Ch34.1 – Eating A Meal

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Translator: WhenEverIWantTo

Xu Ze stopped as he turned his head and looked at Wang Yan with an indifferent gaze.
He was not sure what this person wanted to say to him when he stopped him. 

In the instant when his eyes met Wang Yan’s, Xu Ze had a vague feeling that after losing and running for more than half an hour, some changes occurred in this person.

Wang Yan stared at Xu Ze’s face.
This face could really be said to look beautiful from all 360 degrees.
The five facial features were exquisite and three-dimensional.
It’s afraid that even a top beauty hospital would not be able to replicate this face.



Wang Yan considered himself a layman.
He was interested in Xu Ze because of his face, but in addition to that, Wang Yan also knew that the character expressed by Xu Ze was also just as attractive to him.

“Xu Ze, I like you!” Wang Yan simply wouldn’t stop until his words frightened someone to death. 

For the sudden confession, Xu Ze just narrowed his eyes.


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Xu Ze’s reaction was so calm that it couldn’t be calmer.
It was as if Wang Yan was not confessing just now, but telling Xu Ze that the weather was good today.

Such an adorable treasure.
Wang Yan thought that he was lucky enough for him to find this treasure.

“Do you have nothing to say?” Wang Yan asked for Xu Ze’s feelings.


Seeing that Wang Yan was so direct and his character wasn’t that fragile, even afraid that he had quite thick skin, Xu Ze didn’t be polite to Wang Yan.

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“Why?” Wang Yan asked knowingly. 

“You are very similar to someone I used to know and I don’t like that person.” Xu Ze explained one of the reasons.
Even if Wang Yan and Xie Chengzhou were not similar, they just met for the first time yet they behaved like this.
As for being friends, Xu Ze would also think about it carefully.

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Wang Yan was not a fool.
Although Xu Ze said that he rejected him because he was like someone he hated, Wang Yan actually knew in his heart that it was probably his previous actions that made Xu Ze unhappy.

But fortunately, the mistake he made was just a small one, so it wasn’t like there was no chance for correction.

“I’m sorry, I apologize to you for what I did before.
I hope you won’t take it to heart.
I couldn’t help it.
Look, you look so handsome.
If I don’t do something special, I’m afraid you won’t remember me. 

“I think you must remember me now right?”

Obviously, Wang Yan was very good at speaking.
With him talking like this, first praising Xu Ze and putting Xu Ze on a pedestal.
If Xu Ze blamed him again, it would appear that Xu Ze was petty.

Thankfully Xu Ze was someone who had transmigrated and had contact with people like Yang Yan and them before.
Wang Yan was not as good as Yang Yan just in terms of appearance, and his aura was even worse.

Xu Ze lightly smiled.
He did not continue Wang Yan’s words and just let Wang Yan act there by himself. 

“Thank you for giving me a ride, goodbye.” After Xu Ze said thanks he turned to leave.

A gaze behind him was piercing and sharp.
When Xu Ze turned a corner, that gaze seemed to disappear.


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Returning home, Xu Ze rummaged through the bedroom drawer and found a sketch.
This portrait was drawn a few days ago.
At that time, he was still thinking that after the accident, he would say goodbye to the past completely.

What happened tonight suddenly gave Xu Ze a hunch that maybe this goodbye had to be postponed for a while. 

Xu Ze wasn’t worried that Yang Yan would recognize him or maybe feel that he was a bit similar to that person from the past.
But just physically, he and that ‘Xu Ze’ were two people.
If Yang Yan had any thoughts about him in the future, it would be a betrayal of 'Xu Ze'.

Xu Ze took out the sketch paper of the baby sketched in pencil.
He no longer sealed it, but stuck it on the wall.
Leaving aside Yang Yan, Xu Ze really liked the baby.

Even if that wasn’t born from his pregnancy, even if he had no relations with the baby, he would still like the baby’s cute little face. 

After getting Xu Ze’s number, Yang Yan didn’t ask Xu Ze out immediately.
Before that, he asked someone to investigate, including Xu Ze’s birth, the school he attended, and what Xu Ze did after graduation.
The results of the investigation showed that Xu Ze’s parents died unexpectedly when he was very young.
He received a large amount of compensation money.
With this compensation money, Xu Ze finished university and bought a house in the city.

After graduation, he didn’t work in any company and made some small investments by himself.
Xu Ze seemed to have a unique vision and the projects he invested in did not suffer any losses.
Unlike most ordinary investors, losses were the norm and profits were nothing but pie dropping from the sky.

Xu Ze currently lived by himself, was single, never had any lovers, and only recently got closer to Gao Cheng.

After looking over the above information, Yang Yan found nothing unusual. 

It wasn’t that he had any doubts about Xu Ze, it was just because of his baby.
Yang Yan didn’t know why the baby just saw Xu Ze once, yet he liked Xu Ze so much and never forgot about him.

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In addition, Yang Yan held the information in his hand, and his eyes were fixed on Xu Ze’s name.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the other information that followed, proving that this Xu Ze was not the Xu Ze he knew, Yang Yan almost thought that this person was deliberately approaching him and the baby.

If he was simply approaching him and bearing Xu Ze’s name, Yang Yan would not take the other party too seriously.
But approaching his child, it was necessary for Yang Yan to investigate this clearly. 

The information about Xu Ze’s past could not be clearer.
It really seemed like a puzzling coincidence.

Yang Yan put down the documents and got up from the chair.
He walked to the window and looked at the blue sky.
His heart had already died with the person he once liked.
Although there was another Xu Ze now, he knew clearly that it was not his Xu Ze.

Yang Yan shook his head slowly.
He sighed and returned to his desk to continue working.
Yang Yan’s work efficiency was extremely high now, much higher than in the past.
The reason was that there was a little guy waiting for him at home.
Although he had hired a nanny to take care of the baby, a father was different from a nanny.
The nanny could not replace the father’s position.

Regarding the investigation information, Yang Yan put it away and locked it in a drawer.
He drove his car and hurried home. 

So this is a shorter chapter mostly because I’m splitting chapter 34 into 4 parts.
Was it because I’m dragging it out? Was it me being lazy? Or was it me binging reading the entirety of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint novel(551 chapters, about 0.9-1.3 million words) and forgetting that I had to translate?

Sigh, truly a mystery.


But seriously, everyone in this novel but the baby is a scum.
Even the author is scummy.
Author still hasn’t used the baby’s full name.
I’m assuming it’s Yang Ze, but there’s no confirmation.

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