Ch10 – Self Help Meal

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Xu Ze’s bright peach blossom eyes stared directly at Yang Yan.
Probably because the temperature in the hot pot restaurant was higher than outside, although Xu Ze didn’t drink, his face was still flushed with a thin layer of red, and the end of his eyes seemed to be dyed with a smear of red.

That smear of red exuded bewitching power for no reason, bewitching Yang Yan, making Yang Yan’s heart dry in an instant. 

But afterward, Yang Yan’s face worsened, because when he thought that Xu Ze just used such a charming face to talk and laugh with that girl, the angry fire in his chest burned more vigorously.

Seeing Yang Yan’s look that’s as if he was about to get furious again at any time, Xu Ze sighed in his heart.
Five hundred a month, there were still nine and a half million.
Xu Ze told himself not not to get along with money.



Xu Ze took out his phone before Yang Yan took any action.
He directly called Zhou Xing, who was still in the hot pot restaurant.

From that side, Zhou Xing immediately answered when he realized it’s Xu Ze calling. 

“Zhou Xing, I temporarily have some things to do, so I won’t accompany you to eat the hot pot.
I’ll take my leave first.” Xu Ze didn’t cut any corners and directly said that there was something he had to do.
This having something wasn’t even considered a lie, because he does have to deal with a matter.


“Okay, your task today has been completed anyways.
Pay attention to safety, don’t run away with some wild man.” The latter words were just a joke.
Zhou Xing didn’t know that his joke was almost the same as the facts.

Xu Ze was indeed together with a certain wild man, and that wild man was standing right in front of him.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Ze raised his jaw slightly towards Yang Yan, using his eyes to ask Yang Yan whether he was satisfied with him doing this.


Yang Yan originally thought Xu Ze would go tit-for-tat with him.
Yet when he turned his head, Xu Ze already turned soft and submitted.
This made his sent-out fist slammed fiercely into a ball of cotton, and Yang Yan only felt that his chest was congested.

But Xu Ze already acted like this.
If he was going to lose his temper again, it would be as if he was really looking for trouble on purpose.
Yang Yan didn’t say a word, his expression showed that he accepted Xu Ze’s rhetoric.

Xu Ze’s eyes dimmed.
Although he hadn’t been in a relationship with anyone or liked anyone, Yang Yan’s current practices made Xu Ze have to think more.

In order to verify a certain idea in his heart, Xu Ze approached Yang Yan.
The distance between the two of them instantly shortened.
Xu Ze looked into Yang Yan’s eyes, and sure enough, he saw some things. 

A person’s eyes couldn’t lie.
Xu Ze believed he didn’t saw wrong.
Perhaps Yang Yan doesn’t know it himself, but there was an expression in his eyes, and it really looked like vinegar.

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Eating his vinegar?

They weren’t lovers.
Xu Ze sneered in his heart.

“Originally, I planned to leave later.
Zhou Xing and the others still have other entertainment activities later.
I wouldn’t have followed them.
My roommates all know my sexuality.
They wanted to talk about love with girls, so they just pulled me over for a while.

There was no need for Xu Ze to say this, but he still said it, because he could see that Yang Yan wanted to hear it.

“You should still have matters to deal with, so I won’t be taking your car.
I’ll get a taxi and return, goodbye!” After saying that Xu Ze and Xie Chengzhou also glanced at each other.
He walked in front of Yang Yan with a dull expression, as if to him, Yang Yan wasn’t much different from the other pedestrians passing by.

Yang Yan grabbed Xu Ze’s hand and Xu Ze’s footstep stopped.
He turned his head and raised an eyebrow to ask Yang Yan if there was still any other matter.

The two were very close, close enough that Yang Yan saw his shrunken face through Xu Ze’s eyes.
That face’s expression was unfamiliar, at least for Yang Yan himself.
He felt very strange as if there was another kind of emotion besides anger. 

The grasped wrist was extremely slender as if it could be easily twisted off with a little bit of force.
A scene from a few days ago appeared in front of Yang Yan’s eyes.

In that scene, Xu Ze curled up into a ball because of abdominal cramps.
He bit his lip, his face pale and fragile till making one’s heart distressed.
Yang Yan immediately relieved the strength of his hand, fearing to hurt Xu Ze.


Yang Yan released his hand and Xu Ze left quickly.
He walked very fast and disappeared from Yang Yan’s vision in the blink of an eye.

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As for what will happen to Yang Yan after he leaves, Xu Ze didn’t have any interest in caring.
Even in the short contact, Xu Ze had a vague kind of feeling, that Yang Yan seemed to be a little different from the original one.
He only knew this matter, that’s it. 

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Xu Zeyao sat with his hands lightly on his abdomen.
The child was almost two months old.
A month ago, his entire abdomen was abnormally flat.
He also doesn’t know from which day, but whenever he put his palm on his stomach, he could feel vaguely a little protrusion.

There was a child in his stomach, a little life.
Xu Ze turned his head and looked out the window, occasionally thinking about maybe one day after sleeping, he would return to his original world, that everything in this world was his dream. 

At that time, he might tell his friends that he had a dream, a dream that he could conceive and give birth to a child.

After Xu Ze left, Yang Yan and his party also left.
When he went to the bar he used to go to, Yang Yan seemed absent-minded while holding the wine.
Others were having fun, yet he seemed to be drifting away from the bustle here.
Xie Chengzhou watched from the sidelines, and didn’t point out that something was wrong with Yang Yan.
Xie Chengzhou noticed a bit of the situation.
Yang Yan didn’t actually think of Xu Ze as a tool for childbirth as he does on the surface.
He probably also had a few other feelings.

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Of course, Xie Chengzhou wouldn’t remind Yang Yan.
It’s best for Yang Yan to keep doing this, so he could have a chance.

Yang Yan took his little lover and left first.
Xie Chengzhou thought the two would go directly to open the room.
He didn’t know that as soon as he got out of the bar, Yang Yan told Lu Sheng to call a taxi back by himself, and at the same time he said a phrase of “Tomorrow I will send a million in your card.” 

Lu Sheng was suddenly shocked, he asked anxiously, “Why? Is it because……”

Yang Yan used cold-blooded eyes to look at him.
Lu Sheng took a step back, and he whispered, “I understand.”

Lu Sheng actually wanted to ask Yang Yan if it was because of Xu Ze, but he immediately realized that he might not be able to get the one million if he asked this.

One million wasn’t considered to be a small amount, and he had a hunch early on that Yang Yan would let him leave.
Probably after seeing Xu Ze in KTV, whenever Yang Yan asked him to come out, he only used him as the background board.
Even if they went to the hotel, Yang Yan wouldn’t touch him at all. 

Lu Sheng clenched his fist, and he told himself that it was okay.
Yang Yan had given him more than enough, he couldn’t take a mile from an inch.
He wanted to leave a good impression on Yang Yan.

Lu Sheng turned around and left without waiting for Yang Yan to directly have him leave.

Yang Yan got into the car, and suddenly the surroundings were quiet.
Quiet to the point it’s as if the whole world had lost its voice.

He should have a lot of things, yet at that moment, Yang Yan felt as if he had nothing. 

When the car drove over to Xu Ze, Yang Yan didn’t push the door to go out immediately.
After sitting in the car for a long time, a race car whizzed past.
Yang Yan’s eyes flickered, and then he got out of the car.

Yang Yan rarely came to live here all year round.
Although it was close to the school, at the beginning he bought this house because of this point.
But after buying it, he didn’t like it here.
He moved out after living here for a while.


He currently lives in another place.
To a certain extent, Yang Yan actually kind of chose a bed.
So even if he spends a night outside playing, he will always drive back.

After staying here temporarily on this day, he thought he might not fall asleep, yet he fell asleep shortly after he fell down. 

It could be said that after sleeping until dawn, Yang Yan almost thought he was in another property when he woke up the second day.

He pushed the door open to go down, Yang Yan’s bedroom was on the second floor.
The auntie’s figure was busy in the kitchen.
When she came out, she saw Yang Yan getting up.
The auntie said that breakfast would be done soon.

Yang Yan said with a bland face.
He glanced in the direction of a certain bedroom on the first floor.
He did not ask, but the auntie understood what he meant.
The auntie said Xu Ze was still asleep, and Xu Ze would usually get up late on weekends.

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Yang Yan nodded his head and sat on the living room sofa. 

There was one extra water glass in the living room than last night.
The auntie had taken out one more for Yang Yan to use.

Yang Yan picked up the cup and drank two sips of hot water.

Because there were no matters he needed to do today, Yang Yan planned to leave after breakfast.
The auntie prepared the meal and was ready to knock on Xu Ze’s room to call the person.
Yang Yan stood up and said he was going to call Xu Ze.

Yang Yan raised his hand and knocked on the door of a tightly closed room, but no one responded after waiting for a while. 

At this time, Xu Ze was washing his hands, and the sound of the flowing water covered up the knocking sound.

Yang Yan knocked a few times, thinking that Xu Ze was still asleep.
He turned around and planned to leave.
If Xu Ze wanted to sleep then let him sleep more.
But suddenly he thought of the child in Xu Ze’s stomach, that was his child.
For the child’s health, Xu Ze had to get up and eat breakfast.
Yang Yan gave himself this reason.

He probably didn’t want to admit that he actually wanted to see Xu Ze’s appearance when he’s asleep.
He had actually seen it before, but his past memories seemed vague as if they were fake.

But when Yang Yan tried to push Xu Ze’s door, he found that the door was locked from inside.
No other people would come to this room, yet it seemed Xu Ze needed to do something hidden that he even locked the door. 

Yang Yan’s expression sank instantly.
Adding that this was his place, suddenly he couldn’t even open a door.
For Yang Yan, who had always been in control of everything, this made him uncomfortable.
Yang Yan turned around and looked for the door key then opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, the bedroom was empty, there wasn’t any of Xu Ze’s shadow.

The window was open and Yang Yan panicked for a moment.
He thought Xu Ze found a chance to sneak away last night, otherwise why would there be no one in the room.

Just when Yang Yan’s mood was about to become negative to the extreme, some sounds came from the bathroom. 

It wasn’t the sound of water flowing, but a strange sound.
That sound was sticky like it was deliberately holding back, yet suddenly being unable to hold back.

Yang Yan’s brows wrinkled slightly.


Because Xu Ze was pregnant with his child, the two lived together.
Yang Yan had to pay attention to and care about Xu Ze.
As time went by, Yang Yan realized that Xu Ze’s existence was more important than he thought.

Searching for the sound, Yang Yan walked to the bathroom.
When he walked right outside the bathroom door, another sound came out.
This sound was a little bit smaller than the previous one, but Yang Yan’s originally confused expression instantly became clear.
He knew what Xu Ze was doing inside. 

Yang Yan knew that the best thing to do at this time was for him to leave directly.
He shouldn’t go in and disturb Xu Ze.

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But it was very strange at the time.
When Yang Yan reacted, he had already pushed the door open with the door handle.

As soon as he opened the door, the scene in front of him was quite visually impactful.
Yang Yan stared at Xu Ze’s slightly raised chin.
The arc between Xu Ze’s chin and slender neck was drawing out sounds that made one’s heart tremble.

Xu Ze liked to eat self-help meals, he didn’t have any interest in a two-person meal. 

This included the time before he transmigrated.
When he was alone, he always made self-help meals for himself to eat.

When Yang Yan suddenly appeared, using a piercing gaze to stare at him.
In the beginning, Xu Ze was immersed in the delicious self-served meal, so he didn’t notice him.
It was only after Yang Yan walked in front of him that he was aware there was one more person.

Xu Ze slowly raised his head, staring at the uninvited Yang Yan.
The two’s sight converged in the air.
Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes were misty, hazy, and soft to the extreme.

Author has words to say: 

Mini Theater!

Yang Yan: Ahahahah! Wife, look at me, look at me! It’s free, 24 hours all day unconditional service! Quickly look at me!

Xu Ze: Can’t see it.

Yang Yan: Wrongly eats his hands T﹏T 

I wonder what’s going to happen~ Anywho, time to break the atmosphere with the first two shorts of the short novel~

PS: I’m splitting it into two because it works better in terms of the format of the two novels I mentioned in the last chapter, “Telling Ghost Stories At My Ex-boyfriend’s Wedding” and “After Getting Gayified, I Swore Off Parody Mashups”.
Also, badump is heartbeats.
You’ll know what I mean soon.


Here’s the second~ 


Well, that’s that.
See you next week~ 

PS: If this format is interesting to you, go read the two novels I mentioned.
They’re both on CG and they’re quite a fun read.
Though mine might be slightly different, considering each ‘chapter’ will be longer.

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