Since they lived under one roof, they should help each other when the other needed anything. UHEXKB

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Xu Ze had a bit of need today, so he took the initiative to find Yang Yan.
Of course, Yang Yan would not refuse.
Not to mention trivial matters like these, he sometimes even thought that if Xu Ze wanted the stars in the sky, he would have used every means to pluck them off for Xu Ze.

Xu Ze didn’t want stars.
He only needed two things from Yang Yan.
One was the 10 million yuan, and the other was occasional physical help.

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It was now January, which meant that he was about four months pregnant.
Yang Yan has already transferred 2 million to his card, which was received at the end of each month.

For one of the apartments that Xu Ze had set his eyes on before, the full price was about 1.6 million yuan.
The small apartment was more than 40 square meters and was finely decorated.
The landlord also had only acquired the house for about a year.
All the household appliances were high-end brands, and Xu Ze wanted all of them. f Vgmw

After waiting for a while, when the landlord came back from out of town, Xu Ze and the landlord made an appointment to meet and sign a purchase contract.
The intermediary was handling the relevant procedures.
Xu Ze only needed to go and sign then give the landlord the money.

Since Xu Ze was buying the house with full payment, the procedures were completed quickly.
However, the real estate certificate has not been transferred for the time being, still having to wait for another month or so.
But the landlord handed the key of the house to Xu Ze.
Taking the key, Xu Ze walked to the newly bought apartment, opened the door, and walked in.

Modern people had a high degree of pursuit for houses.
It seemed that their heart would only feel a bit of belonging once they had their own house.

Having your own house, having it be yours, had a special meaning.


Before going upstairs, Xu Ze swept around the apartment building a little.
As he expected, there was a shop for installing door locks outside the apartment.
Xu Ze took the boss’s business card and asked the boss when he had time since he planned to change the door lock.
The boss said that the person who installs the door locks was outside right now.
They could change the lock tomorrow morning.

Xu Ze thought about it for a while.
Anyway, he didn’t come to live here right away.
It would be fine if he waited for a few days.

Xu Ze put the boss’s business card in his pocket.
He returned to the apartment and sat on the sofa.
This apartment had a good location.
It was facing the inner courtyard, not towards the outside road, less dust, and a relatively quiet environment.

Xu Ze leaned back and onto the sofa.
He was already looking forward to living here after the baby was born. d5NWOP

After staying in the apartment for a few hours, Xu Ze leaned on the sofa to sleep for a while.
After he woke up, Xu Ze got up and left.
While waiting in the elevator, Yang Yan’s phone call came.
Yang Yan asked where Xu Ze was right now.

Xu Ze’s eyes flashed slightly.
He lied that he had just finished watching a movie and was on his way back.
Naturally, he couldn’t say that he had bought an apartment and had already obtained the key to the house.

On the other end of the phone, Yang Yan did not suspect him.
He told Xu Ze to pay attention to safety when he’s taking a car to return.

“En, I’ll pay attention.” Xu Ze slightly smiled.
After all, the money for the house was all given by Yang Yan, so his tone was much softer than before. PijpNd

Yang Yan could hear the little change in Xu Ze’s voice.
However, he only thought it was his concern that made Xu Ze feel a little touched.
He had no idea that while living with him, what Xu Ze was thinking was to buy a good house, then waved his hand and leave when the time came.

Xu Ze went downstairs and called an online car to return home.
When he went back, he even thought that Yang Yan was at home because Yang Yan asked him where he was.
The meaning of those words clearly seemed like Yang Yan was waiting for him.

In the end, the living room was empty.
Auntie Dong, who was cooking in the kitchen, noticed that Xu Ze was back.
She walked out of the kitchen and saw that Xu Ze seemed to be looking for someone.
Auntie Dong told Xu Ze, “Yang Yan just came back then left again because of temporary matters.”

Xu Ze nodded, indicating that he now knew about this matter. UFs VL

An alluring scent came from the kitchen, and Xu Ze asked, “Auntie Dong, what are you cooking? It smells so good!”

“Sweet and sour pork ribs, your favorite.” Auntie Dong would make sweet and sour pork ribs often.
After working here for a while, Auntie Dong basically knew everything about Xu Ze’s preferences.

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“Ktfc P’ii fja wbgf abcluta.” We If rwlifv yglutais.

“Tbe rla jcv kjamt KN olgra, atfgf’r ralii j rbeq ab wjxf.” Coafg Cecalf Gbcu olclrtfv rqfjxlcu, rtf gfaegcfv ab atf xlamtfc. xLfJmZ

Glccfg kjr pera We If jcv Cecalf Gbcu rlaalcu vbkc ab fja.
Ciatbeut Cecalf Gbcu kjr atf tberfxffqfg, fnfgsbcf kjr abufatfg ktfc la kjr alwf ab fja.
Snfc We If gfujgvfv Cecalf Gbcu jr jc fivfg.
Lf kbeiv cba ibbx vbkc bc Cecalf Gbcu pera yfmjerf Cecalf Gbcu kjr tlgfv ys Tjcu Tjc ab ajxf mjgf bo tlw.

Xu Ze had a good appetite this night.
Auntie Dong made all the dishes he liked, and those dishes were especially good.
Xu Ze even ate two bowls in a row, eating until he burped at the end.

After dinner, Xu Ze sat on the sofa.
He picked up his legs and put them on the sofa.
He took the remote controller in his hand and turned to the music station to listen to songs.

Xu Ze rubbed his stomach lightly since he ate too much.
He put his hand on his stomach and waited.
Most of the time, the baby was sleeping.
However sometimes, when he put his hand on his stomach, he could feel a little movement from the baby. m45Qw2

Since that time Xu Ze knew that the baby would play and blow bubbles inside, this situation has been happening often.

Even sometimes when Xu Ze was in class at school, the baby would suddenly become very lively and blow bubbles for a while.
That kind of feeling could not be described in words.
Xu Ze would press his hands on his stomach during class. His roommate Zhou Xing saw Xu Ze clutching his stomach.
After class, he came to Xu Ze and quietly asked him if the thing in his stomach made him uncomfortable—Xu Ze once revealed to Zhou Xing, saying that there was something growing in his stomach.
Because it was benign, the doctor recommended that it be removed after a few months.
Zhou Xing only knew this, not knowing that the thing was actually a child.

Xu Ze also stopped making excuses, lest after this excuse, he would still need to use other excuses to make up for them.

He nodded as in yes. x5QS9R

“Then go to the hospital for another checkup?” Zhou Xing was concerned about Xu Ze’s body.

“I just went there last week.
I go to the hospital every month.
I don’t have any lesions.
However, occasionally I feel a little uncomfortable.” Both the first and last sentences were true, but the middle one without lesions was false.

“How many months do you have to wait for the surgery? Though it’s good that it’s benign.” Zhou Xing said, staring into Xu Ze’s eyes.

Xu Ze didn’t say too much. 7NyqWM

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“Do you know about a certain matter?” Zhou Xing changed the subject and lowered his voice.

Zhou Xing had thick eyebrows and big eyes, looking innocent, yet he had a heart of gossip in his bones.
Xu Ze raised his eyebrows, knowing that even if he didn’t ask Zhou Xing, he couldn’t help but say it himself.

“I heard that Yang Yan bought a house right outside the school.
He’s even cohabiting with a certain boy in our school.
You say, is the world really becoming so flamboyant?” Zhou Xing shook his head in lament as he spoke.

Zhou Xing didn’t pay much attention at that time, not knowing that when he said this, the color in Xu Ze’s eyes had some slight changes. jvd4Pk

“Who did you hear this from?” Xu Ze asked with a smile.

“The class next door.
It seems that one day someone saw Yang Yan driving his car with his little lover inside.” Zhou Xing had a cheerful gossip-sharing expression.

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Xu Ze shook his head and laughed: “The final exam is approaching.
If you have nothing to do, read more books.
You don’t need to score too high, but you need to have at least 60 points right?”

Hearing that the exam was about to take place, Zhou Xing’s originally excited face collapsed.
He stared at Xu Ze with mournful eyes: “We are still good friends if you stop mentioning the exam!” rd7DKo

“Then let’s break up!” Xu Ze’s smile deepened.

Zhou Xing was stunned before staring at Xu Ze: “Xu Ze, you’ve become bad.”

After returning that day, Xu Ze mentioned the rumors about their cohabitation to Yang Yan.
His meaning was that the two of them should try to avoid going in and out together in the future.
He didn’t want to have any trouble.
If his classmates knew that he was with Yang Yan, Zhou Xing alone would probably be able to talk so much in front of Xu Ze. Since he lived with Zhou Xing for a few years, Xu Ze still knew Zhou Xing's character.

Regarding Xu Ze’s request, Yang Yan wanted to say no at the first moment.
However, facing Xu Ze’s clear and bright gaze, the words of refusal stopped in his throat.
Yang Yan’s reply could only be one, that was, nodding and saying ok. 4TZwt1

After that, the rumors seemed to fade away slowly.
Zhou Xing’s feedback to Xu Ze was that Yang Yan and his new lover most likely broke up.
Recently, Yang Yan was all by himself.

Xu Ze wondered why Zhou Xing was so concerned about Yang Yan’s movements, and Zhou Xing said: “He’s our school’s school grass.
You don’t even know that the school also has a special fan club just for him, do you? Inside that club is full of his fans.
Some people even take Yang Yan as the male lead and then write themselves talking about love with Yang Yan.”

“You tell me if they’re crazy or not?”

Zhou Xing couldn’t help smacking his tongue when he said this.
He couldn’t figure it out, so he asked Xu Ze: “You say, other than Yang Yan growing to be a bit handsome and that his family has a bit of money, what other advantages does he even have?” avrspu

Xu Ze raised his hand and touched Zhou Xing’s forehead with the back of his hand.
After confirming that Zhou Xing was not sick, Xu Ze asked, “Isn’t any one of them enough?”

Having money or having looks, just one of them was enough for many people to pursue, not to mention Yang Yan had both.

Zhou Xing glared at Xu Ze angrily: “What nonsense truth are you talking about?!”

Xu Ze shook his head, not bothering to pay attention to Zhou Xing, who was always full of drama. QdsCcZ

No one in the school knew that Xu Ze and Yang Yan were together, so school life was simple and ordinary.
Occasionally, on a classmate’s birthday or other things, everyone would arrange to eat together.
If they wanted to drink, Xu Ze would find an excuse.
Everyone was classmates, so they would not force Xu Ze to drink.

However, in any place, any place outside, even if the indoor air conditioner is turned on, Xu Ze would not take off his down jacket.
Because if he took it off, his slightly protruding belly would be exposed.
One less problem was always better than one more.

Quickly pulling back his thoughts, Xu Ze sat on the sofa.
As he listened to the beautiful singing of the star, Xu Ze smiled faintly.
He seemed to have a little impression that listening to more music during pregnancy was good for the baby’s growth.

Xu Ze gently stroked his belly.
Speaking of which, he still didn’t know whether the baby in his belly was a boy or a girl.
But no matter what it was, it would be a little naughty cutie. AvQODk

At ten o’clock in the evening, Xu Ze went back to his room, washed up, and went to sleep.
When he lay down, he checked the time.
It was half-past ten, yet Yang Yan hadn’t returned. ApQSL8

In recent times, if there were no special circumstances, Yang Yan was always leaving late and returning early.
Most of the time, he would come back before Xu Ze went to sleep.
Xu Ze turned off the light and lay down.
Some habits were very easy to form.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.
After an unknown amount of time, Xu Ze in a daze felt someone lying beside him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Without opening his eyes, Xu Ze knew that it was Yang Yan based on the familiar smell from the other party.

Yang Yan didn’t seem to have turned on the light.
Since it wasn’t on, Xu Ze didn’t bother opening his eyes either.
He turned over and lay down with his back toward Yang Yan. 0rk9Gm

Yang Yan thought that Xu Ze was asleep, so he tried his best to be careful.
Yet in the end, he still woke Xu Ze up.

Slowly lying down, Yang stretched his arms around Xu Ze’s body and pulled it over.

Xu Ze suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Yang Yan in front of his eyes.
The latter didn’t say a word, leaned up, and kissed Xu Ze’s lips.

It was a very light kiss.
Yang Yan immediately backed away after sticking it down.
He then raised his head slightly and kissed Xu Ze’s clean forehead.
His eyes were gentle and lingered with affection.


Although Yang Yan had taken a bath and also rinsed his mouth, Xu Ze could still smell a little bit of alcohol.
Under the status of being pregnant, he was very sensitive to the surrounding odors.

“You drank alcohol?” Because Xu Ze had just woken up, his voice sounded sticky, with a distinct nasal tone that made people’s hearts throb.

Yang Yan nodded: “Drank a little, did I wake you up?”

“It’s fine, I enter sleep fast.” Xu Ze’s sleep quality was good, basically, the type that can fall asleep after a short moment. SAdptH

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Seeing that Xu Ze’s brows did not seem to contain unpleasantness from being awoken, the gentleness in Yang Yan’s eyes spread.
He rubbed Xu Ze’s smooth hair and inched closer to Xu Ze.
Like a patient with skin hunger, the back of his hand caressed Xu Ze’s cheek, refusing to leave.

“I’ll pay attention and drink less in the future.” Yang Yan promised.

Xu Ze didn’t care whether Yang Yan drank less or more.
He yawned and the corners of his eyes were a little wet.

Yang Yan’s gaze was fixated on Xu Ze’s narrowed, brimming with water, peach blossom eyes.

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“Ofa’r riffq.” Tjcu Tjc qeiifv atf delia bnfg tlw jcv We If.
Lf fnfc ofjgfv atja atfgf kbeiv yf jlg qbmxfar ifaalcu klcv lc, atja tf erfv tlr tjcv ab qgfrr la vbkc.

Vfflcu atlr ilaaif wbnfwfca bo Tjcu Tjc’r, We If vlvc’a tjnf jcs fzagj fzqgfrrlbc.
Lf aegcfv tlr fsfr jkjs, mibrfv tlr fsfr, jcv mbcalcefv ab riffq.

In the darkness, Yang Yan didn’t close his eyes for a long time.
Although he couldn’t see Xu Ze’s face clearly, the steady breathing sound from the other party fell in Yang Yan’s ears.
Those sounds made one’s heart feel extremely calm and peaceful. 0eJE7F

He did have sleepiness, but at this moment, Yang Yan didn’t want to just fall asleep like this.
With Xu Ze’s warm body in his arms, Yang Yan just wanted this dark night to extend indefinitely.

Even if it’s just like this, purely sleeping covered with the blanket, Yang Yan could only feel that his heart was fully satisfied.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As the end of the term was approaching, Xu Ze had to prepare for the final exam.
Although Yang Yan and he were not in the same major, the exam period was basically the same.

With the arrival of the end of the semester, courses gradually decreased.
Instead, it was replaced by subject-by-subject examinations. dHkdTI

Most of the course teachers would take a class or half a class before the exam to draw a key point for everyone.
As for the time after that, they would be left to everyone to self-review and recite.

During the exam, Xu Ze reviewed at home.
The content of the exam was relatively simple and Xu Ze’s memory was okay.
He’ll be fine with just remembering enough to get the passing 60 points.
His goals were not high, though the results obtained from the test were generally much higher than 60 points.

Yang Yan occasionally also revised at home, though he doesn’t have as much time as Xu Ze.
Yang Yan belonged to the kind of people who were learning gods.
Basically, he could remember everything as it was taught in class.
He had no need to be like most other people, having to cram again before the exam.

The final exams were over.
On the final day, the roommates from Xu Ze’s dormitory and several other classmates arranged to go out to eat hot pot together. vT1g2L

When the group of people walked outside the school, a female voice suddenly called out to Xu Ze.
Xu Ze stopped as with everyone else that was also quite curious.
Everyone looked for the voice and saw a tall, handsome girl standing beside a flaming red sports car.

The girl was wearing a short, white down jacket.
Inside was a beige sweater plus a deep gray short skirt.
On her feet were a pair of black boots.
When everyone’s gazes went over, the girl walked closer with a smile on her face.

She walked straight toward Xu Ze then stood still right in front of him.

Zhong Min had watched photos or videos before, so she knew that the person who hooked Yang Yan was handsome.
However, when she saw the real person, Zhong Min found that the photos could not fully show Xu Ze’s prosperous beauty.
When such a face was so close, Zhong Min even felt that her breathing seemed to slow down involuntarily, for fear that her breathing would be too rapid and disturb the other party. d4HZo

“Xu Ze, who is this? Your friend?” Zhou Xing immediately came over from the side and asked.
His gaze fell on Zhong Min’s face, unable to hide his astonishment.
Why didn’t he know that Xu Ze knew such a beautiful woman like this? With this beauty, her standing beside Xu Ze would not be inferior.

“Hello, my name is Zhong Min.” Zhong Min greeted Zhou Xing generously and her dyed smiling eyes also met with other people’s eyes.
After turning around, Zhong Min’s eyes fell back to Xu Ze.
When she looked at Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes that seemed to be swaying in spring, Zhong Min’s had a sudden bit of change in her expression.

She heard her heartbeat beating faster suddenly.
Being watched by such a pair of tender, affectionate eyes that’s mixed with stars, for a moment Zhong Min seemed to feel that she had the misconception that she was liked by the other person.

Zhong Min’s lips moved slightly.
She instantly understood why Yang Yan’s heart was moved by Xu Ze.
If this was her lover, she also would definitely not run and play around outside.
Just looking at this person’s face made one’s heart tremble and palpitate. YOKcVe

Facing the doubts leaking out from Xu Ze’s eyes, Zhong Min took a step forward.
She stuck her lips next to Xu Ze’s ear and said in a voice that only she and Xu Ze could hear: “Xu Ze, I am Yang Yan’s former pursuer.”

Former pursuer? When Zhong Min backed away, the confusion in Xu Ze’s eyes deepened.

Pursuer he knew, but former pursuer? It took Xu Ze some time to digest this information.

Zhong Min was someone Yang Yan knew.
Based on these behaviors of hers, Xu Ze had reasons to believe that Zhong Min may know that he and Yang Yan were living together.
As for the matter of him bearing a child, Xu Ze noticed that Zhong Min’s gaze did not fall onto his abdomen.
Zhong Min was most likely not clear about the child. yQfiqJ

“You guys are planning to go out and eat together? You don’t mind adding me as a plus right?” Zhong Min’s smile was bright and moving.
Even if some of the group had girlfriends, they couldn’t help but stare at Zhong Min.

“Since you’re Xu Ze’s friend, then you’re also our friend! Of course, we don’t mind.
We’re planning to go and have hot pot.
Can you eat spicy food?” Zhou Xing said.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I can, I have no problem with spicy food.” Zhong Min looked over at Xu Ze when she spoke.
Xu Ze’s expression was faint and she couldn’t tell what he was currently thinking.

Zhong Min’s unexpected addition made many single people a little excited.
Even if it’s just this one time, eating with such a beautiful person made them unable to calm down. Lt2aoT

Someone came over and wanted to chat with Zhong Min, at least letting Zhong Min know his name.
Seeing that Zhong Min took out her phone and seemed to want to contact someone, that person’s footsteps paused.
Zhou Xing who was next to him put his hand on the shoulder of his classmate, with meaning in his words: “What were you gonna do going over there? Are you gonna stand between those two people? Even if you were a background board, you still wouldn’t be qualified!”

Although Zhou Xing’s words were not pleasant, they were telling the truth.

The classmate looked sideways at the people walking next to him.
The boy was gorgeous and handsome while the girl was beautiful.
The classmate sighed and dismissed the idea of ​​going to strike up a conversation.
After all, he still had self-awareness.

Zhong Min and Xu Ze walked side by side.
While she called on her phone, she would deliberately approach Xu Ze again as if she wanted Xu Ze to hear who she was talking to. qoLxRA

The voice on the other end of the phone was vaguely familiar, and then Zhong Min said to the other person the sentences: “I’m outside your school and I happened to meet Xu Ze.
He’s going out to eat with some of his classmates.
I remember that I also happened to not have eaten, so I’m following them for a meal.”.

After these sentences, Xu Ze knew who Zhong Min was calling.

The sudden appearance of Zhong Min was completely unexpected to Xu Ze.
He probably never imagined that Yang Yan’s suitor would come to meet him directly like this.

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Wait, Xu Ze’s eyes narrowed.
He remembered that Zhong Min had just whispered to him in his ear that she was Yang Yan’s former pursuer.
According to the previous inferences, Zhong Min had pursued Yang Yan before, but she had failed to catch Yang Yan.
Since it was former, does it mean that Zhong Min was no longer continuing to pursue Yang Yan anymore? MOiQcP

Since she wasn’t pursuing him, why did Zhong Min find him here? Did she want to see what the person together with Yang Yan looked like? Xu Ze guessed that it was most likely this possibility.

Zhong Min just told Yang Yan that she was with Xu Ze, making Yang Yan’s tone suddenly turn colder. 3t2 bc

She only heard Yang Yan’s voice that was like frost wrapping around to freeze someone: “Zhong Min, what do you want to do?” These words were hiding warnings and threats.

Zhong Min heard them, but she was not the least bit afraid.
Other people might be afraid of Yang Yan, but she would not.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I don’t, what can I do? Relax, how would I dare to hurt your baby? Yang Yan, I remember that I seemed to have said a certain sentence to you last time we met.
Can you guess which one?” Zhong Min asked Yang Yan with a smile.

The corners of Yang Yan’s mouth almost pursed into a straight line.
He remained silent on his side, not replying with even a single word. EHp4Ch

As if knowing that Yang Yan would not reply, Zhong Min didn’t plan to wait for Yang Yan to actually remember it.
It could be guessed that the other party basically forgot everything they had talked about.

“I told you at the beginning that I like love at first sight because it’s beautiful and romantic.”

Zhong Min raised her chin slightly as she looked to the side at Xu Ze who was walking beside her.
The face that was beautiful and unparalleled from 360-degree made Zhong Min feel that no matter how long she looked at this face, she would never get tired of it.

Yang Yan’s eyes were really good.
It could even be said to be super good.
He had even found such a treasure.


Zhong Min’s heart couldn’t help but envy Yang Yan.

“You’re not going to tell me that you fell in love with my person at first sight?” Yang Yan was not a fool, he could hear the meaning in Zhong Min’s words.

Why didn’t he realize that Zhong Min had this kind of personality? She not only investigated him and the people around him but also dared to go directly to Xu Ze.
Yang Yan slightly raised his lips.
The smile he had was terrifyingly sinister.

“You should know Xu Ze’s charm since you sleep with him.
You should know better than me whether he is attractive or not.” Zhong Min’s words were actually quite excessive to be precise. ATEj1Q

“Didn’t you say someone is bearing you a child? I don’t think you’re a liar, so you have another woman.
Although I haven’t found out about that person yet, since you have protected her too well. Getting your feet in two boats isn’t good.
Take a guess, what if Xu Ze knew that you had another woman and that the other party was pregnant with your child? What would he do?” Zhong Min slowed down her steps a bit, so she landed behind the crowd.
Her gaze darkened as she stared at Xu Ze who was walking in front.

She felt that a handsome adorable person like Xu Ze following a promiscuous-hearted person like Yang Yan was completely like abusing a heaven-sent treasure.
If Xu Ze was with her, it would be different.
She would definitely hold Xu Ze in her palm and love him very well.

Zhong Min thought that Yang Yan would be angry when she said these words, yet Yang Yan’s reaction was beyond Zhong Min’s expectations.

“So you are going to change your target and pursue Xu Ze instead?” There was no warmth in Yang Yan’s voice, a plain of frigid coldness. YTxt8d

“Do I need your permission?” Zhong Min asked.

“No need, but I can give you a reminder.
He won’t like you.” Yang Yan originally had a fire in his heart.
There was a Xie Chengzhou in front of him and now there was another Zhong Min.
One then two wanted to take someone from him.

For Xie Chengzhou, Yang Yan did feel a little bit of a crisis, but later Yang Yan thought about it carefully.
Judging from the sleeps he and Xu Ze had, Xu Ze’s body could not leave him.
He was Xu Ze’s first man.
Xu Ze could not-like him, but Xu Ze’s body had a dependency on him.

Yang Yan gradually realized a point.
He didn’t need to care about other people at all because Xu Ze was pregnant with his child.
No one else could compete with him on this point.
Whether or not Zhong Min was pursuing Xu Ze, Xu Ze right now was living with him and sleeping in the same bed with him. Mddexh

From the information disclosed by Zhong Min, Yang Yan knew that Zhong Min had misunderstood one thing.
There was no other woman he had outside.
The one who conceived his child was Xu Ze.

“Thank you for the reminder.” Zhong Min thanked Yang Yan for his kindness.
After hanging up her phone, Zhong Min quickened her pace and trotted to Xu Ze’s side.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

We If uijcmfv rlvfkjsr ja Itbcu Zlc.
Pa rffwfv atja atf rwlif bc Itbcu Zlc’r ojmf kjr atlmxfg atjc yfobgf.

Lf atbeuta atja Itbcu Zlc wluta rjs rbwfatlcu ab tlw, yea Itbcu Zlc vlvc’a rjs jcsatlcu.
Tfa la ujnf We If j njuef rfcrf bo ojwliljglas.
Ktf ujhf Itbcu Zlc kjr rajglcu ja tlw klat kjr ojwliljg. lhHrpa

When they got to the place where they were going to eat, Zhong Min and Xu Ze sat together.
Everyone thought that Zhong Min really knew Xu Ze and was a friend of Xu Ze, so no one thought something was wrong when they saw them sitting together.
How could they guess that this was the first meeting between Xu Ze and Zhong Min?

It was clearly the first time they met, yet Zhong Min was acting quite familiar, expressing an abnormal amount of enthusiasm.
Some classmates brought girlfriends, yet their behavior was as attentive as Zhong Min treating Xu Ze, such as waving her hand to call over the server to add water when she saw that the water in Xu Ze’s cup was running out.
For example, knowing that Xu Ze likes to eat beef, she specially cooked with chopsticks then put them in Xu Ze’s bowl.
These behaviors caught the eyes of other people, even making them almost think that Zhong Min was Xu Ze’s girlfriend.

But at the same time, some people made a murmur in their hearts.
They knew Xu Ze’s sexuality, that Xu Ze liked men.
If they looked closely at Zhong Min’s gaze on Xu Ze, who was hardly concealing her intentions, she clearly had some ideas onXu Ze.

Everyone didn’t think too much, guessing that Zhong Min might not know Xu Ze’s orientation.
After all, Xu Ze’s face was more delicate and good-looking than many celebrities.
Sometimes when he ate in the school cafeteria, girls would come over to ask for his contact information.
Fortunately, Xu Ze liked men.
If he liked girls, everyone might really be envious and jealous. 4YbrnB

Zhong Min was interested in Xu Ze and everyone saw it but didn’t say it aloud.
Xu Ze should handle such a situation himself.
Everyone should just focus on eating and drinking.

After the hot pot meal, they went to check out.
But when they asked for the check, the staff told them that it had already been settled.
Everyone was “you look at me, I look at you.” They originally wanted to pay together, yet someone paid and didn’t say anything.
So they simply asked but everyone said it wasn’t them.
Just when everyone was curious, Zhong Min, who went to the bathroom, came out and saw the group huddled around each other with strange expressions.
She went over and asked what was the matter.

Then Xu Ze replied to Zhong Min’s words.
Not replying with what happened, but instead another question: “The bill was settled by you?”

Zhong Min smiled and nodded: “I’m very happy to be able to have dinner with everyone.
Just count this as me treating everyone for this meal today, is that okay?” BnkiSv

In the last sentence, Zhong Min moved her gaze around to look at everyone.
No one would refuse the request of a beautiful woman.
Not to mention everyone saw it before that Zhong Min drove a sports car over and the car right now was still parked outside the school.

“Of course it’s okay.
It’s our honor to be able to let a beautiful lady treat us.” Someone answered.

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“We’re going to karaoke in a while, do you have time?” Zhou Xing really liked Zhong Min’s cheerful personality, even though he knew that Zhong Min would definitely not look at him.
Although his family had a little money, he still had a bit of disparity when compared to Zhong Min.
Not to mention it could be seen at a glance that Zhong Min was definitely looking at appearances.
Her eyes would be a little different when she only stared at Xu Ze.

When talking to them, Zhou Xing was clear that Zhong Min didn’t care about who they were at all. Kkd79j

Zhong Min originally wanted to say yes, but before speaking, she thought of Xu Ze.
She came here entirely for Xu Ze.
If Xu Ze didn’t go, then there was no need for her to go either.

“Xu Ze, are you going?” Zhong Min turned around and asked Xu Ze.

“I won’t be going.
I’m not used to staying up late recently.
If I go to bed too late, I’ll be in a bad mood the next day.” Earlier, Xu Ze was looking for a reason for his physical discomfort, but now that he has changed the reason to not being able to stay up late.
This way it was easier to explain.

Zhou Xing knew the inside story and with him on the side to help talk, the other classmates would also no longer be suspicious. vuHsyb

For example, at this time, Zhou Xing raised his eyebrows and joked to Xu Ze, “Xu Ze, be careful when you go back, beautiful boys right now aren’t perfectly safe either.”

Xu Ze gave Zhou Xing a cold look, but Zhou Xing just smiled.

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“Oh, I just remembered.
I still have something to do, so I won’t be going to sing.
You guys have fun.
With Xu Ze, I will drive him back.
I won’t let anyone have any ideas on him.” Zhong Min was clearly the one who wanted to have ideas on Xu Ze.

Zhou Xing replied, “Then I’ll trouble you.” Then he and the others left. r9gn8q

Xu Ze stood still. These people just arranged him like this without even asking his opinion.

“I live nearby, it’s just a few minutes walk away.
No need to bother if you have something to do.” Xu Ze said politely and estranged.

“It’s no trouble.
When I said that I had matters to deal with, that was to lie to them.
There is actually nothing.”

Zhong Min was not so easily dismissed.
Her heart was finally moved for someone, so she doesn’t want to be separated from Xu Ze so soon.
Zhong Min wanted to take more looks at this beautiful and flawless face, and these peach blossom eyes that seemed to contain three-point of spring love at any time. IhzqgH

“I told Yang Yan that I will take you home personally.
If you were to go back by yourself in a while, he will definitely blame me when he knows that I have broken my promise.
You shouldn’t want me to be blamed by Yang Yan, right?” Zhong Min smiled slightly.
She could definitely speak some words.

After hearing these, Xu Ze just wanted to laugh.
And he did laugh, and with this laugh, the Zhong Min in front of him was stunned.

Zhong Min thought that she heard the sound of begonia flowers blossoming.
All the noise around her was gone and she could only hear Xu Ze’s voice.

“Did you get our gender wrong? You are a girl and I am a guy.” Xu Ze reminded Zhong Min. Vypn7s

“I didn’t get it wrong, I’m not so blind yet.
Let’s go, I’ll drive you back!” Although Zhong Min said with a smile, her attitude could be seen to be quite persistent.

Xu Ze also didn’t want to entangle with Zhong Min on this matter.
He was afraid that when he really refused, Zhong Min would drive by the side and watch him walk.
Xu Ze had this kind of premonition from Zhong Min’s gaze.

Xu Ze took a step back: “Okay, then I’ll be troubling you.”

Then Xu Ze waited by the side of the road, while Zhong Min drove over with her car. kdiMvX

When Zhong Min was driving over her car, Xu Ze answered a phone call from Yang Yan, who asked if Xu Ze was still eating hot pot.

“I’ve already finished eating, I’ll return in a while.” Xu Ze looked at the neon lights on the street.

“Be careful on the road.” Yang Yan urged.

Yang Yan often said these similar words that he almost regarded Xu Ze as a glass person. eQPzx6

After hanging up the phone, Zhong Min came over after a while.
Xu Ze opened the car door and sat in.
Zhong Min said that she didn’t know the way and asked Xu Ze to help direct her.

Xu Ze showed Zhong Min the way.
The sports car turned a few streets and drove outside a community.

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Xu Ze thanked her and pushed the door to get out of the car.

As soon as he left, Zhong Min also walked out of her car. 0IOsAZ

Zhong Min walked around the front of the car and came to Xu Ze.
She lightly smiled and asked Xu Ze, “Aren’t you going to invite me up for a drink?” This hidden meaning was obvious enough.

“It’s getting late, you should also go back to rest early.” Xu Ze could hear the meaning in Zhong Min’s words, but he just pretended that he didn’t know anything.

“Xu Ze, I think you are especially cute.
You are the cutest person I have seen in so many years.” Zhong Min’s eyes were shining brightly.

“If there’s nothing, then I’ll be going up first.” Xu Ze’s face gradually showed indifference, no longer giving Zhong Min a soft look. m2SQlj

Zhong Min could see that Xu Ze was rejecting her, but she suddenly grabbed Xu Ze’s hand.
Then she leaned over to kiss him on Xu Ze’s suddenly rounded pupils.

Just when Zhong Min’s lips were about to touch Xu Ze, a strong force came from the side.
Someone hurried over, grabbed Zhong Min’s shoulder, and pulled him away.

Zhong Min didn’t see who the other party was before her body was pulled aside.
She stumbled several steps before she stabilized her body.

Turning her head, Zhong Min looked at Xu Ze and saw that Yang Yan stood over there at some point, holding Xu Ze firmly in his arms with one hand. R6cmUg

Zhong Min raised her eyes and met Yang Yan’s cold and sharp gaze.
Her heart skipped a beat.

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