Rebirth Of My Wife

Queen, Qabel, and Lily.

Edwards had bought white roses for his wife. He walked back to one of the places where it was a beautiful grave that Edwards had made especially for Choon-Hee. He strolled just to enjoy the surroundings.

Staring at the trees, which were quite lush, Edwards deliberately made this tomb look like a beautiful garden. On the right and left, there are beautiful orchids and trees. On the ground, overgrown with small grass and beautiful stones, it looks like a beautiful garden, not a tomb. Why did Edwards make it like that? Of course, the request from his wife, Choon-hee, wants the grave where she rests one last time and can look pretty.

Edwards always fulfills whatever his wife wants. He employs gardeners and grave guards specifically for the tomb. Besides that, there are special people who Edwards trusts to ensure everything is okay. He doesn want his wifes bed to look ugly.

Edwards stared at the tombstone engraved with Choon-hees name Berenice Douglas. The character looked so long and classy. He started to put 17 white roses on the stone and then stroke it slowly.

”Honey. Im here, happy wedding day. I hope this love will always last until the next life. I love you and will always love you. ” Edwards splashed rose water which gave off a refreshing scent.

No words could come out of the mans lips at this time. He felt depressed and happy at the same time. There is pain that still lingers and never heals. Is there anything more painful when we can no longer meet the people we love? Edwards felt his life was useless. Luckily he still had children who loved him. If not? Maybe Edward had chosen to commit suicide a long time ago.

”Edwards … ” Just as the man was about to say another sweet word, a female voice made him turn his head.

He saw Violet, who came in a wheelchair, pushed by Daniel behind her. Edwards just stood there, watching how two people he never wanted to meet had come to this place.

”How are you? ” Violet asked again, and Edwards remained silent. he chose to breathe slowly. In this place, he did not want to be upset or angry.

”I know its your wedding day. I know youll be here. And I know you don want to be bothered at all. ” Violet spoke very quietly.

”Yes… Then what are you doing here? ” Edwards asked. He didn want anything to do with Violet and the others anymore. Only occasionally did Edwards wish to deal with Daniel, and even then it was only a matter of Company and work. Nothing else.

”I want to apologize to you and Choon-Hee, for the many mistakes I have made to you. I want to atone for all my sins. ” Once again, Violet said matter-of-factly. Edwards, who heard that, just smiled sarcastically.

”Ill be waiting in the car, ” Daniel said to his wife, Violet. Yes. They are husband and wife now, to be precise. Five years ago, when Edwards divorced Violet after Choon-hee died, Violet and Daniel chose to live together. After five years had passed before they married, Violets child died at that moment. If Edward loses his wife, then Violet loses her baby.

The child who turns out to be Violet and Daniels biological child is not Violets child with Edwards. Violet was involved in a car accident that broke her leg and had to be amputated. Now the woman is disabled.

Edwards glanced at the woman but he didn say much. He was still hurt by Violets betrayal of him regarding Mrs. Anne and Azzhura.

About all things!!

”Daddy asks you to come to Douglas Mansion from time to time, take your children. Why don you ever come? Even though you know Mrs. Anne is already in prison, your sister Azzhura has also been placed in another country. You still don want to set foot there? Why? Your father wants to see you. He wants to meet his grandson. ” Violet asked. The woman looked at Edwards, who didn turn around at all.

Edwards was still busy stroking his wifes tombstone, which looked clean since hed been here.

Violet remained patient, sitting in a wheelchair and occasionally looking up at the sky that afternoon. Even though the sun is so bright, the atmosphere is so dim right now.

”Theres nothing I need to do anymore. Why did I come there? It just adds to my hurt. And why did you come on Choon-Hee and Is wedding day? It came another day! Shouldn have come at all! ” Edwards said bluntly.

”Come to the Douglas Family Mansion once in a while. You will find things you don expect. Its been ten years, Edwards. Have you always wanted to cry over the tombstone engraved with your wifes name? Don want to look for other happiness? think that happiness will come when you don even want to open your heart anymore? You have two children who should have had a better life. Those children are at the mercy of their fathers grief. Aren you afraid of your childs mental stress that might be depression? ” Violet asked again.

”This is my life. Do I have to tell you what I did? Do you also have the right to control everything? Go, Violet! I don need anything from you anymore, don ever come again. If its not about the Company or the death of one of my family! ” Edwards looked angry, and Violet only smiled slightly at this.

”Are you sure? You can only come if we have to tell those two things? ” Violet was still trying to disturb Edwards composure.

”Yes. Don ever come again, I beg you! Don ever come again and make me sicker. I don have time to take care of you, I have kids to take care of, and I don want to see you anymore. My family, me and you, its relationship died ten years ago. So stop all your desires that always try to approach me again. Even though I know you only approach me as a friend. But, I still don want you to be near . ” Edwards always told the truth. He didn want to be bothered by anyone anymore.

Even if it was his father, because he had suffered so much a long time ago, he wants to experience life alone with her two children.

”Fine, if thats what you want, but if youve calmed down later. I hope youll pay a visit to the Douglas Mansion. Your father has a present for his beloved son. He wants you to see it for yourself. ” Violet started moving her wheelchair, leaving, leaving Edwards curious.


What gift would his father give him?

”Wait! ” Edward said to Violet. The man turned around and started to look at Violet.

”Will this gift make me calmer? Or will it just make me unhappy? Do you think Ive had enough of your expensive gifts? ” Edwards asked in a voice relatively low but piercing.

”This is a costly gift, and even your father spent a lot of money on this one gift. Im even sure you can afford it. Only your father and all his plans can give you this gift. Come to the mansion. We are waiting. Tomorrow or years later. Well keep waiting, but not too long. Im afraid youll regret coming late. ” Violet smiled, then she started moving her wheelchair again.

We are leaving Edwards even more confused.

What is the gift from his father?

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