.

Unlike in the past, Humans now hold the majority of the good fortune on earth, while creatures like him cannot move easily.
It’s not like the time when Pi Xiu could eat as much as he wanted and do as he pleased.

Besides, Pi Xiu wasn’t interested in those two-legged sheep2 with so many bones in them.

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Anger made Pi Xiu’s body feel both hot and dry.
Even the air from the 16ºc air-conditioning blowing on his body made him feel itchy, without even taking the burning feeling off him.
He sat on the chair for a while, frowning in disgust.
But then, Pi Xiu took the Guanyin statue and left the private room.

When the Monkey Waiter saw him, he bowed and saluted: “Boss.”

“Get back to work.
I’ll go upstairs and sit down for a while.
Call me if anything happens.”

Pi Xiu waved his hand and lifted the bead curtain hanging in front of the stairs heading to the second floor.
As soon as he stepped in, all of the noise behind him disappeared into thin air.
The restaurant hall behind him no longer sounded as lively as it did a second ago, and only silence remained.

After climbing the stairs, Pi Xiu turned a corner and took off his apron.
After hanging said apron on the railing of the stairs, Pi Xiu continued walking with his chest completely exposed.

The second floor was a large open room, whose entrance was the staircase, separating the two sides with a beaded curtain.
The curtain was made of jade beads and pearls that were strung alternately.
When the wind came through the window, it made the beaded curtain move slightly, producing a sound that screamed ‘expensive’.

When Pi Xiu opened the curtain, he heard an actress crying on the TV.
The dying voice of the female character gave Pi Xiu a headache, while the person in front of the TV seemed to be enjoying the show.
He sat cross-legged, without even glancing at Pi Xiu.

Pi Xiu wasn’t mad at being ignored.
He simply placed the Guanyin statue on the table and said to the person sitting in front of the TV: “Stop looking at the TV and come here.”

The young man was dressed in white robes, like a scholar of ancient times who would do nothing else but read an

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