Ch16 – Help With Something

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Editor: Anna

After Xu Ze left and returned to his room, Yang Yan also didn’t stay in the living room for too long, quickly going to the second floor.
He lit a cigarette outside on the balcony, smoking half of it before he extinguished the cigarette. 

He seemed to know that after Xu Ze became pregnant, Yang Yan had smoked less frequently.
Although he craved cigarettes often, he knew that secondhand smoke was very bad for pregnant people.
Yang Yan had never smoked in front of Xu Ze.

Temporarily relieving the cigarette craving, after smoking half a cigarette, he suddenly thought of Xu Ze downstairs.
He worried that the wind would blow the smoke to Xu Ze’s room and Yang Yan stopped immediately.
After extinguishing, Yang Yan looked at the remaining half of the cigarette butt, shook his head, and laughed.



He felt like he was under a spell, under a spell named Xu Ze.

Yang Yan stood outside the balcony for a while, taking a phone call in the middle.
Two days later, there was a relative’s birthday back at home, telling him to remember to go there.
Yang Yan expressed he would arrive on time. 

After taking a bath, Yang Yan prepared to go to sleep.
Suddenly he heard footsteps outside the door.
The sound did not seem to belong to the housekeeper auntie.


There were three people in total, both upstairs and downstairs, in this house.
If it wasn’t the auntie, it should be the other one.

But Xu Ze coming upstairs at this time, what was he coming up for?

The puzzled Yang Yan stared at the closed door.
He wondered if he had heard it wrong.
How could Xu Ze come to him?


Yet the footsteps did stop outside his door, and a knock on the door sounded for a few seconds.

“Can I come in?” Xu Ze asked outside the room.
He had seen the window upstairs before coming up and knew that Yang Yan was not asleep. 

The room door opened in front of Xu Ze.
Looking at the person in the room who opened the door, a polite smile appeared on Xu Ze’s face: “If you are not sleeping, can you help me with something?”

Yang Yan wanted to ask what he’s helping with, but before that, he stepped aside and welcomed Xu Ze to come in.

Because he instantly guessed what kind of ‘help’ Xu Ze needed from Xu Ze’s soft, charming peach blossom eyes.

That answer was very easy to guess. 

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“Of course I can.” This was Yang Yan’s answer.

Xu Ze walked into Yang Yan’s bedroom, turning around when he reached the bedside.

The air conditioner was turned on in the room, so it was warm when he came in.
Xu Ze wore a coat beside his pajamas.
After all, that space on the stairs was not air-conditioned. Getting in the room, he didn’t need to wear the coat anymore.
It could also be said that there was no need to wear the pajamas too, because they would definitely have to be taken off after a while.

But that wasn’t enough to make Xu Ze take everything off.


Taking off his jacket and setting it aside, Xu Ze turned and sat on the bed.
He came to this room to let Yang Yan help him lower the fire, not to specifically visit Yang Yan’s bedroom.
The layout of Yang Yan’s bedroom as a whole was even simpler than that of Xu Ze’s.

During the two months that Xu Ze lived here, the number of times Yang Yan came to live in this house could be counted with one hand.
Naturally, there were not too many of Yang Yan’s personal items in this room. 

Sitting on the bedside, Xu Ze raised his eyes and looked at Yang Yan who closed the door and silently approached him.

Just based on Yang Yan’s face value, tall, handsome, and good figure, choosing Yang Yan to help seemed to be more suitable than anything else in Xu Ze’s view.

Or taking a step back, if it’s about the skills, the massage stick Yang Yan offered was very excellent. 

He couldn’t talk about Yang Yan’s liking.
This person, even if his attitude has changed now, seeming like the prodigal had turned his head, but Xu Ze felt that Yang Yan turning his head back had nothing to do with him.

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Ciatbeut atfrf atbeutar kfgf lc We If’r tfjga jcv tf vlv cba fzqgfrr atfw lc kbgvr, klat tlr yfjealoei, ygluta qfjmt yibrrbw fsfr, Tjcu Tjc xcfk atja tf vlvc’a rff jcsatlcu kgbcu.
Snfc lo atfgf kjr fnfc wbgf rboacfrr jcv yfjeas lc la, atja kbeivc’a yf yfmjerf We If ilxfr tlw jujlc. 

The reason why Xu Ze chose to come to him to ask him for help, even when Yang Yan coincided with Xu Ze’s gaze, he had a faint feeling that it’s only because he just happened to be here.
Maybe at this time, if there was anyone else in his place, Xu Ze would also find the other party for help.

This cognition made Yang Yan unable to feel that happy.

Yang Yan understood that he had broken up with Xu Ze.
Whoever Xu Ze wanted to be close to was Xu Ze’s freedom.

The agreement between him and Xu Ze was only that Xu Ze gave birth to the child for him, and he would pay 10 million. 

But after getting along these days, even if the time they spent with each other was less than a tenth of what it was previously, when they were compared with each other, on the contrary, it was the contact of these days that gave Yang Yan an irresistible sense of reality.

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He regretted it.

In the twenty years of Yang Yan’s life, it could be said that there was very little time spent regretting, but right now he regretted it.

He imagined how good it would be if he didn’t break up with Xu Ze in the beginning.
Even if it was a month or two later, he would have known the existence of the child at that time.
How could he have let Xu Ze go in the beginning? Even with only an indifferent look, a person like this made people unable to calm their hearts and want those pairs of peach blossom eyes to only look at themselves. 

Xu Ze was bearing his child.
When he went for the checkup, the baby had already formed.
He saw it at that time, the small and lovely body, even now it was hard for Yang Yan to forget that image.

He doesn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl.
But regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl, Yang Yan would like it.
He was thinking how good it would be if the baby was like Xu Ze.
It would definitely be a particularly likable baby.


Yang Yan stood in front of him and stared at him, he seemed to be thinking about something else.

Xu Ze was not interested to know what it was about.
He just wanted to start quickly then end quickly. 

He took the initiative to unbutton the buttons on his pajamas.
The soft, charming, and seductive peach blossom eyes did not leave Yang Yan’s face.
Xu Ze would not deliberately seduce anyone, but those pair eyes and that face of his, in this dark night, no matter who it was, no one can escape his enchanting charm.

Yang Yan was naturally no exception.

Seeing Xu Ze unbuttoning his clothes, Yang Yan pulled his attention back from the unborn baby.
Several buttons had been unfastened, Xu Ze’s long and beautiful neck and half of his upper body’s skin was exposed.

The patch of bright white was whiter than snow, giving Yang Yan a feeling that there probably wouldn’t be anything whiter or more beautiful in this world.

Yang Yan walked up.
He was very tall, about 1.9 meters tall.
As soon as he approached Xu Ze, his shadow shrouded Xu Ze.

Xu Ze curled his lips.
There seemed to be a thin line of red at the end of his eyes.
Yang Yan wasn’t sure if he had seen it wrong, so he went closer to look.

Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes were rippling with softness and charm.
He raised his arm to reach Yang Yan’s shoulder.
Pulling the person down, Yang Yan leaned against Xu Ze’s strength.
He put his arms on Xu Ze’s side, noticing that he could not press down Xu Ze.
The person in front of him was who he liked and wanted, he was even bearing his child. 

The child was more than three months old, so he could already see that Xu Ze’s belly was slightly bulging.
Probably after another period of time, Xu Ze’s belly will become bigger day by day.
In the end, it should look like a little watermelon.

The sudden thought that appeared made Yang Yan laugh.

While facing Xu Ze’s beautiful moving eyebrows, Yang Yan could no longer restrain and endure himself.
He leaned forward and kissed him.

At the moment the two tongues touched each other, Xu Ze let out a sound of gratification.
His heart thought it was definitely different when someone else was helping. 

While hugging Yang Yan, Xu Ze relaxed a little.
He thought in his heart that he would wait a few months for the child to be born, then he would take the money and leave.
By then he would not live here, he would still be alone like always.
If there was a need at that time, would he do it by himself or find someone else?

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After eating a lot of delicious food, he’s afraid that it would taste boring when he’s by himself again.

However, Xu Ze denied this idea in an instant.
It wasn’t to the point where he didn’t even have a little bit of self-control.
If he goes to find someone randomly just because of this so-called physical pleasure, then what would he become?

What’s more, he still has a woman-like body that can conceive and bear children. 

Maybe he would find another person in the future, but that would have to be after he removed the extra reproductive organ in his body.

Until then, it will still be self-give self-sufficient.


As for right now, why he didn’t help himself but instead came to look for Yang Yan, it was mainly because of one reason.
That was since there was a free and skilled massage stick in front of him, it didn’t matter if he used it a little.

During this period, the physical needs were relatively strong, being much more prominent compared to before Xu Ze crossed the world.
Xu Ze checked on the Internet, it seemed that some people who are pregnant had this kind of situation.
So if it was because of pregnancy that he wanted it and Yang Yan was the instigator of his pregnancy, then he naturally couldn’t be blamed when he asked Yang Yan to help vent his dryness. 

Xu Ze’s reason was quite adequate.
He also felt that there was no need to deliberately restrain his desires.

Since it was a happy, pleasing thing, then he’ll do it for a healthy mind and body.

Xu Ze let go of his heart and body.
He raised his head and tangled with Yang Yan’s tongue.
His whole body gradually fell into the abyss of desire, pulling Yang Yan with him.

Corn cake number two.

To prevent spending time cleaning up afterward, Yang Yan didn’t do the same thing as before.
This time, he took protective measures.

He went to the bathroom and took a towel dampened with hot water and wiped Xu Ze’s body.
Xu Ze fell asleep with a satisfied smile at the corner of his lips.
He didn’t wake up at all in the process of Yang Yan scrubbing his body.

It was impossible for Yang Yan to do these things for anyone before, but it seemed that once they started, they were all so natural.
Even seeing Xu Ze’s unguarded sleeping face, Yang Yan only felt his heart was full and satisfied. 

After such a scrubbing, after Yang Yan returned to the bed, he took his phone and checked the time.
It was two o’clock in the morning.

He got up slightly and turned off the bedside lamp.
Yang Yan lay back.
He turned over and hugged Xu Ze’s soft warm body.
Yang Yan held the person in his arms and listened to the light breathing made by the sleeping Xu Ze.
Yang Yan suddenly thought that this situation could continue.
Not only tonight, but also tomorrow night, the day after tomorrow, the day after that, and beyond could all be warm, soft, and full like this.

Yang Yan lowered his head and his lips fell on Xu Ze’s soft hair.
He took a slight breath and smelled a faint scent.
That scent spread directly to people’s hearts, tempting people.
He seemed to feel that the smell was not enough so Yang Yan moved up to smell again.
If Yang Yan was able to take a look in the mirror at that time, he would probably be able to see how idiotic and obsessed his expression was at that time.

Xu Ze woke up in the morning, after having a nightmare in the night.
He dreamed that he was lost in a forest.
He was looking everywhere for a way out.
As he walked and walked, the ground shook suddenly, followed by countless vines emerging from the ground.
The brown vines entangled Xu Ze’s hands, feet, and body, and they kept tightening, making Xu Ze feel that it was getting more and more difficult to breathe. 

When Xu Ze opened his eyes and woke up, he noticed the person in front of him and the arm that was cuddling his waist.
Xu Ze suddenly understood why he had that nightmare.

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He turned his head and looked out of the window.
The pleasant morning light shone in through the window.
It shouldn’t be early.
He remembered that Yang Yan had left early when he woke up last time.
Why was Yang Yan still here this time? And he actually woke up later than him.

Author has something to say:

! Corn cake +1 

You know, since the entire chapter was in an author’s note, I thought that there wasn’t an author’s note for this chapter until I rechecked the end.

Anna: Question for the readers: what sex would the child be? Male or female? Translator can’t answer this question.


Weiwt: Anna… I’m pretty sure I answered this in a pop-up in a previous chapter… Oh well.

Also, no short again.
But! Instead, I wanted to take a shot at writing horror.
I think this one-shot went well.
And I actually gave the characters names! 

Horror One-Shot

Blunt/No Metaphors/Shorten/Darker/Bloodier Version:

Extra Details I Made For Fun:

The hunter has a special ability that could manipulate space however he wants to.
He shrank the height of the space of the victims, making them shrank in half.
He shrank the width of the space between him and the victims or the oven, creating teleportation. 

The hunter is the owner of the mansion.
He had a wife and son, but they died a tragic death.
He made a deal with the devil to bring them back, but that didn’t work out the way the hunter wanted to.
He failed to resurrect his family and was now forced to work for the devil, killing people and sacrificing their souls.

Sara and her friends are about 17-18 years old.
Her little brother is about 16.
Obviously, I’m not going to make them that young.
I’m fine with killing adults and teens, but not kids.
… Ignore the extreme MC novel idea I wrote before.

Anna: I have serious concerns now….
Why spare kids? I mean they’re annoying brats ya know.
If it were me I would kill characters of all ages without discrimination or pity.

Weiwt: Uh… Cough, let me specify.
It’s not that I’m not ok with killing kids, but that I’m not into detailed deaths/murder of the aforementioned kids.
And uh, you ok Anna? 

Weiwt: Anna?


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