Yang Yan walked in front while Xie Chengzhou and Jiang Li were not far behind him.
Yang Yan’s current state was something Xie Chengzhou had never seen before in the years he spent with Yang Yan. cOdlK7

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Although Xie Chengzhou was very interested in the person Yang Yan liked, almost collapsing their friendship at first, however Xie Chengzhou took the initiative to quit later.
Because he began to realize that stolen melons were not sweet.
Not everything he liked needed to be in his hand.

As friends, the friendship between Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan was not that fragile.
When Xu Ze left, leaving behind the child and Yang Yan, Xie Chengzhou knew how much this would affect Yang Yan.
At this time, Yang Yan needed someone by his side.
Even if it wasn’t to comfort him, it also was best to accompany him by his side.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie Chengzhou followed silently and accompanied Yang Yan to the nursery room.

There were many newborn babies living in the nursery.
Naturally, the child of Xu Ze and Yang Yan, who was born a few hours ago, was also in it. vBWdeS

Yang Yan stood outside the glass window.
He had been here before, so he knew which baby inside was his.
Yang Yan’s eyes darkened as he concentrated on one of the cribs.

Xie Chengzhou walked over from behind and stood side by side with Yang Yan.
Following Yang Yan’s line of sight, he easily found a little body among the many babies.
The little baby’s two cute little hands were clenched into fists and raised on his little face.
He was sleeping very peacefully at this time.
After seeing the cute soft face of the baby, Xie Chengzhou’s heart also softened instantly.

It’s just that when this piece of softness emerged, another kind of deep regret also flooded into his heart.
As soon as the baby was born, his papa left.
Of course, Xie Chengzhou believed that Yang Yan would definitely be very good to the baby that Xu Ze gave him, raising the child as a treasure.
However, no matter how much more love, it would never replace that person that was currently lying in the morgue, already having no more breathe.

Xie Chengzhou sighed deeply and turned his head to look at Yang Yan.
Probably because of seeing the baby, Yang Yan’s haze-shrouded face finally eased a little.
Xie Chengzhou reached out and pressed lightly on Yang Yan’s shoulder.


“You be rest assured on the baby’s side.
I will tell the hospital to take special care of the baby and not let anything happen to the baby.
Yang Yan, you…” Xu Ze’s sudden departure made Xie Chengzhou also contain some sadness in his heart.
After all it was someone that moved his heart and that person was so beautiful.
Xie Chengzhou never really thought that there would be a day like this.
Xu Ze left just like this, leaving behind a cold dead body.

“I’m sorry for your loss!” Xie Chengzhou only felt pale and powerless when he said these words, the words of consolation.
Let alone Yang Yan, he himself knew it had no use.

Yang Yan’s dark eyes fluctuated slightly and his eyes finally stared at Xie Chengzhou.

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“Then I’ll trouble you.” Talking like this didn’t mean that Yang Yan didn’t care about the child and just dumped the child, but because he had to deal with the matter of Xu Ze’s departure. azixFL

The reason Xu Ze left suddenly was because he gave birth to this child.

The hospital couldn’t find out the specific reason for Xu Ze’s death.
He was completely fine before, yet he suddenly stopped breathing due to the baby’s birth.

Yang Yan would not blame the baby as the reason.
The baby was innocent.
The real guilty one was him.
If he hadn’t let Xu Ze get pregnant in the beginning, Xu Ze wouldn’t have left now.

The guilty one was him. BiVIco

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From the outside of the nursery room, he stared at the baby sleeping peacefully inside> One look turned into watching for a long time.

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Yang Yan’s figure was originally steel-boned, but as he walked and walked, his back seemed to show signs of bending.
Behind him, Xie Chengzhou frowned.
After Yang Yan’s figure disappeared from sight, Xie Chengzhou sighed and at the same time shook his head helplessly.

“Child…” Jiang Li had been following quietly without a sound.
He didn’t make a sound before.
He was not someone who couldn’t see the atmosphere clearly.
Besides, he had similarities to Xu Ze in appearance.
So in front of Yang Yan, in order not to let Yang Yan see his face and make his mood fluctuate, Jiang Li basically lowered his face all this time.

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Now that Yang Yan had left, Jiang Li had a huge question in his heart.
This doubt was stuck in his throat and he uncontrollably wanted to know an answer.

Xie Chengzhou knew what Jiang Li wanted to ask.
He did not give Jiang Li an answer immediately, but instead asked Jiang Li, “What did you guess?” dCphmi

Jiang Li’s lips parted slightly.
He had an idea in his heart, but it was too absurd.
It was impossible.
How could it be possible? That kind of thing, even TV shows wouldn’t act like this.

Jiang Li shook his head slightly: “I, I don’t know.”

He said he didn’t know, but his eyes were expressing that he already had a certain guess.

“Yes, it’s just as you think.
The child was birthed by Xu Ze.” Xie Chengzhou’s mouth curled up slightly, but there was no smile in his eyes. yWUKMQ

“Remember that one thing that happened before?”

Xie Chengzhou asked Jiang Li to recall the past.

Jiang Li opened his eyes slightly, waiting for Xie Chengzhou’s next words.

“At that time you were also there.
The group of us went to the outskirts for a barbecue.
Yang Yan brought Xu Ze here.
Xu Ze then left by himself not long after and strolled around.
Later, you seemed to follow him over.
And then Xu Ze’s body suddenly became unwell, you contacted me and had me come over to help Xu Ze.” Those memories seemed to happen right in front of his eyes.
Xu Ze at that time was fresh and bright, completely different from the pale face lying motionless in the morgue right now. nyj20u

“At that time, was it because his stomach hurted?” Jiang Li’s eyes were full of astonishment.
He was also very curious at the time, why Xu Ze was fine one moment, but suddenly squatted on the ground covering his stomach the next.
It turned out to be this reason.

“The only people who know about this are us and the hospital.
You should keep this secret well.” Xie Chengzhou put away all his smiles, the eyes staring at Jiang Li were completely cold.

Jiang Li only felt that his heart was desolate.
His body swayed slightly and then he grabbed the balcony to stabilize his body.
So the reason why Xu Ze left unexpectedly was because he gave birth to the baby? For the baby’s life in exchange for Xu Ze’s?

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It was the first time Jiang Li fell in love with someone at first sight in so many years.
Although he always knew that this feeling was hopeless, it was enough for Jiang Li to be able to have Xu Ze meet him and get to know him. bR8oyO

Looking at that person’s smiling face, Jiang Li felt that the whole world was bright.

Yet fate was so indifferent, taking Xu Ze away without warning like this.

Tears slowly dripped out of Jiang Li’s eyes.
These were the tears he suppressed when he saw Xu Ze’s body in the morgue.
At this time, he finally couldn’t endure it and he wept silently.

Tears slid down his face and the scene in his sight became blurred.
Jiang Li covered his face with his hands.
He knew that there would never be that person who made him fall in love at first sight in this world anymore. z3w8tV

He suddenly started to regret.
He should have confessed to Xu Ze in the beginning.
Even if he was rejected, it didn’t matter.
At least it would let Xu Ze know that there was someone who liked him.

Jiang Li knew that that day would never come.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A one person life.
To be honest, there were few little accidents in the beginning.
After all, Xu Ze had been living together with Yang Yan in the past few months.
In order to take care of Xu Ze and the child in his womb, Yang Yan specially invited an auntie to cook and clean up his room.

Now that Xu Ze left, he had another identity and returned to a state of being by himself.
He had to do everything by himself. 5c26yB

There was a saying that, being lazy for three days, you’ll have to learn for three years to catch up.

It wasn’t only three days at first.
During the pregnancy, Xu Ze didn’t even lift any heavy objects.
The child’s other father almost held him in the palm of his hand.
Occasionally Xu Ze would miss his previous life a little bit.
But other than his nostalgia, letting him continue that kind of life, Xu Ze was rather unwilling.

Being lazy for a little, make it up by taking it slow and being diligent.

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Xu Ze was a very executive person.
Getting used to the life of one person, was something in a short period of time. iyoxdE

Cooking his own food and doing his own laundry. There was a washing machine for laundry, so he only had to dry it himself.

Living by himself in an apartment, doing whatever he wanted, and with no other people around.
This kind of complete freedom was what Xu Ze liked the most and wanted most.

There were more than 8 million left in the card after he bought this house for more than 1 million. Xu Ze’s daily expenses were basically food.
He did not buy famous brands for clothes.
Instead buying some discounted brands on the Internet.
The price was cheap and the quality was actually good.

Probably because Xu Ze was born with a good appearance, on the contrary, he didn’t pay much attention to everything else to his appearance like clothes.
The simpler the style of clothing, the better.
As long as it’s comfortable, it’s fine. dYKJ80

He spent a few days comfortably at home.
These days, in a sense, were Xu Ze also adjusting and changing his mood.

He as a person, a cold heart remained a cold heart.
However, a heart was not made of stone.
The baby had been in his womb for a few months and Yang Yan was by his side taking care of him meticulously.
It was naturally impossible for him to forget them immediately.

Xu Ze never thought about going back.
What was he returning back to do?

Living happily as a family of three? 9e4g01

He would only be in this world for ten years.
Rather than another separation again after ten years, it was better to separate right now.

Time could always dilute everything.
Other than emotions, people had many other things.

Why are there so many reminders?! Quit making me sad again…

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