The training grounds was an open place at the courtyard of the stone mansion at the outskirts of Foresden city. After the three thousand meters walk from the forest, Starla went through one of the most grueling training in her life.

Starla could feel the blood rushing to her head. The world was turned upside down in her eyes. She was hanging from a tree branch in a bat – like way.

Her knee pit was on the branch and her legs locked her in place. She felt like a huge bat.

She got to the training grounds with Callum at twilight and went through torturous training till midnight. This bat – like pose was the last of the training – maybe punishment. Callum calls it he stretch after work. Such a stupid name for something so tiring!






”Your punishment is over. I hope you learned your lesson, Starla. ”

So it was a punishment! So easy to predict.

Starla released her legs and stuck her arms out, her palm facing the ground with the intention to land on her hands.

As soon as her hands made contact with the rough cool ground, they buckled and the next moment, she was on the ground grunting in pain.

Falling face first onto the ground isn a nice experience but not being able to feel your body is far worse.

Even though she could not see Callums face she could swear he was smirking. Why would a father get amused at his childs misfortune. She did not blame him. She indeed looked pitiful at this moment.

”Well, have a goodnight sleep dear because we leave for Mellicon at the crack of dawn. ” Callum said as he turned to leave.

Starla could only mumble and groan.

When she could feel her body again, she dragged herself into the mansion.

As she walked through the long corridors of the exquisitely built mansion, her mind drifted to how her father was able to achieve such great things in his life albeit in illegal ways – slave trade, assassination and raising courtesans . No doubt he was very wealthy. Callum rarely talked about his youth. And when he even did, it was very brief. All Starla knew about her father was that he was a pickpocket from young. Maybe that was why he accommodates young children on the streets and trains them to work for him.

The truth in those words may be non – existent because Callum seems to be educated and has the traits of a gentleman trained from a good home – at least in Starlas perspective.

She turned to her right into a narrower corridor which leads straight to her room. She raised her left hand to push back her silver mass of hair when she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She hissed and clutched her shoulder as he cursed Callum in her heart.

At that moment, she heard a voice that made her see red.

”Oh! Lady Starla got hurt! Shall we call for the healer? ” Rylan said with mock surprise.

Starla spun around, an angry scowl on her face.

”And she has lost her temper. Lets calm her down before she throws a tantrum! ”

Rylan said, grinning like a fiend.

”Can we not have this useless talk today? Im tired. ” Starla said with a tired and bored look in her grey eyes. She stifled a yawn.

”I can see. ” Rylan chuckled ”And you look miserable. Im sure people will see you as Callums rag at Mellicon tomorrow. ”

Mellicon. She almost forgot.

”So, no goodbyes? ” She said with a sweet smile.

”Goodbyes won be necessary when Hayes and I are coming along. ” Rylan said, his smile becoming wider.

”What?! Why? A little thug like you doesn need to have such privileges. ” Starla sneered.

Rylan stepped closer to her, the smile on his face growing smaller.

” You think too highly of yourself, Starla. Im a better assassin than you are. ”

”Im the best in all aspects even better than you who Callum picked up from the filthy streets. ” Starla said boastfully.

”You stink. If I were you, Ill take a bath! ” Rylan said, wrinkling his nose.

”But at least, I smell better than someones mouth. ” Starla chuckled.

Rylan gets really angry when someone talks bad about his breath. So Starla did just that and turned to walk away.

”This won end here, bitch! Youll regret this! ” Rylan screamed, the smile on his face completely wiped off.

Starla let out an evil laugh as she entered her room.

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