Eros had forgotten when was the last time he had eat something that he could call a meal. This realization came to him when he heard his stomach grumbled. As far as he know, it was two days ago when he stole a pack of bread in a convenience store wherein the worker was busy idling on his phone. After that, Eros started running once again as the people chasing him kept trailing behind his tails as if they knew where he would be hiding next.

He stopped and waited for the traffic lights to turned red. Above him, Eros heard a thunderclap. He looked up and saw the cast of dark clouds. It was late autumn and he knew that it wouldn take time for the season to change to winter, he wondered how he would fair if that time comes. Would this filthy and smelly jacket that he wore from days of running would save him from the bone-chilling cold?

When the stoplight finally blinked red. Eros crossed the road, hugging himself in the process. He turned on the corner that led him to an unfamiliar neighborhood. He wouldn have guess have known it was a neighborhood had not he had saw a house with light on it… since everything in this street was lightless

Eros looked around as he tried to find a shelter for the night. The last of his money was already spent from renting in cheap hotels and inns; and know all he can do was to sleep in parks or on abandoned buildings that could be seen much in City A.

Eros stopped before a park and entered silently, he made his way to the slide and find a comfortable place to lay beneath the wooden ramp. The space looked tidy and untouched. This could only mean that homeless occupied this space. The first time he had tried to sleep outside, Eros had almost got into a fight with someone after he had taken someones space. He beat the guy severely, but later learned that he was wrong.

He sat and removed his jacket to be use as a blanket to protect his back from the cold ground. He laid with his hands as a pillow and sighed in the darkness around him.

For a moment he spaced out, his mind wondering how all of these things had happened to him.

A dumb person like you would soon meet its end.

The voice of his relative echoed back in his mind. Eros can help but to close his hand in a fist as he thought about it. If that person would see him, surely she would laugh at how accurate she had predicted his life would come to be.

After his family died, one of his mothers sister took care of him. But despite being young, Eros know that the woman took him unwillingly. She was just forced upon the responsibility since she was the least who have worries among the four siblings. Eros cannot call it as taking care, he was treated as an outcast in the family. He was always in the corner. He was person that wasn allowed to eat in the same table with them.

He had grown in that kind of set-up and the longer he witness this kind of situation, sitting in the corner, hearing the sound of spoon as it hit the plate and of their laughter on the stories that they share—Eros slowly developed hatred. It was then that he started to search for someone whom could eat with him in the same table. And that sense of comfort he was looking, he found it in the local gang around their neighborhood.

”But those bastard, ” he said with gritted teeth. ”Betrayed me in the end… ”

His voice falter at the last words, and he immediately felt the heat coming from his eyes. He sat and wiped the tears from it. He still couldn belief how the people that he had trusted, betrayed him in the end. How they could use him as an excuse to save themselves from the bullying incident where he had no knowledge about.

And now they
e on the hunt for him, in order to present him to the family of the victim. But Eros would not have any of it. He would rather run even if it means he had to go at the end of the world. After all someone like him had nothing to lose, because in the first place he had nothing that kept him in this city.

He shook and laid once again. Eros closed his eyes but immediately found himself opening it wide as he heard the loud sounds similar to clashing cogs accompanied with the sound of a thousand trumpets. He thought that it was the citys warning system that was used during the time of air strike.

Who attacked us? I haven watched the news this days. Is the world going for World War 3 now?

He scrambled to his feet and crawled his

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