Ch7 – Twenty Million

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Xu Ze was an activist.
Since Yang Yan already arranged it this way, he was too lazy to dodge or tweak it in some way.
Packing up some things, he went to Yang Yan’s house that’s outside of school on the second day.

That was a house with a cline, so Yang Yan drove a car to carry Xu Ze over. 

Downstairs and upstairs all had clean rooms.
Xu Ze chose a room downstairs.
Right now the months aren’t big so it might be fine, but wait until when his stomach gets bigger, then it wouldn’t be convenient to climb the stairs.

Yang Yan gave Xu Ze all the keys to the house.
The hired person arrived in the morning, taking care of the entire house again.

As for this auntie who’ll clean and cook, naturally, her background was also investigated.
After all, she came here to take care of Xu Ze’s diet and daily life.
Not only was it to take care of Xu Ze one person, but to also take care of the child in Xu Ze’s belly.

Yang Yan had informed this housekeeper about the matter of the child.
The hire fee he offered was more than doubled compared to the employers of the same type.
The condition was naturally that the housekeeper had to keep anything in this house a secret and could not let other people know. 

After Yang Yan sent the person over, he didn’t stay too long.
He had an appointment with other people for dinner, so Xu Ze was left by himself in the house.


After Yang Yan left, Xu Ze felt a lot easier.
To be honest, if Yang Yan was here, Xu Ze still had to spend energy to handle Yang Yan.

Xu Ze looked around the house to familiarize his surroundings.

It was almost dinner.
The auntie brought the ingredients when she came over, so she’ll be in the kitchen cooking.


Waiting for it to finish might need around half an hour.
Xu Ze said to the aunt that he’s going out to buy some things, but he didn’t elaborate on what he’s buying.

Subsequently, Xu Ze picked himself up to go out the door.

While going upstairs, Xu Ze saw there was an ATM by the unit door.
Xu Ze hasn’t taken out the time to check the amount inside of the bank card that Yang Yan gave to Xu Ze yesterday.

Going downstairs using the elevator, he arrived in front of the ATM.
He inserted the card into the card slot and chose to check the balance.
When the five hundred thousand appeared brightly in front of Xu Ze, the corner of Xu Ze’s mouth subconsciously raised up. 

It’s clear that Yang Yan was a person that keeps his words.

Xu Zu himself didn’t have any love or hate towards Yang Yan.

The person having emotional entanglement with Yang Yan was the original host.

As for where the soul of the original host went, whether they went to another place or were thoroughly invaded by him, Xu Ze already tried to call for them in this body.
He did not receive any response. 

He himself inexplicably came to this world.
No one told him why he came or what he should do when he came.
Presently, these choices and behaviors were all based on Xu Ze’s personal wishes.

If the original host returns one day in the future, Xu Ze could only say apologies to the other party, temporarily invading and occupying the other’s life.

And that night, it was probably because of the day having the thoughts, so the night had the dreams.
Xu Ze seemed to dream of the original host in a trance.

The original host said: “You can control this body however you want to, I won’t take it back.” 

Xu Ze was puzzled: “You don’t want me to help you slap face and abuse the scum?”

The original owner smiled, his smile was strangely charming: “I had thought about it before, but afterward I saw it clearly.
He didn’t like me.
Besides, it was myself who took the initiative to send myself up, to be honest.
I thought someone like him would be sincere, but I thought wrong.
Yang Yan, that guy was only just playing around.”

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“I just never thought I could actually get pregnant.
As for this point, I’m really sorry, having you to bear this.” The original host was very gentle, his smile was quite contagious.

“So you wouldn’t be angry when I give birth to the child?” Xu Ze asked. 

“I wouldn’t.
He probably wants to come into this world……”

Whatever the two said later, Xu Ze’s memory became blurred when he woke up the next day.

But the original host appeared in the dream, making Xu Ze have the kind of feeling that it was really the other person.

Combined with a prediction about the future that had suddenly appeared in his mind, Xu Ze pieced together some key information. 

With these key information, Xu Ze no longer has any psychological burden.
This body and life’s principles from now on, he will do it entirely according to his own preferences.

No one will ever control him however they want to.

Xu Ze’s explanation to his roommates about the matter of moving out of the dormitory was that due to his body’s issues, the food in the school cafeteria sometimes feels uncomfortable when he eats.
So he’s moving out to cook for himself.

Zhou Xing asked in the middle: “It’s not you cohabiting with someone right?” 

Xu Ze of course shook his head: “How would it be that? If I’m cohabiting with someone, I definitely would let you guys know as soon as possible.”

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Xu Ze’s eyes were bright as if he could never ever tell a lie.

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The main reason was that Yang Yan doesn’t like that place very much, so he lives in another place.

This matter of Yang Yan giving ten million to Xu Ze, having Xu Ze birth the child, his friend Xie Chengzhou soon knew.

Originally, Xie Chengzhou left the hospital in advance that day was because he had a private matter.
When the matter was finished, it was already late at night.
He still wanted to take advantage of this period of time when Xu Ze was aborting the child.
When the psychological defense line was relatively loose, he would attack Xu Ze.
His interest in Xu Ze was very big.

As a result, he was accidentally told that not only was the child not aborted, Xu Ze was even living with Yang Yan, who specially hired someone to take care of Xu Ze, this pregnant person. 

Xie Chengzhou found Yang Yan, asking Yang Yan why he couldn’t think it through and suddenly wanted this child.

With how old they were, even ten years later wouldn’t be late.


Yang Yan answered: “The elders at home like children.”

Would Xie Chengzhou believe Yang Yan’s words? It sounded just like he was fooling him. 

“It’s not that you still have lingering feelings with Xu Ze right? Are you planning to marry him when he gives birth to the child?”

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Yang Yan squinted at Xie Chengzhou, his sight clearly saying “Are you an idiot or do you think I am an idiot”.

Xie Chengzhou shook his head and laughed, unable to think of why Yang Yan would suddenly want the child and even spent ten million.

“All right all right, you really don’t need this bit of money.
Did you tell your family?” Xie Chengzhou approached and asked. 

“Say what?” Yang Yan raised his eyebrows.
His plan was to wait for the child to be born, then take the child home afterward and directly give the result.

Xie Chengzhou patted Yang Yan on the shoulder, his smile had great interest: “If Xu Ze birthed you a cute and well-behaved child, next time I’ll let him also give birth to one for me.
I’ll pay twenty million.”

Yang Yan glanced at Xie Chengzhou nonchalantly.
No matter if Xie Chengzhou was joking or really had this plan, after he gave money when the child was born if Xu Ze wanted to make money by giving birth to children for people, what does it have to do with him?

He was thinking like this, but Yang Yan’s heart didn’t know why and suddenly felt unhappy for some reason. 

Xie Chengzhou asked Yang Yan this day.
He said he was going to chase Xu Ze right now and asked Yang Yan for his opinions.

If Yang Yan said no, then he’ll wait until the child is born before chasing after him.

Yang Yan replied, “If you want to chase then chase.” If Xie Chengzhou didn’t feel uncomfortable chasing someone who has his seed in their stomach, what else did he have to say?

It’s only that Yang Yan didn’t expect that Xie Chengzhou’s way of pursuing people was quite high-profile. 

It was high-profile to the point that many people around them now knew Xie Chengzhou has been fascinated by someone recently.
Fascinated to flipping his spirit, sending flowers every day.

After a few days again, a few that played well-made appointments to play ball.
Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan were both here.

A person was particularly interested in the beauty Xie Chengzhou is pursuing, telling Xie Chengzhou to call them out for everyone to see.
They didn’t know what kind of national beauty was able to fascinate Xie Chengzhou like this.

Xie Chengzhou took the cue and hit two balls, he laughed like the rippling spring. 

“Call them out? Can’t call them out, I haven’t caught them in my hands yet.”

“Didn’t catch them? It’s impossible, right? There is someone you can’t catch even after you show your hand? I’m afraid that you have already slept them!” That person obviously didn’t believe Xie Chengzhou’s words.



“You’re kidding right?” The other friends also cast over gossiping glances. 

Yang Yan was on the side, sitting on a sofa drinking, his fingers holding the wine glass.
Xie Chengzhou’s sights glanced over to Yang Yan, the two eyes met in the air.
It was like there was faintly a fire flickering.

“What could I have? His heart has another person inside, I still haven’t replaced that person’s position.” Xie Chengzhou smiled.

“Oh, aren’t you digging someone’s corner like this? The other person’s lover’s head has a big green hat on top, hahaha!”

Only the two people, Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan, knew about the real situation.
Nobody else knew, so they made a fuss. 

According to Xie Chengzhou’s words, they came to the conclusion that Xie Chengzhou was digging someone’s corner.

And the person’s corner was being dug at the scene, even though it was clearly only a type of deal between him and Xu Ze.
He paid money to Xu Ze to give him the child.
It didn’t matter to him who Xu Ze wanted to associate with or sleep with.

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However, when these playful laughter from the surroundings reached Yang Yan’s ears, Yang Yan’s mood suddenly sank.

With a loud dong, Yang Yan put the wine glass on the coffee table.
The sound was so loud and without warning, so everyone in the room was taken aback. 

People turned their heads and looked at Yang Yan and saw Yang Yan, who had been sitting and drinking, standing up.
The pressure around was low, the dark eyes seemed to be gathering clouds of storms.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what happened, and wanted to ask the reason.
Someone was just about to open his mouth when Yang Yan’s eyes stared over with a gloomy look.
That person directly went mute.

Yang Yan walked straight to Xie Chengzhou.
He raised his chin slightly and Xie Chengzhou raised his eyebrows slightly.

The room was silent in an instant, and some people even thought that Yang Yan might fight Xie Chengzhou in the next moment. 

And the reason for the fight was because Xie Chengzhou dug someone’s corner to give the person a green hat.

So, Xie Chengzhou was giving Yang Yan a green hat?

With this thought, someone’s eyes widened and later they also felt it shouldn’t be.
The two liked different types.
Yang Yan liked the pure-looking ones, while Xie Chengzhou liked the kind with bright and beautiful appearance.

The fight though wasn’t fought, since fighting for a small thing was too shameful for their identity. 

But Yang Yan’s heart felt very uncomfortable.
He asked Xie Chengzhou to play a round with him, and the winner would be determined by one round.
The loser will give the opponent twenty million.

“Twenty million?”


Exclamations erupted inside the room.

Xie Chengzhou raised his eyebrows.
He knew why Yang Yan was unhappy.
To be honest, his pursuit of Xu Ze was just for fun anyways.
But if he wanted to steal someone from Yang Yan, don’t say it, but it would be unprecedentedly more exciting than ever. 

He knew that Yang Yan’s own territorial consciousness was at work and not because Yang Yan likes Xu Ze.
They were similar people, the most favorite would always be themself.
So Xie Chengzhou can afford to play around.

“Sure, twenty million!” Xie Chengzhou made a decision.

The air was filled with gunpowder smoke.
Everyone around was anxious, not daring to interrupt.

Soon Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou started a round and fought. 

Usually, when playing ball, they just played around.
The two people were strangely serious on this day.

Not only those twenty million, but everyone wanted to see who would win.

The two played fiercely, and someone took their cell phone to record this scene.

Both balls and scores were drawn close.
It wasn’t clear who would win in the end.
The other people began to bet and throw money one after another, it was about five five split. 

When there were four balls left, Yang Yan suddenly made a major error, causing the aftermath like he gave the victory to Xie Chengzhou.
Landing in everyone’s eyes, it really was like Yang Yan giving Xie Chengzhou the ball in addition to giving the money.

After winning the ball, Xie Chengzhou was in a happy mood which beamed in his eyebrows.
He put his cue aside and walked in front of Yang Yan.

“Brother, thank you for delivering the ball.”

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Yang Yan waved his hand coldly and knocked off Xie Chengzhou’s hand that’s on his shoulder.
Losing two million was nothing.
The key point was that he lost, which made the inside of Yang Yan’s heart feel frustrated. 

“Right now I don’t have so much cash in my hand, I’ll transfer it to you another day.” Yang Yan’s face was vacant, so people couldn’t see his specific thoughts.

“No need, I was joking.
How can I really make you give twenty million? Everyone is friends, it’s just playing.” Xie Chengzhou’s meaning was that you don’t have to be so serious about winning or losing this time, just treat it like playing around.

The corner of Yang Yan’s mouth hooked up and sneered: “Do you think I can’t afford to play?”

As long as they’re a person, one could tell that Yang Yan was unhappy. 

Xie Chengzhou converged and laughed: “Why would I? That’s fine, you have my card number.
You can transfer it over another day.”

Yang Yan left the clubhouse.
They played in the billiards room of the clubhouse.
He left alone and no one followed him.


When he drove the car to a small residential area, Yang Yan pushed the door and got out of the car.
He was wearing tailor-made high-end casual clothes, his tall and straight body was incisive and vivid, and he had a tough and handsome face.
Passing pedestrians subconsciously gave him extra glances.

Xu Ze was sitting cross-legged on the sofa while watching TV and eating dried mangos when the door of the room was suddenly opened by someone. 

Xu Ze followed the sound and looked over, seeing Yang Yan walk in with an ugly expression on his face.

The auntie left after finishing her work, so it was only Xu Ze in the room.

Seeing Yang Yan come over, Xu Ze put down the dried mango in his hand.
His gaze moved along with Yang Yan’s movement.

Yang Yan walked into the room and smelled a faint fragrance of flowers as soon as he entered the room.
Looking into the room, he saw the coffee table and windowsill all had fresh flowers on top. 

The flowers are delicate and dripping, it was apparent that they were replaced just not too long.

“The flowers were sent by Xie Chengzhou?” Yang Yan asked coldly.
Just looking at it, he was questioning him, but his tone was quite determined.

“En, yes.” Xu Ze nodded and returned.

Yang Yan had smiles at the corner of his mouth, though it was a smile without warmth: “You didn’t throw it away and even put it in the house.
Did you forget what this place was?” 

Yang Yan’s tone became more and more aggressive.

“I know, I’ve thrown it away before.
After seeing it, the aunt said that the fragrance of flowers would help me with the fetus, so she found a vase and put it out.” Faced with Yang Yan’s questioning, Xu Ze explained the reason for keeping the flowers.

Yang Yan seemed to accept this explanation, but it also seemed like he didn’t.

“You are pregnant with my seed right now, give me peace of mind.
Don’t go thinking about seducing people.
You think Xie Chengzhou is easy to get along with.
Believe that he’ll eat you until nothing is left.” Yang Yan’s words that came out were strangely sharp. 

Don’t even mention that Xu Ze didn’t even think about seducing Xie Chengzhou, even if he really did, it wouldn’t be Yang Yan’s turn to teach him and blame him.

Xu Ze smiled suddenly but was smiling at Yang Yan’s unprovoked accusations.

“I don’t have any interest in Xie Chengzhou.
It’s him that had to come and pester me.
Yang Yan, aren’t you and Xie Chengzhou good friends? Why don’t you try to persuade him to not always have the idea of a pregnant person.”

Yang Yan’s brows wrinkled.
Xu Ze’s casual and indifferent attitude only made Yang Yan feel that Xu Ze was deliberately allowing Xie Chengzhou to pursue him. 

“Xie Chengzhou intends to wait for you to give birth to me, then he’ll also let you birth him a child.” Yang Yan said these words.

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