Chapter 7 Carrying a Scandal

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Time was the best weapon for erasing all existence.
Almost no one has mentioned Song Que matter.
Unless someone said it, it attracted a group of ridicule.
Still, most of the time, Song Que almost disappeared from the public eye.

    On the other hand, Song Que was like a duck in water inside the crew and quickly became acquainted with several main actors.
He was not a man with long sleeves that was advantageous in dance, but someone that spoke with strength, the friendship he had developed was more reliable.
The actor who plays Zhang Mu was Lin Tiancheng, who has the most momentum among the younger generation.
He was not top traffic, but whether it was his appearance, acting skills, or work, he was a leader of the same age.

[Chang Xiu Shan Wu (长袖善舞) Chinese Idiom which refers to something to rely on, given assistance, things that are quickly done]

    Compared with Song Que, Lin Tiancheng’s acting skills were a little inexperienced.
Still, this inexperience and weakness was precisely in line with Zhang Mu’s character, especially in comparison to Luo Wen’s.
Moreover, Lin Tiancheng was very eager to learn.
After being brought into the play by Song Que several times, he often asks Song Que to play against each other and often observes how Song Que creates the details of the characters.

    Song Que was not selfish.
Seeing that he has a heart, he was not stingy when he could give pointers.
The two big men are holding a script and having fun on the set all day.

    Director Lou was also happy to see this.
Actors who could put their minds into the play were naturally the director’s favorite.

    Today’s scene was the first time Zhang Mu follows the case to find Luo Wen.

    Song Que wore a uniform, and the buttons were buttoned up to the top, wearing a hat.
Looking solemn, with long eyebrows on his temples, the whole person sat upright and looked up at the documents, which was a kind of majesty.

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    Zhang Mu held the file in his hand and knocked on the door.

    Luo Wen paused the pen in his hand and said, “Come in.”

    Zhang Mu entered the door.
He had already reported to Luo Wen about the murder case, so Luo Wen didn’t ask him why he had come here.
Letting him sit down directly.

    The first confrontation between the two was quite friendly.
At this time, Luo Wen’s other side had not yet been revealed.
Zhang Mu regarded him as a superior and a senior, so naturally, there was no confrontation atmosphere.
Moreover, many of Luo Wen’s ideas were consistent with Zhang Mu’s.
Making Zhang Mu felt the same frustration when investigating the case back then.
With Luo Wen’s guidance and sharing, Zhang Mu’s suspicions about the suspect Chen Jingwen grew even higher.

    In the early stage, Luo Wen was a good person, and it was not difficult to act as long as he showed a responsible side.
But Song Que didn’t want to do such a thin performance.
He wanted to lay the groundwork for the truth from the first appearance.
When people replay it, they can find resonance in the details of the earlier period when they already know the truth.
But this kind of foreshadowing can’t be too much.
Otherwise, it will cause discord and premature suspicion, making the uncovering in the later stage unpleasant.

    Song Que thought for a long time and chose to use the emotion of mockery to foreshadow.
So when Zhang Mu asked why Chen Jingwen was acquitted, Luo Wen’s eyes were full of ridicule, as if he was mocking those who have lost their conscience.
He seemed to be mocking himself, who finally compromised.

    But watching this scene after watching the ending was another story.
Luo Wen was a very conceited person.
For what he believes, he will even practice it with his life.
His mockery here was by no means a mockery of his own compromise, and he will never compromise.
The person Luo Wen mocked was Chen Jingwen, the murderer who was triumphant ten years ago and gradually lost his vigilance in the past ten years.
He thought he had escaped but didn’t know he was doomed.
Luo Wen spread out the net, and his sharp blade was also caught.
Regardless of whether Zhang Mu will identify Chen Jingwen as the murderer, the things that happened more than ten years ago will surface again, and Luo Wen will put him on trial.

    Song Que had already communicated with Director Lou before doing this.
Director Lou quite liked the idea, but he refused to say much.
Director Lou excitedly slapped his thighs as soon as Song Que finished performing here.
Now he really thanked himself for giving Song Que a chance.
Although the Luo Wen in front of him was born out of the script, there were already many differences.
He and Song Que made such a complex and charismatic character together little by little, and the feeling was so exciting that the scalp was tingling.

    After this scene, Song Que was able to rest for a while.
After closing his eyes and sleeping on the chair, he was woken up by Ke Ai.

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    Ke Ai has more things to deal with now.
She can’t stay by his side like when Song Que played Xiao Zuoyi, so she hired an assistant for him.
Fortunately, the salary of the previous play has come in, so Song Que can get rid of the dilemma of money only going out, not in.
It didn’t hurt to hire an additional assistant.

    Song Que opened his eyes and asked, “Xiao Ke, what happened?”

    Ke Ai’s expression was a bit complicated; she seemed anxious, her brows were furrowed and slightly angry, but she seemed a little excited and nervous.
She keeps sucking her lips as if to convince herself in her mind.

    It seemed that she saw a massive opportunity in her eyes, a high-risk and high-reward opportunity.

    Ke Ai organized the language and said, “Look at He Wanting’s Weibo first.”

    He Wanting was the innocent actress trampled into a mistress in the hotel script.

    Song Que had some idea in his mind, so he opened Weibo.
In fact, he has an officially certified Weibo account.
He is always logged on, but he never posted a Weibo account after his divorce, nor did he usually open it.

    He Wanting posted on Weibo: “I repeat, I didn’t become a misteress, nor did I have any wrongdoing with Teacher Song Que.
As for Miss Zhang’s public speech, she must have misunderstood; therefore, she accused me.
In this case, I will forgive her as long as she publicly apologizes.
In another case, Miss Zhang will do anything to discredit her competitors by stepping on her ex-husband.
If this is the case, Miss Zhang will not change her previous remarks.
I’m here to speak ruthlessly.
I’m not a mistress.
If someone can come up with solid evidence to slap me in the face, I’ll pick a high-rise building and jump off.
If it turns out that I’m not a mistress, all your words were nothing, you pick a tall building and jump off, do you dare? @Zhang Menglu”

    He Wanting’s first half-sentence was relatively rational.
Still, in the second half, she seems to have lost control of her emotions, even mentioning jumping off the building.

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    There were too many dirty rumors in the entertainment industry, and there were actors who had fought against black fans.
Still, it was rare to see someone as violent as He Wanting.
Weibo exploded.

    He Wanting’s remarks have nothing, just two words, confidence.
You can take your life to gamble, don’t you have the confidence?

    When she was ridiculed by the whole network before, He Wanting’s studio came out to clarify.
Still, it is the general trend to ridicule the mistress.
The studio’s clarification seems to be a drop in the bucket.
Only a handful of faithful fans see the clarification, cite it as a holy word, and help their goddess clarify science everywhere.
But the scandal of the mistress was still profoundly in most people’s hearts.

    When Ke Ai saw this, she wondered if He Wanting couldn’t stand the pressure and lost control of her emotions.
Or if it was a clarification method by the other party’s studio.
But the idea just popped up; she didn’t think about it.
Because no matter what they believed, they were all on He Wanting’s side, as long as it worked.

    In fact, He Wanting was still a bit dangerous.
Although Ke Ai believes that she and Song Que was nothing, it doesn’t mean that others can’t get some specious evidence to confuse the public.
It was impossible for He Wanting to jump off the building because of the fake evidence, and most cyberbullies are “mobs” who can’t tell the truth from the fake and have a good time.
They prefer to ridicule He Wanting instead of exploring the truth or the evidence.
If she doesn’t speak, she might be meanly given the title “Girl Jumping from a Building.”

    But at the moment, the people who have been defining this matter have begun to doubt the truth of the matter, and Zhang Menglu’s delay in responding has made everyone more suspicious.

    People who love reversal have sorted out the whole thing and quickly spread it all over Weibo, which was the first shot of whitewashing.

    Ke Ai has been with Song Que for more than a year.
She knows that Song Que still has feelings for Zhang Menglu.
Even if it wasn’t love, it was still affection.
At least when she was mentioned accidentally, it was still the eternal “Lulu.” Ke Ai was very annoyed by that “Lulu,” but she still had to be patient to persuade Song Que.
No matter how she thought about it, she thought this was an excellent opportunity.
Wang Yi’s play has been finalized and is now being edited and post-production.
It may be broadcast in a few months if the finalization goes well.
Instead of dealing with the audience’s resistance to Song Que at that time or letting Song Que forcefully attract fans through the role.
It was better to use He Wanting’s wind to do something.

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    Ke Ai thought about the words and said, “Song Que, the studio wants to clarify for you according to He Wanting’s ideas.
Of course, it won’t be as radical as He Wanting and make you do dangerous things.
And then, I hope you can also respond on your personal blog.”

    Seeing Song Que frowning slightly as if he didn’t want to participate.
Ke Ai immediately interrupted: “This matter is not just for you.
I know you don’t want to openly take the opposite position with Zhang Menglu, but you have already treated her fairly.
The one you should feel sorry for was He Wanting.
At first, her reputation was clean; now, it stinks to be associated as a mistress.
Now she wants to give the truth once and for all.
Are you unwilling to help?”

    Song Que pursed his lips and said, “I see.”

    How did Ke Ai’s studio subtly point out Song Que and wash his trumped-up charges together, not to mention it for the time being? Song Que also obediently posted a Weibo.

    “I didn’t cheat, and Miss He is not a mistress.”

    There was still no accusation against Zhang Menglu’s side, as if those words were not said against Zhang Menglu but were said to the public.

    Compared with the confident He Wanting, netizens have a worse attitude towards Song Que.
They feel that he was rubbing off on He Wanting and taking the opportunity to run out to wash for himself.
There was radical vicious tongue toward him: “He Wanting is not a mistress, it does not mean that you have not cheated.
Is mixing these two things to disguised replacement concept? Otherwise, you should also make a promise.
If there is evidence of cheating, will you jump off the building? “

    Song Que just saw this and replied.


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