– Door opens whit 3 more people walking in with the lady in white –


I welcome Harper a user of sound, Jade controller of night, and Leo a chameleon. Now get in your stands ”

– Walks to stance –


A night controller that sounds interesting. I noticed that my ability become stronger in the night, maybe we should work together. I examined Jade while she was walking to her stance it looked to be a crescent moon on her forehead. She had straight black hair that was cut short and her eyes were an enchanting purple. It was like her presence made me want to turn my head and stare at her in awe.


Seeing this Leo guy kind of reminds me of myself he has marks on his face and body just like mine but instead of just straight marks, he has scales. It appears that his scales change color on emotion because parts of his body were turning light blue. Im either guessing he was calm or scared I couldn tell because he had his head down.


I don like this Harper sound user. My ears are very sensitive to sound and when she walked in I can hear her vibrations. Its getting pretty **in annoying.

– Woman in white comes out with four people –


”I welcome Logan a tiger, Lola a butterfly, Iven controller of Nature, and Skylar a bobcat, now head to your stance. ”


When I saw Lola walk through those doors is was so unreal how many colors she had on her. Her hair was a light pink and so were her eyelashes and eyebrows, and her wings had every color imaginable on them. I could stare at her all day she was a masterpiece.


I like Skylar she seems like a cool person to hang out with. She has her hair almost cut like a boy but it still looked good on her and she looked pretty masculine. She was hot too.



I want to get to know Logan he seems like a strong guy. He looks stronger than sensei and is built a lot stronger than most of us. He is a pretty big guy for being a 15 year old.


When I saw Iven I knew already knew him…sorta. He left me some flowers in the field one time and I could smell his scent from the flowers. I thought he would be like me, I thought he would be like my height because I thought masculine people don even touch flowers or anything girly. But instead, he was strong and built and had dark hair but in the sun it was a dark green. He had hazel/green eyes. I think his eyes were prettier than anyone elses eyes.

– doors open again and she brings out the last four people –


”Welcome our last people, we have Tyler a Bumble Bee, Bailey a fox, Asher a scorpion, and Piper a wind user. ”

– They right away took their stance –


I really like Tylers wings because they are see-through and when the light hits them you can see a rainbow of colors. I wish my wings can do that.


I think I want to get to know Asher and Oliver, I want to see if I can use their poison to make some new potions.


The fox girl looks pretty fun I think she and I could have a good fighting match.


I wonder if Piper and I cancel each other out if we ever had a fight?


”Now I shall leave you for today, we start training together tomorrow. But for now, you should figure out who is sleeping with who. There are four houses that we have provided for you. In each house, there are five beds and 2 restrooms. Mealtime you will all eat together outside no exceptions. Now divide into 4 groups of 5 and get some rest we have a long day tomorrow. ”

– Sensei leaves –

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