Prince of the Moon. Child of Space ;)

Chapter 5 : First Kill / 1st Day

Like most princes, during vectors childhood years he was treated with the upmost care and respect. That was until he arrived at the awakening age of 6 and turned out to be completely useless in the eyes of the world …

He had no mana, no affinity, no magical nor spiritual talent whatsoever. In everyone eyes he was trash. Maybe he could be trained as warrior … however, mana was simply too much of a boost to compete with.

Most people often refer to mana and overall magic as only spells or items. However, that isn the case at all. While these things are common , mana can be used to imbue weapons, ones body, and if you can master the body you can control your aura as well…. but none of that matters.

Why? Cause Vector was a ”dud ”. Therefore, slowly overtime everyone drifted away from him and the support he had dwindled. Vectors split self naturally tuned angry and depressed. He eventually turned brutal by the age of 13, a compete definition of a drunk and asshat.

He commonly harassed girls, bulled countless people, and was overall a shit person. He was the worst of the worst. These changes happened slowly overtime as the the conditions got worse. However, the last straw came at age 15 when his mother was brutally injured…

His father the emperor had enough of his failure of a son, and expelled the two out of the Royal castle. While traveling to a new location, his mother was going to out, when she suddenly surrounded by bandits asking for her money, which she said no too. However, his mother was then permanently crippled from the waist below.

With not much power other than being a royal concubine.. she could not do anything to resist. As soon as vector saw his mother in a wheelchair … his emotions were violently turbulent and his mind couldn handle his mothers despair.

With himself feeling guilty and sense of hopelessness his young and fragile mind finally shattered. The constant pressure and immediate change of his ”family ” was already hard… but this … this was it for him. With no mana he thought he was truly born wrong … or ineffective. Cursed as most of the people say.

Even with his mothers never ending love… he lost all sense of hope and fell into drinking more and more. Throughout this ordeal the only other person that ever cared about him besides his mother, was his personal butler, and only other loving family.

Tevarn Vesk, a highly trained and powerful Dark Fae warrior. He specialized in wind magic, dark magic, and was also highly trained in aura. His LVL is approx 146, which is truly powerful. Their

connection was close and the reason behind it was blood. He was his mothers only living family alive, her cousin to be exact. They were very close and mostly like siblings, therefore he took it upon himself to help the young master. He tried countless times to encourage Vector to train or too not despair but alas it had no hope.

When the whole world ran on mana.. and you didn have any. Life sucked.At age 16, his debauchery got so bad that he was eventually sent away from the main city. His mother remaining behind, to be confined into her room.

Tevarn often referred too as ”old man ” by vector, was also forced to stay behind as well. His father truly sent him away on a ”reforming ” mission to get his son in line.

However, on the way to the neighboring land, the young prince was attacked by Demonic Fae Bandits. He was captured and the rest of the crew was instantly bombarded and slaughtered.

Even though the Den Kingdom labeled this incident as a bandit attack, it was a coordinated military mission, which when successful. He was brought over as a prisoner of war and used as bargaining chip of sorts.

However, with such a trash son, why would his father care? Indeed, his father left him to die and the Dark Fae had no use for him. So To sully the Zeniths reputation even further they forced the young prince into slavery. Mining in one of the biggest magic core caverns on the planet.

With a vast share of magical resources there, anyone not shackled with Anti-Magic would instantly be able to evolve their mana instantaneously. The rich atmosphere was almost too much for some people. They would almost faint and have a mana overdose sickness. Symptoms would be throwing up constantly and having terrible headaches, with less motor control.

Alas, it did not matter because vector was a stud. Unable to even feel magic he spent 3 years of his life slaving away. The guards didn even bother to waste a pair of Anti-Magic shackles and used normal iron.

Constantly filled with hate and despair. Thinking about his 2 siblings attending the royal academy and having the times of their lives. He didn even care about the social aspect, indeed he only wanted the knowledge.

The power, the magic, the ancient spells. He wanted it all. He was greedy. Why was he denied the chance? Why did his brothers both inherit rare affinities. One dragon flame and the other holy-light.

After these 3 years passed by, his condition worked and finally his body gave in… slowly dwindling in spirit and dying of exhaustion and blood loss from all the constant whipping and exhaustion.

With skirmishes waging constantly , guards would often express their anger onto him. Beating him senses, giving him a healing potion to recover and then repeated the process once more. Over and over. So after whip after whip, eventually his body gave out and died, his soul slowly dimming in color … fading away.

Until a another soul could be seen flying down at a constant speed until the other soul immediately crashed into the dimming soul. His body immediately started to get revitalized, his memories fully emerged, his personalities fully intertwined, a new being born. Vector was back, his dream for power alive once more with the mana constantly flowing into his body now.

The only reason Vector could not wield mana was because of his split soul. However, the moment his souls combined, and he fully processed everything, a prompt suddenly appeared.

– – –

[ System Congrats Host on competed reemergence ]

[ + 10 stat points , transmigration complete! ]

[ Spacial Bloodline awakening , Spirt Essence … combining…processing…..complete ]

[ Spacial Affinity Unlocked , Arctic Ice Magic , unlocked ! ]

– – –

So magic at least. A little too late don you think … this experience has been insane, and my journey has not even began … Lets get my revenge and scheme … ”System ” Vector muttered inside his head.







”Stats ” Vector voices in his head, with the upmost urgency…


[ Name :Vector Invidia Zenith ]

[ Race : Royal-Fae , Spacial High-Spirit ]

[ Titles: Child of Space , Transmigrated, Royal Fae ]

[ Natural Affinities : Spacial (100%) , Arctic-Ice (100%) ]

[ Bloodline Abilities : N/A ]

[ Class : N/A ]

[ Sub Class : N/A ]


LVL : 1 , EXP : [ 0/10 ] [ HP: 3/9 ] [ MP: 15/15 ]

< vitality : 3 >

< strength : 1 >

< dexterity : 2 >

< intelligence : 9 >

< mana : 5 >

< charisma : 3 >

[ Spells: N/A ]


These seem self explanatory for now. My stats are obviously terrible since I could not even access the system without mana my whole life. Hmmmm. Let me address the real situation outside. This whole time Ive been in my conscience, so to speak. Let me see the real world with my very own eyes now. Lets see the hell hole Im in.

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