As she came into contact with these children and her therapy sessions with her doctor, little by little, her wounds began to heal. She felt as if she had found a harbor after floating at sea for so long. From them on she shifted her whole life to focus on her work at the institute. She began to take care of the preteen children, then the younger ones and with time, the babies ranging from a few days to months old. Her whole life took such a pattern for the next ten years.

She refused many marriage requests and angered a lot of people. She was sitting on a huge legacy and refused to marry and use it as her dowry. And so a conspiracy to get rid of her brew. Her enemies, the cayotes in the dark, were going to use what she loved most to bring her down.

Glens home system rang and a voice came through when she picked it up . ”Good day, Miss Glen I presume? I have with me a package that might interest you. Meet me at the children institute playpark at noon tomorrow. I shall be expecting you. ” and with that rather uninformative note the person rang off.

To be honest, Glen had no interest in whatever the voice had to offer, but there was a niggling feeling that would not fade away that said she should go. Anyway what harm could it possibly cause?

So it was a rather expectant Glen who arrived at the meeting point. A hover car was waiting for her and once she was strapped in, it transported her to the cloud city, where all the elite lived.

”Glenda Smith, welcome to the Clouds. My name is Saraus , I am sure you are wondering why you are here? ” The lanky man paused in expectation of her response. Clearly a man to give in to theatrics.

”I will admit, you have me intrigued and at a rather at a disadvantage after that cryptic message you left in my home system. So please sir, state your business with me…you mentioned a package, I believe, yes? ”

”Straightforward, I like it. Well I am a techno scientist one of the very best in the galaxy. The home system you use, is one of my creations. In my pursuit of creating an intelligence greater than ever, I created what I would call, the baby rearing system. Pretty useless to me except that it is the most intelligent thing ever created non natural. ” Glenda cut him off before he continued, ”All of that sound good for you and everything, but what has it got to do with me? Sounds like you should get it on the market as soon as possible, congratulations looks like you are going to be wealthy and famous again. ”

On that parting shot, Glen turned around to leave. ”Wait Miss Smith, hear me out first, please. The thing is, I only created this system by accident and I am unable to recreate it.

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