Project MUT

New Comer\'s pt. 2

– The door opens and the lady in the white coat comes in with someone by her side –


I can see Fabion walk-in and Fabion is an intimidating guy. Even when he was a kid he looked unpleasant and turned out to be a bit rude at times.

”Meet Fabion, Fabion is a fire user he can control fire. ”

I can tell that they are analyzing Fabion.

”You guys can ask your questions later now Fabion get in boots position. ”

– Fabian walks over and stands up straight head up inline –


This guy, when he walked in he looked strong and fierce. From just looking at his body structure he was built. He was the same height as me and he had black hair and dark brown eyes. To be honest he just looked pissed.


When I first saw him I thought he was hot, I won lie about it.

– The lady in the lab coat comes in with another person –


”Now I want you to meet Aidan, Aidan is a deer. ”


The first thing I noticed was his legs he had weird legs. Compared to all of the use his legs were furry and it looked like his knees were bent backward, and instead of feet, he had hooves. He also had what looked like twigs coming out from the top of his head. and his ears were floppy and long. He was the weirdest person I have seen by far.


I noticed his legs first then his head. I thought his antlers looked like bones. I also noticed he looked scared or just really shy. I knew that once in boots position I couldn leave until I was told to, but he just looked so scared so I walked towards him.

”Hey you don need to be scared were friendly well except for that idiot Adam with the big wings over there. ” I gave him a smile to show him I meant no harm.

Thats when I noticed he was really small for a boy. I took him by the hand and led him to our stand.


Hes weak


”I appreciate your kindness but please ask next time before you leave your stand. ”


”Th-thank you ”

– The lady comes in and brings in another –

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