Chapter 8 Carrying a Scandal

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Song Que was on the hot search because of his reply “Okay,” and the keyword was “Song Que okay.”

    Speaking of which, the person who left the message was too aggressive.

    Song Que came out to clarify at this time; it was easy for people to think that he was coming to rub the heat and, by the way, whitewash himself.

    But when He Wanting made such a scene, fans were already questioning the authenticity of what Zhang Menglu said.
If it was a scumbag, who was cheating and committing domestic violence, most people would ignore the words they say, aside from those who have a good heart who will shout at them.
But what if? What if Zhang Menglu lied about this? Song Que has changed from a scumbag to a suspect of being a scumbag at this time.

    With these two words, “suspected,” Song Que has human rights.
The ridicule was ridiculed; seeing someone speak so viciously, some passersby would not like it.

    Song Que’s indifferent “Okay” amused the indignant passersby, and they couldn’t help but reread his previous Weibo.
At this time, the benefits of having fewer posts on Weibo were revealed.
The less you say, the more room for imagination.
In addition, Song Que’s Weibo has always been the kind of light style, and he has never scolded anyone.
Almost all his Weibo posts were about work, giving people a feeling of lightness.

    Everyone goes back and sees the reply Song Que sent.
The more they look at it, the more they feel that this was the interpretation of Buddha-like, and there was a strong sense of “Can, it’s fine, let it go.” Some people quietly became fans.
Although the truth about cheating and domestic violence hasn’t come out yet, it’s not good to openly say that they were Song Que fans, but it’s okay to help him speak against the black fans.

[Fu xi (佛系) the Chinese online buzzword.
The primary meaning is no desire, no sadness and joy, and the pursuit of inner peace] 

[Hei fen (黑粉) anti-fans / those who oppose a particular star and smear a specific star, black fans are good at finding fault and making things up]

    “If there is evidence that he cheated with domestic violence, Song Que said he can jump off the building.
If there is no evidence, can you jump?”

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    “Don’t be a jumping dog.”

“You jump, I jump, we jump.
Everyone crowed on the rooftop together.’

     “Black fans have come; when they open their mouths, they are vicious and scary.
Zhang Menglu herself didn’t dare to respond, what are you jumping for?”

    The man didn’t expect so many people to scold him, fought a few times, and finally could not bear it and deleted the comment.

    However, even though his comment was deleted, someone had already taken a screenshot.
The marketing account was reposted, and it was widely uploaded on Weibo.

[Yin Xiao Hao (营销号), literally translates as marketing account, is a public account on an online platform that mainly aims at traffic or interest.
(creation and sharing are not the main purposes) by collecting some specific content, specific information, and then pushing it.
Some marketing accounts are similar to information porters, but they are not signed and authorized by the original author]

    Song Que became synonymous with Buddhist-like male stars overnight because of the phrase “Okay.”

    The public relations on Zhang Menglu’s side have also responded slowly.
The public relations center said, “the clean will be clean, and the dirty will be dirty.” Still, no clear statement was given on whether He Wanting was a mistress.
After all, Zhang Menglu only insinuated and did not point it out.
If Zhang Menglu’s team wrote it out in black and white because of He Wanting’s troubles, He Wanting could sue for defamation, then it would not be worth the loss.

    Seeing this, Zhang Menglu’s brain-damaged fans, like seeing some treasures, pulling a big flag, scolded He Wanting and Song Que.
But a more extensive base of passersby, seeing the unproductive public relations, become more suspicious.
In addition to the brain-dead fans jumping around, it makes people oppose them.

    After such a scolding battle, He Wanting and Song Que cleaned up most of their reputations and gained a lot of fans who were not so loyal.

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    Just when Song Que thought the matter was over, Zhang Menglu’s team sent another document, the divorce agreement between Song Que and Zhang Menglu.
It attached the text: “Guess why he went out of the house?” 

In the previous incident, Zhang Menglu’s public relations team was scolded miserably.
Didn’t know if it was to avenge the shame in the past.
If they couldn’t drag He Wanting, then pulled Song Que down.
At least one of the two people should be dragged.
It must not make people feel that Zhang Menglu was full of lies.
This time, it was bluntly rushed toward Song Que.

    However, the previous public relations had already caused Zhang Menglu’s team to lose credibility.
Except for Zhang Menglu’s fans shouting hard evidence and Song’s derailment.
Others started to subconsciously search for loopholes.

    This search really made people find something wrong and begin to analyze.

    The most significant doubt lies in the time.
The date of the divorce agreement was earlier than when Zhang Menglu publicly condemned Song Que for cheating and domestic violence.
This was very important and was the biggest contradiction that makes the following speculations untenable.

    The agreement that Song Que signed can be said to be extremely unfair, whether in terms of property division or child custody.

    Ordinary people, after seeing this, just as Zhang Menglu’s public relations team, thought that it was Song Que who cheated and had domestic violence.
So they signed an agreement to “surrender a country’s sovereign rights under humiliating terms.”

    But the blogger who analyzed it thought deeply again and asked a question: What is Song Que’s plan?

    Yes, what did Song Que sign such an agreement for?

    The first guess was that this was the hush money.
Zhang Menglu found out that he was cheating and fell out with him.
Then Song Que signed this agreement to keep Zhang Menglu from speaking out, trying to create the illusion of a peaceful breakup between the two parties.
Zhang Menglu unilaterally canceled it after getting the money, exposed Song Que’s evil deeds, and let out a bad breath.
But in this assumption, Song Que was a big scumbag who did domestic violence, cheated, and tried to cover up.
But after Zhang Menglu broke the contract, this kind of big scumbag didn’t say anything to slander his ex-wife.
You must know that as a former husband and wife, they have countless secrets about each other.
Just like Zhang Menglu secretly said that Song Que and He Wanting had an affair, but now there was no evidence at all.
If Song Que wanted to, he could have first accused Zhang Menglu of cheating.
In that case, both sides will suffer, and it will never be reduced to this point.
So the first conjecture was not valid.

    The second conjecture was based on Song Que’s derailment.
Then, he signed this agreement because of guilt, so he was willing to leave the house and didn’t fight to get the custody of one of the two children, nor did he ask Zhang Menglu to be tight-lipped.
But why did Song Que deny that he had cheated if that was the case? With such a heart of guilt and confession of wrongdoing, it was an excellent choice to go the prodigal path after the apology.
It will never get the route of being hacked by the whole network.

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    If neither of these two speculations holds true, it makes no sense for Song Que to derail.

    The blogger finally came up with a guess that he felt was the most realistic: Song Que did not cheat or engage in domestic violence (if there were, Zhang Menglu’s team would have produced more substantial evidence these days), but he did have some personal control in Zhang Menglu’s hands, so after signing such an agreement, even if Zhang Menglu turned her back on him, he didn’t retaliate, just a brief defense.

    This blogger’s analysis was well-founded.
There was neither the filtering halo of brain-remaining fans nor the blackness of black fans.
Many people ate this analysis.
Someone transferred this analysis to the Weibo of Zhang Menglu’s team, which was liked and pinned to the top.
Zhang Menglu’s team still turned a blind eye, and they did not provide more robust evidence in the follow-up.

    After this episode, Song Que’s reputation for cheating and domestic violence was cleaned up with the help of Zhang Menglu’s public relations team.
Compared to the unknown handle, everyone seemed keener to ridicule Zhang Menglu’s public relations team, who sent assists to the other party one after another.
The Weibo that posted the divorce agreement was pulled out and ridiculed more than 800 times.
Even mockers deleted their Weibo.

    Although Ke Ai expected to profit from it, she didn’t expect such a good result, and she was so excited that she didn’t know what to say.

    She was still catching Zhang Menglu’s black material, and she had already acquired a lot.
Still, it was not a significant event that could hurt her, so it has been quoted but not sent.
Ke Ai was different from those fans.
She knows Song Que has no so-called handle in Zhang Menglu’s hand.

    Fortunately, he has now back in business again, and victory belongs to the side of justice after all.

    Ke Ai was very proud of Song Que, so when the crew of 《The Return of Yan》approached, and as soon as the two sides discussed, the crew began to release some footage.
There were Song Que clips inside.

    Xiao Zuoyi was a heavy character, but Song Que has become very popular recently, and his reputation has been washed away.
The crew wanted to take advantage of this share of wind.
It was also a good thing for Song Que.
After all, Song Que has no work for too long after the scandal.
He has been forgotten by the audience for too long.
Now that he had just been whitewashed, it was when the public was most eager for him, which was indeed conducive to the promotion of 《The Return of Yan》.
And both Song Que and Ke Ai were optimistic about the role of Xiao Zuoyi.
If 《The Return of Yan》 can be a big hit, the benefits to Song Que are self-evident.

    To avoid giving passersby the association of hyping the new drama.
Ke Ai did not let Song Que forward it and only forwarded it through the studio’s Weibo.
Because there were still some melon eaters who were following Song Que’s studio’s Weibo.
Very quickly, someone saw this set of footage videos.

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[Chi gua (吃瓜) mean onlooker]

    In this set of footage videos, there were quite a few of Song Que’s martial arts scenes, nothing more, just one word, handsome.

    Song Que’s martial arts scenes were incredibly coherent.
Even if he hangs on the wire, it has no effect.
On the contrary, he looks like a person who can move in the air with martial arts.

    When putting this kind of martial arts footage, others were all distressed, distressed and tired of hanging on a wire, distressed and tired of repeating actions repeatedly.

    When it came to Song Que, everyone saw him as handsome through an unedited video with blurred pixels.
The bottom was all licking the screen, and they cried bitterly that the camera was too far away to see his face.

[Tian pi (舔屏) literally means licking a screen.
It was used to control the drooling when seeing handsome guys and beauties]

    Didn’t know if the crew saw everyone’s complaints.
Not long after, the crew of 《The Return of Yan》 released new footage.
In this footage, Wang Yi took the cameraman to visit the important roles of the entire crew.
When Wang Yi found Song Que, he was lying on a chair, covered with a big padded jacket, the script was covered on his face, and he was obviously asleep.

    Wang Yi smiled mischievously at the camera and whispered: “Don’t shoot.
I’ll go and see if he looks good when he sleeps, don’t shoot if he doesn’t look good.”

    The camera looked straight ahead obediently, and then everyone heard Wang Yi say: “Damn, how can you look so good even when asleep?”

    Then the camera turned, and everyone instantly understood Wang Yi.
It was so handsome that he couldn’t be blocked by a dreg of pixels.

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