Reaper’s Shades

Elder God\'s Messenger

Huel always considered himself an ordinary person, with a completely normal life, and that was true, he just followed his routine which was almost always the same. Coming home, after another tiring day from work, he went towards the fridge, but first he saw his reflection in the living room mirror, her skin was a little pale and his black hair was almost the same color as his eyes, as his mother used to tell him when was a kid. He stopped for a moment and saw that he definitely needed a haircut, the strands were almost reaching his neck.

He grabbed a beer and went back to sit on the couch, taking the remote and turning on the TV to watch some program, it didn matter much because he only left the TV on so he wouldn feel alone at home. When, suddenly, a message, like a hologram, appeared in front of him, like a dialog box from those games he played when he was younger, he thought and chuckled.


[Your fate was decided by the old gods]

[The last preparations will be made]


He read the message and it disappeared instantly, that, strange as it was, didn mean much to him, Its just in my head he think, but it wasn

”Am I seeing things now? This job is really going to kill me man… ”

After lying on the couch and falling asleep a little later, a new message appeared in front of his sleeping face.


[Preparations are complete]


After woking up, he feeled his body heavy and aching, it was very cold, it wasn that cold when he dozed off, he was sure. After a few seconds he realized the total darkness in which he was, couldn see anything in his front, a fear erupted in his heart, a cruel doubt passed through his mind, he wondered where he was.

A thin voice was heard from behind, he didn turn around, paralyzed.

”So its you they called… ”

A grotesque laugh passed through Huels ears, the sound was certainly the worst he had ever heard, he was disgusted by the sound that echoed through the place. The voice came from something a few meters away from him, and thinking about what was there was as horrible as the laugh he had heard.

”Won you look at me?… How impolite with someone who just came to welcome you. ”


[Turn around]


His body turned the moment the message appeared, even though he didn want to move a single muscle. His eyes met with the only visible eye that the creature had, it was large and bright like the moon, being the only source of light present in the place, it was positioned in the middle of the body, which was surrounded by black wings with a rotting appearance. As he tried to turn around, he got the bad news that he couldn move his body. No sound was made until the monster broke the silence with its thin voice, which now certainly didn seem to belong in this thing.

”The authority of the Elder Gods gods is amazing, I get fascinated every time. ”

He just kept silent, he couldn even close his eyes, this was the worst punishment he could have received.

”How annoying. I thought you were going to scream when you saw me, or run away, are you really not going to do anything? ”

A toothless smile erupted under the big eye.

”I am a messenger from the ancient gods. And I have come here to give you my warmest welcome. ”

A new message appeaed in front of him, blocking his view of the thing, something he was grateful for.


[Huels Profile]

Race: Human

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Level: 1

Class: Undefined


Reading what was written, he thought it was funny, it was exactly like the games he played when he was younger, he even had a profile…

”This is what they call the System, it can help you a lot around here…you
e gonna need all the help you can get hahaah ”

”Where I am? ”

Huel managed to ask, he doesn know how, but he did. Fear consumed him but he knew he had to act wisely as much as possible, he had to get information.

”Hashor, more specifically on the continent of Kaesir. Hashor is surrounded by water…but its quite big…and cruel ”

Another laugh, worse than the last, was heard.

”I can tell you much…Youll find out sooner or later! ”

The creature always spoke in an ironic tone, which made Huel uncomfortable, but that was the least of his problems.

Who are these Elder Gods you talk so much about? Who send these messages? They who control the system? ”

He asked, desperate about his current situation.

e really annoying…how many boring questions…Come on eldeeers, lets get this over with, I want to leave!!! Im bored ”


[Welcome to Hashor]

[Your profile has been updated according to what the elder gods saw about you]

Class: Gravedigger

[You received 5 items: Simple Scyte, Soul Flask, Black Tunic, Shovel and Commoners Tomb (no owner)]

[The items have been added to your inventory!]

[A new ability has been unlocked: Soul Harvest]


He was looking at the new information curiously, what had they seen in him? What was it all…

”Ah…interesting, I think they liked you, hahaah, well, they
e calling me, I have to go. ”

The wings opened and showed several smaller eyes that were hidden behind them. A smile showed again, and the creature disappeared into the darkness.

”Well see each other again, I think so. ”

To see such an existence would bring the greatest disgrace to any humans mind. And Huel was no different, he doesn know how he could stand to remain rational in the face of it. Suddenly, he saw that he could move his body again, the feeling of being unable to do it was horrible.

”What happened here? Is this a dream…or… ”

He knew it wasn . It was impossible the horror he felt hadn been real

”Elder Gods…This thing said that they interested in me? I do not understand anything. ”

Dmart as he was, and he knew the best he could do now was stay calm and gather the information. First he needed to know where he was and how to get out of there, the echo that his voice made gave him the idea that he was in a cave.

”Inventory…I got items! I have to see what they are, but where did they end up? ”

He was going to reach into his pockets, but when he thought Inventory one more of those text boxes popped up.


[Simple Scyte]

Description: A simple sickle, generally used for agricultural tasks. Easy to handle.

Durability: 100/100

Damage: 15



Huel wasn disappointed that his weapon was a farming tool, he knew the half moon shape could make it useful in combat, and a thought passed through him again. Its better than nothing, Im going to need it, I know I will and he would.

When he went to see the other items he had won, he saw that this world would not be so merciful to him. He heard slow footsteps behind him. Just as he did to open the inventory, the scythe passed over his head and suddenly appeared in his hand, he held it as tight as he could and didn make any more noise, just turned back and focused on what was sneaking around.

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