Ch25 – Shura Field

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After lunch, Xu Ze went back to his room to change clothes.
He still remembered he was going out this afternoon.
He also knew that besides them, there were also some friends of Yang Yan coming.
Xu Ze met a few of Yang Yan’s friends.
It was pretty much the so-called similar people gathering together in a group.
Personally, it doesn’t matter whether he goes or not, but since he already made the arrangement, he might as well take it as going for a walk. 

After changing his clothes, Xu Ze saw that over by Yang Yan, there seemed to be no movement.
Yang Yan’s current expression seemed like he had forgotten about the picnic outing, and so Xu Ze asked, “Didn’t you say we’re going out? You’re not changing your clothes?”

Xu Ze’s tone was relatively calm, but falling on Yang Yan’s ears, it seemed to make Yang Yan think that Xu Ze was looking forward to going out.
He thought about how Xu Ze had only been going between the school and here during this time, that life seemed a bit boring.
Yang Yan originally planned to mention that this picnic was canceled to Xu Ze and then take Xu Ze to another place with only the two of them.
But when Xu Ze stared at him with his sparkling peach blossom eyes, Yang Yan thought never mind then.



He nodded: “En, I’ll go change immediately.” He couldn’t really have Xu Ze only look at him and not let Xu Ze see anyone.
He couldn’t do that.

Yang Yan went back upstairs.
Although he slept in the same room with Xu Ze at night, his clothes were still placed upstairs. 

While sitting on the living room sofa and waiting, Xu Ze brought a glass of warm water to drink slowly as he looked down at his stomach.


The air conditioner was turned on in the living room so the temperature was warm.
Xu Ze did not wear a down jacket for the time being, though he did wear autumn clothes and a sweater.
When he bought it, he thought about his stomach so he bought a large size.
However, even though he was wearing the large sweater now, his stomach was still bulging.

The child was conceived in early September.
It was now January, which means it had been about four months.
Based on the ten months pregnancy, the expected due date should be July this year.
That would be close to summer vacation, and would probably be exam time.
Xu Ze hadn’t really thought about this problem.
If he suddenly gave birth to the child during the exam, he was afraid that he would fail the class and repeat it.

However, Xu Ze wasn’t really worried.
Comparing repeating a grade to ten million dollars, the latter was definitely more important.


As he drank the water, Xu Ze seemed to feel a little hungry again.
Although he just had lunch, he was not alone now.
There was still a little guy in his stomach.
Sometimes when he felt hungry quicker, he would take some little snacks to eat.

Yang Yan changed his clothes quite quickly.
He was done in a short moment.
When he went downstairs, he saw Xu Ze eating.
He stopped for a while at the entrance of the stairs.
The scene of Xu Ze eating unexpectedly had a kind of warm and cozy feeling when it landed in Yang Yan’s eyes.

Originally, this house was just a brick residence for him, and there was no other meaning.
But when Xu Ze, who was bearing with his child, moved in, Yang Yan suddenly felt that this house had some other meaning which made his heart fill full.

Yang Yan wanted to stay here, wanting to stay together with Xu Ze all the time. 

Noticing Yang Yan on the stairs, Xu Ze put down the snacks in his hand and stood up.

Yang Yan walked over, glanced at what Xu Ze had just eaten, and asked him, “Hungry again?”

“Not really, I just want to chew something in my mouth.” Xu Ze shook his head.

Yang Yan bent down and packed some small snacks into his pocket.
Xu Ze could eat them while they were on the road. 

The location was a bit far and it would take about 40 to 50 minutes to drive there.
In addition to the snacks, Yang Yan also took a thermos and poured hot water into it.

There was nothing else to really take, so the two went out together.

Just like before, Yang Yan asked Xu Ze to sit in the back seat.

Xu Ze didn’t say much of anything as he sat in the back seat.
As the car started, the windows closed, and the air conditioner was turned on, Yang Yan asked Xu Ze, “Is the temperature comfortable? If it’s not, I’ll turn it higher.” 

Today’s weather was quite good.
The sun was shining brightly.
In fact, there was no need to turn on the air conditioner since the sunlight shone through the car window.
Xu Ze could feel the warmth of it.

“This temperature is fine.” Xu Ze told Yang Yan no need to turn it too high.


After eating lunch, Xu Ze had the habit of taking a nap.
So while Yang Yan was driving, he leaned on the car seat, closed his eyes, and slowly fell asleep.

Yang Yan in front saw Xu Ze closing his eyes to rest.
In the past, he liked speeding whenever he drove, driving quite fast.
Now that Xu Ze and his child were in the car, Yang Yan slowed down the speed and drove the car extremely smoothly.
When he saw a traffic light in the distance, he reduced his speed in advance, so as not to hit the brakes just as the red light comes. 

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Yang Yan said that he would bring Xu Ze out.
It wasn’t to the point where he would regret it at the end.
Even if there were other things, he should’ve told them in advance.

Xie Chengzhou pursed his lips.
Suddenly his eyes lit up slightly, and he guessed a certain situation. 

“He should be on the way here.
Maybe his phone was accidentally muted, so he didn’t see it.” Xie Chengzhou explained like this to Cao Mingyong.

Cao Mingyong didn’t know the inside story and nodded, thinking that that was probably the case.
He didn’t notice the strange smile in Xie Chengzhou’s eyes when he said this.

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Xie Chengzhou actually thought at the time whether Yang Yan would be reluctant to bring Xu Ze out.
After all, Yang Yan cared and liked Xu Ze way more than before.
Not to mention he was possessive, so maybe he would not be willing to bring the person out to show them.

But just ten minutes later, Yang Yan’s car drove over.
The car stopped on the side of the road and two people got out of it. 

One of them was naturally Yang Yan.
As for the other one, Xie Chengzhou and many others all focused their attention over.

Several people recognized Xu Ze.
When they saw that the person Yang Yan brought was Xu Ze, they couldn’t hide the surprise on their faces.
As for the others who didn’t know Xu Ze, they were instantly attracted by Xu Ze’s handsome and beautiful face and all revealed their astonished gaze.
One of them immediately asked in a teasing tone after Yang Yan and Xu Ze approached.

“Yang Yan, where did you find such a treasure? I was saying why you’ll hold him so tightly.
Looking like this, If it was me, I would also be reluctant to bring them out.”

Yang Yan’s expression was cold.
When his friend looked at Xu Ze with explicit eyes, Yang Yan pulled Xu Ze into his arms in one go, as if he’s declaring his possession. 

“Watch your eyes.” Yang Yan’s smile was icy and indifferent.

The person who was warned was suddenly stunned.
He stared at Yang Yan.
For a moment he thought that the Yang Yan in front of his eyes was swapped by someone.
Feeling the pressure from Yang Yan, the friend’s eyes narrowed slightly as he retracted his scrutiny gaze and also his teasing heart.

“Right, I didn’t notice just now.
Yang Yan, doesn’t your little lover seem to look a bit like the one that Xie Chengzhou brought? The two of you didn’t negotiate this right?” The friend’s eyes were sharp, noticing this problem in an instant.

It was still fine if he didn’t say it.
Now that he said it, the other people also felt that it seemed to be true. 

Cao Mingyong walked over, his eyes looking at the faces of Xu Ze and the young boys brought by Xie Chengzhou.
Though it was obvious that there was no need to compare.
Xu Ze’s face was as delicate and beautiful as it was sculpted by hand.

Over on the side, Xie Chengzhou saw Yang Yan and Xu Ze had come, so he brought his little lover over.
Xie Chengzhou pulled over the boy as he put his arms around the boy’s shoulder and smiled with deep meaning: “Don’t say it, you and him indeed look alike!”


The boy’s gaze went over to look at Xu Ze.
Compared to the smile on Xie Chengzhou’s face, the boy’s expression was clearly shock.

Before he came, he knew that there would be such a person.
Because he looked like the other party, Xie Chengzhou took a fancy to him.
He was mentally prepared and felt that that person might be good-looking.
However, when he saw the real Xu Ze, he knew that there was not only a small gap between him and Xu Ze, but a very huge gap. 

He was even thinking that there was nothing similar to Xu Ze about him at all.
If he stood together with Xu Ze, people’s eyes would only be attracted to Xu Ze.
his own eyes would also be the same.

He had never seen a person as beautiful as Xu Ze, with a temperament standing out from the crowd.
That person stood there quietly without speaking and had no expression on his face, yet when he appeared, it seemed that the sunlight was gathering on him, enveloping him with a thin layer of dazzling halo.

It was as if he looked like a beauty who walked out from a painting.

Before the boy came, he even had a little hostility towards this person he had never met.
After seeing Xu Ze, the hostility in his heart disappeared completely.
He suddenly wanted to walk over to get to know Xu Ze.
He even wanted to tell Xu Ze his name. 

He wanted those charming, affectionate peach blossom eyes to be able to look at himself.

The boy understood why Xie Chengzhou found him to be Xu Ze’s stand-in.

Everyone was saying that Xu Ze and Xie Chengzhou’s lover look alike.
Xu Ze, as the concerned party, swept his eyes across the crowd, landing on the handsome boy.
Looking at him, he seemed to be about 18 to 19 years old.
The boy was also looking at him.
Xu Ze’s pupils shrunk slightly.
It was not because he found that the boy really resembled him, but because he noticed that the boy’s gaze while staring at him clearly contained infatuation within it.

Normally under these circumstances, shouldn’t he be unhappy? After all, the others said they looked alike.
Xu Ze took a closer look at the boy.
As the boy was stared at by Xu Ze’s charming peach blossom eyes, his cheeks actually turned red after a while. 

Xie Chengzhou first discovered this situation.
He thought that his little lover would show some hostility to Xu Ze, but this development was completely different from what he expected.

However, when Xie Chengzhou went to see Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes, He understood immediately.
It seemed that Xu Ze’s charm was really that great.

Indeed, it couldn’t not be big.
Xu Ze was able to fascinate Yang Yan to his core, and even Xie Chengzhou himself had his heart feeling itchy.
Being able to hook other people’s gaze, it was completely natural.

“Do they look alike? I don’t really think so.” Xie Chengzhou interjected. 

As soon as he said this, the other people carefully compared them again and found that they really don’t look alike.
In terms of temperament, the boy couldn’t compare with Xu Ze.

“Hey hey hey, all of you don’t just don’t stand there! Get something to eat ah! We didn’t come out to just stand and play!” Someone shouted.

Those who gathered together immediately dispersed.

Before Yang Yan and Xu Ze came, the barbecue grills were already set up.
The barbecue vegetables and even fruits were also brought out. 

There were a lot of people, so there were three sitting mats on the ground.
Quite a lot of beer was placed on top of them.

The charcoal fire started and a few people started barbecuing there.
As for Yang Yan and the others, although they were friends, there were still differences between friends in their identities and positions.
Yang Yan would not normally do anything like barbecuing.


No one would ask him to do it either.

Yang Yan and Xu Ze were together and he asked Xu Ze, “Are you tired? If you are tired, just sit for a while.” 

Xu Ze shook his head.
It wasn’t him who just drove the car.
He sat in the back seat and slept all the way.
Right now he was in good spirits and just wanted to walk around.

This place seemed to be halfway up the mountain.
Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the air was strangely very clear.
Taking a breath, it was as if the air was full of sweetness.

“I’ll go for a walk nearby!” Xu Ze mentioned to Yang Yan.

Although he liked to eat things like barbecue, in his current physical condition, as he’s bearing a little guy, he’s trying to not eat such things as much as possible.
And just smelling the oil smoke smell coming over, Xu Ze felt a little uncomfortable. 

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I’ll go with you! The words rolled on the tip of Yang Yan’s tongue, but he could see a meaning in Xu Ze’s clear eyes.
That was that Xu Ze wanted to walk by himself.
Yang Yan’s heart felt blocked and uncomfortable, yet his exterior appearance was nodding.

“Don’t go too far.” Yang Yan urged.

Xu Ze smiled slightly which made Yang Yan’s expression also change slightly.
Because that light smile of Xu Ze’s hit him hard on his heart.

The people here, except for Yang Yan, Xu Ze also had no interest in making friends with the other people, so he turned around and left by himself. 

Other than Yang Yan’s gaze that was on Xu Ze, there were also several other lines of sight that fell on him.

As soon as Xu Ze was gone, Xie Chengzhou came next to Yang Yan.
He put his hands around his chest and curled the corner of his mouth, talking to Yang Yan in a voice that only he and Yang Yan could hear: “If you’re not following him, aren’t you afraid that something might happen to your baby and your little baby?”

Xie Chengzhou knew the inside story and knew that Xu Ze was bearing one more inside his stomach.

Yang Yan squinted at Xie Chengzhou, his gaze containing frost: “You care too much.” 

Xie Chengzhou stared at the side of Yang Yan’s face.
He stared for a while, then he laughed, “From what I see, it seems like Xu Ze doesn’t like a certain somebody.
You say, after he gives birth to the child, would things still be like right now?”

Would he stay together with Yang yan like this?

Xie Chengzhou didn’t say the latter, but Yang Yan guessed it instantly.

“No matter if it’s like right now or not, it’ll never be the turn for unrelated people to worry about.” Yang Yan did the same and contained meaning in his words. 

Xie Chengzhou raised his head and laughed.
The voice sounded so pleased that everyone who was barbecuing heard it.
And so everyone showed a little curiosity, wondering what funny things Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan were talking about.

“Don’t fill your words so much.” Xie Chengzhou meant something.
Obviously, the warning Yang Yan gave to Xie Chengzhou after the last race had no effect.
Xie Chengzhou was still interested in Xu Ze and wanted to get Xu Ze.


While the two were talking, Xie Chengzhou’s little lover walked over and his expression was a little uneasy.
Xie Chengzhou looked at the boy’s face.
He originally thought he looked like Xu Ze, but now really putting them together, there’s no comparison at all.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Chengzhou asked. 

“Can I go walk around nearby?” The boy’s voice was very low as if he was afraid that he would make Xie Chengzhou unhappy if he spoke loudly.

“You can, but if you get lost, no one will go pick you up.”

Xie Chengzhou said with laughter.
It seemed to look like a joke, but the indifference in his eyes let the boy know that Xie Chengzhou’s words could be counted on.

“I understand.” The boy lowered his eyes. 

There was a sharp gaze in front staring at the boy.
The boy felt like thorns were piercing his body.
He raised his head and met up with Yang Yan’s gaze.
That one gaze made the boy’s heart tremble violently.

The boy walked away quickly, leaving behind a figure who seemed to be running away.

Xie Chengzhou looked at the leaving figure of the boy without the slightest worry.
He originally was only looking for a fun toy anyways.
He turned his head and said with a smile to Yang Yan, “You scared my person just now.”

Xie Chengzhou only said that after the boy left, obviously not caring about him.
Yang Yan’s expression did not have any waves. 

“If you’re looking for a stand-in, at least look for a high-quality one.
How did you become interested in one like this?” Yang Yan’s words contained satire.

Xie Chengzhou ignored Yang Yan’s satire.
Between friends, it wasn’t to the point where you couldn’t make jokes like this.

“I was looking for something like this.
After all, it’s a fake.
It can’t be compared with the real one.” Xie Chengzhou looked in the direction where Xu Ze left, his eyes gradually darkening.

Yang Yan didn’t continue to talk.
In his opinion, Xie Chengzhou couldn’t be counted as a real threat.
Even if Xie Chengzhou really wanted to fight him for Xu Ze, he didn’t think Xie Chengzhou would be his opponent. 

Over by the barbecue, some of the meat was done.
Cao Mingyong came over to tell the two of them to stop talking and eat some barbecue.

Cao Mingyong looked around the two of them and found that their little lovers were gone.
He made a joke at the time: “Both of your lovers are not here? Aren’t you afraid that the two of them will hook up?”

Both Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan gave Cao Mingyong a cold look.
Those gazes seemed to say “Pour the water in your brain out“.


Xu Ze walked forward all the way, though he didn’t walk fast since the mountain road was uneven.
He also didn’t want to go too far, just looking around, that’s all.
Xu Ze took slow steps.
Since his stomach was bearing one more person, he had to walk carefully to not trip himself. 

Walking to a little hill, Xu Ze stopped.
The grasses on the hill were all withered and yellow, feeling quite soft when stepped on.
Xu Ze looked around and found that the location was good.
The view in front was wide, allowing the undulating mountains in the distance to come into view.

Compared to a crowded environment, Xu Ze actually preferred quietness.
He sat down on the grass and enjoyed the fresh air as well as this rare peace and tranquility.



The sun was shining and the warm wind was blowing on his body.
The light blows made him feel a little drowsy again.

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There just so happened to be a short tree nearby.
Xu Ze got up, walked over, and leaned on the tree before he closed his eyes again. 

The rest here was different from the previous one in the car.
The sunlight landed on his body as if it was wrapped around by the sun.


The weather was warm and the down jacket now seemed a little hot, so Xu Ze unbuttoned it to reveal the light-colored sweater inside.
He lowered his head to look at his belly.
His belly was bulging as his palms gently covered it.
As if the little guy inside was sensing something, he quietly swam around in Xu Ze’s belly.

It seemed that he was blowing bubbles again.
Before, Xu Ze thought that the baby was breathing in his stomach.
Afterward, he checked the Internet and found that the baby was not breathing, but was using his mouth to play with the amniotic fluid.

It could be seen that this was a lively little guy.
They should be able to meet in July next year.
Xu Ze hoped that time could pass a bit faster.


After sitting beside the tree for a while, Xu Ze stood up since his waist was a little uncomfortable from always sitting.
He rubbed his waist and after that Xu Ze started to walk back.

After walking for about a few minutes, a person appeared in front of him.
Xu Ze was a little surprised when he saw a person coming.
He thought it should be Yang Yan, but he didn’t expect it was someone else.

Though if he thought about it, it seemed that he could understand why.

The boy was Xie Chengzhou’s lover.
Being told that he looked like himself, anyone a little smarter could think of a question.
After all, Xie Chengzhou didn’t hide how he stared at him.
Everyone could clearly see that Xie Chengzhou had ideas about him.
The boy being able to see this shouldn’t be surprising either. 

Xu Ze paused for a while then walked towards the boy.
He wasn’t worried that the boy would do something to him.
If the boy wasn’t stupid, he should know that there was no point in that at all.

It’s just that when the two walked closer, Xu Ze saw a familiar expression again.
Previously, the boy looked at him with this kind of infatuated eyes, but at that time the boy restrained himself.
Unlike now, those pairs of eyes stared at Xu Ze without any disguise.
It was all lovestruck.

This made Xu Ze feel strange.
Wasn’t this person Xie Chengzhou’s lover? Showing such an expression to him, it wasn’t to the point that he fell in love at first sight with him right?.

It felt quite strange to think about. 

“Hello, my name is Jiang Li.” The boy was a little shorter than Xu Ze, so he raised his head slightly to talk to Xu Ze.

“Hello.” Xu Ze lightly smiled and then reported his own name.

“They asked you to come find me?” Xu Ze asked.

The eyes of the boy named Jiang Li flickered.
His lips moved, as if to want to nod and say yes, but then he suddenly shook his head. 

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“No, I wanted to come myself.” The boy lowered his eyes and stared at the land under his feet.
He suddenly didn’t dare to look up at Xu Ze’s face.

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That was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard in his life. 

He couldn’t control the trembling in his heart, so he made an excuse to leave and then secretly met Xu Ze.
He didn’t have any other intentions, he just wanted to get to know Xu Ze, wanting to let Xu Ze know that there was such a person like him.

Xu Ze’s small smile was very gentle, his smile was also very gentle.
The sun surrounded him, melting into his eyes.

That face was so dazzling, causing Jiang Li not to dare to have eye contact with Xu Ze for a while.

Seeing that Jiang Li’s ears were slightly red, Xu Ze was stunned for a moment and then he understood what was going on.
The lover who Xie Chengzhou got actually liked him.
Xu Ze had never encountered such a situation before.
He wondered what expression Xie Chengzhou would express if he found out. 

Xu Ze’s heart could see clearly, but he wouldn’t give any response to Jiang Li’s goodwill.

“How long have you been with Xie Chengzhou?” Xu Ze didn’t really care about this.
He just used it to let Jiang Li understand his identity, to not be someone else’s lover yet have good feelings towards someone else.

Xie Chengzhou was someone Xu Ze had been in contact with for a while, so he could guess that he probably was not that generous.

As soon as Xu Ze said this, Jiang Li fiercely raised his head.
He looked at Xu Ze’s bright clear eyes.
At that moment, he suddenly realized why Xu Ze made Xie Chengzhou so obsessed, even finding a substitute that looked like him. 

“About more than a month.” The light in Jiang Li’s eyes slowly dimmed.
He realized that even if he didn’t follow Xie Chengzhou, there was no way he could be with Xu Ze.
For someone like him, he could only watch secretly from a distance.

Getting too close, the light on the other party made Jiang Li feel ashamed.

“That’s not too long! You look quite young.” Xu Ze said with a smile.
He didn’t smile so much when facing Yang Yan and the others.
He only did not mind because he seemed to see a little shadow of the original host in the boy, so Xu Ze subconsciously showed a gentle side to him.

“I’m just a freshman this year.” Jiang Li whispered, following right next to Xu Ze.
He didn’t dare to look directly at Xu Ze, only secretly looking at him from the corner of his eye. 

Xu Ze found out but did not expose it.

The two returned on the original road.
Nothing happened at first, until later when Xu Ze felt uncomfortable while walking.
He didn’t think it was a big problem, thinking to endure it.
As a result, his stomach suddenly started to hurt.
While the pain was lighter than before, at the same time Xu Ze’s hands and feet gradually started to feel soft and weak.

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Xu Ze squatted on the ground clutching his stomach.
Jiang Li saw Xu Ze suddenly didn’t keep up so he turned around and found the abnormality.
He hurriedly ran over to inquire about the situation in a panic.

Xu Ze’s entire body felt uncomfortable, even a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. 

Jiang Li tried to comfort Xu Ze, but Xu Ze waved his hand and pushed him away.
He asked Jiang Li to call someone to come over.
He originally wanted to say Yang Yan, but when he got up, a burst of dizziness hit Xu Ze.
Xu Ze sat on the ground, biting his lips with a distressed expression.

Jiang Li only had Xie Chengzhou’s phone number, so he called Xie Chengzhou.


“Are you lost?” Xie Chengzhou asked on the other side.

“Brother Xie, something happened to Xu Ze!” Jiang Li’s voice sounded panicked. 

There was a pause on the other side, and then Xie Chengzhou’s tone suddenly sank: “What’s going on? Where are you guys right now?”

“I’m not too clear either.
Xu Ze’s stomach suddenly started hurting and crouched on the ground.
He asked me to call someone.”

“Stand there and don’t move, I’ll come over immediately.
Help me take care of him.” Xie Chengzhou guessed what was going on over at Xu Ze’s side after a little thought, so he urged Jiang Li.

“En.” Jiang Li nodded hurriedly. 

As the phone hung up, Jiang Li squatted beside Xu Ze.
He didn’t know what was going on.
Seeing Xu Ze’s face turning pale and that he couldn’t help at all, his heart was very anxious.

On the other side, Xie Chengzhou hung up the phone and set off immediately.
He didn’t have the time to tell Yang Yan, so Yang Yan didn’t know that Xu Ze had an accident.

Xie Chengzhou came quite quickly and fortunately Xu Ze didn’t walk too far.
Xie Chengzhou shouted while looking for the two.
Jiang Li heard the voice, stood up, waved, and shouted “this way”.

Xie Chengzhou ran over.
When he got to Xu Ze, he saw him sitting on the ground with an ugly expression.
He didn’t say another word and picked Xu Ze up.
Jiang Li wanted to say something, but when Xie Chengzhou stared at him with a cold gaze, he didn’t dare to say a word. 

Hugging Xu Ze, Xie Chengzhou hurried back to the picnic spot.
Yang Yan found that Xie Chengzhou was holding a person in his arms.
After seeing clearly that it was Xu Ze, Yang Yan’s face became terrifying to the extreme as he hurried over.

Seeing Xu Ze’s pale face and pained expression, then seeing Xu Ze clutching his stomach, Yang Yan guessed that something happened to Xu Ze.

He looked negatively at Xie Chengzhou, who was clearly smirking.

Yang Yan went to pick up Xu Ze, wanting to embrace Xu Ze back.
However, Xie Chengzhou turned around, not letting Yang Yan touch Xu Ze. 

Yang Yan’s eyes were full of raging winds and waves.
He stepped over and wanted to forcibly grab him back, but when he noticed Xu Ze’s furrowed brows, his outstretched hand slowly fell back down.

“Go to the hospital!” Yang Yan said.

Xie Chengzhou carried the person into his car and placed him in the back seat.
Yang Yan then quickly sat in and hugged Xu Ze back into his arms.

Xie Chengzhou looked at Yang Yan’s gloomy eyes, only thinking that it was really funny. 

“You know that he has your child, yet you let him walk around by himself.
Yang Yan, if you can’t take care of him well, you can give him to me.
I don’t even mind letting your child call me dad!” Xie Chengzhou sat down in the front driver’s seat, backed out the car, and then drove down the mountain. 

Xie Chengzhou said this on the road.

Yang Yan raised his eyes, his eyes were red, his voice cold and stern: “The child’s dad will only be me! It will never ever be your turn!”

There was clear tension between the two.

“That might not be the case.” The corner of Xie Chengzhou’s lips smiled. 

Just when Yang Yan wanted to reply with “Don't dream in broad daylight“, a voice suddenly appeared.

“All of you shut up!”

Xu Ze was originally uncomfortable.
Now that he’s even hearing two people arguing right in his ear, he wanted to blow up both of their dog heads.

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Actually, I don’t really know if this counts as a shura field, hahahahaha!

Xu Xu and baby are all fine, though they probably have to exercise less, at least they climb mountains anymore.

Wanna see the baby born sooner?

I actually have one more plotline.
When that’s over, he’ll be born. 

Tomorrow will be listed.
To have a bit better position, updates will be at 9 o’clock at night!

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[Some fixing jj app lag note that I’m not TLing] 

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