Reaper’s Shades

Elder God\'s Messenger

Reaper System?

Huel wondered what that was and remembered the conversation with the messenger, he mentioned something about the system, but he didn know exactly what it meant.

”Lets find out… ”

He opened the inventory and inspected the aforementioned Soul Flask.


[Simple Soul Flask]

Description: A very simple soul flask, it hardly contains any magic in it, just what is needed so that the souls don run away.

Captured Souls: 1/10


The spheres he had seen disappear towards his body just now were souls, and he looked at his arm, remembering how he had been healed.

”Okay… I collect souls and I can use them. I have to find out the uses of this fast.

He took the Black Tunic from his inventory and put it on, it was long and reached almost to his feet, it was a little old and torn but it would be useful.

”I have to find out more about this world…How to survive here, and how I ended up in this place. ”

He was determined to all these things, even under circumstances that did not favor him.

Just as he was used to doing to open his inventory, Reaper System was what came to his mind, and a large text box appeared.


[Reaper System successfully activated]

[From now on the system will guide you in your training.]


[Collect 100 souls.]

[Reward: 1000xp, 100g]


”Training…Im assuming this will help me in some way… ”

”This gold can also help me, and if I level up Ill be able to get stronger, but this quest… ”

He stopped to think for a while.

”Ah… I need to kill 100 more of these monsters, maybe with time it will become an easier task, i hope. ”

He felt tired just remembering all the trouble hed gone to killing two of them.



[Soul Harvest (Level 1) : Collects the souls of those you harvested.]


[A new ability has been unlocked!]

[Soul Reave: Creates a large burst of black aura causing the targets soul to come into contact with another.

Consumes 1 soul.

The damage depends on the quality of the consumed soul.]


”The system has unlocked one more of these abilities for me… interesting, and seems to be useful. ”

Looking around, he could see a passageway, and he walked towards it, barely noticeable with the black cloak over his body, which gave him a sense of security.

After some time walking in a corridor, he managed to reach a place where light could enter from somewhere, as it was much brighter than the part he was in before.

The walls of a darkened rock, and quite irregular, formed three passages, one to the left, one to the right, and one in front, he looked through each one, but it was not possible to see where they led.

On the path in front of him, Huel could see a strange mineral scattered on the ground, next to a pickaxe. He went to it and picked it up, along with some of the ore. The pickaxe was normal like all he knew, the ore was blue, it glowe and gave off small sparks, he had never seen anything like it in the world where it came from. As he started to go towards the bottom, he heard a sound in the place he had come from.

”Did you see what? ”

An imposing voice said. Meanwhile Huel hide behind a large stone, looking forward and seeing three people, a blond man with a large silver armor, there was a red stone in the middle of the armors chest. Beside him was a little man with a big nose, about half the height of the one in his company. Lastly, a man in frayed gray armor was behind the two of them, watching their surroundings.

”A demon! Im sure, I saw the demons own face here in front of me while mining sir! ”

”Demons would not roam so close to Kaesir, they were all exiled to the deadlands of Kraendal during the great holy war the church waged centuries ago ”

”My lord, I saw the horror in front of me! Here! He went here, when I saw him enter, I ran to warn you! ”

The three moved forward from where Huel was, and he came out from behind the rock and headed towards the place where they came from. After a not so long walk, without hearing the voices of the three not once more, in front of him, there was a half-open door and he went out, feeling happy for the sunlight to touch his body once again.

The door from which he had left was located in the walls of a large gray mountain, where the top, already difficult to see, was filled with ores of the most diverse colors.

Surrounded by bushes with dark green leaves and trees with leaves in the same way, and with gigantic black trunks, I couldn get a wide view of the landscape. Soon he entered the forest, wanting to avoid meeting someone in front of him or that the three inside the cave would come out the door.

As he crept behind one of the gigantic trees, he could feel the rigidity of its trunk, almost like a rock.

After walking for a while through the forest, which seemed to have no end, he heard noises

My keen hearing is being my best friend in these unknown lands he thought.

In an old, crumbling stone building, which looked as if on a very distant day had once been a tower, a small camp could be seen, with more of those knights from before. They were beside an unlit fire, talking about something.

”Demon…How stupid!! Those stupid dwarves should just do their job and not be making up nonsense! ”

”Yeah, thats a complete waste of time ” They laughed together.

A backpack could be seen leaning against one of the walls of the tower, with a blade visible inside it, Huel, sneaking through the forest, approached it, and quickly picked it up and put it on his back, quickly heading inside the forest again.

He didn think it was immoral at all, after all, he didn know any of them, and he needed everything he could get at that moment.

After walking away from the place, he opened his backpack and put the items he had obtained in his inventory.


[Knights Sharp Sword: One of several already created to be distributed to knights, this one has been used a few times.]

[Simple Healing Potion (3x): Brewed in the Royal Facility, a simple potion that can heal minor wounds.]

[White Cloak: Made of wool.]

[Bread (3x): Its a few days in the backpack but its still edible]


He just realized how hungry he was at that moment, he sat down by a tree and ate, it wasn the best meal, both because the bread was pretty bad and because of the situation he was in. Diverse thoughts erupted from his weary mind, so much had happened in the few hours that had passed.

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