Rebirth Of My Wife

Remember one thing..

”Queen! Please don eat it. Its my ice cream! Ahhh… Queen! ” Qabel was already chasing his sister, who just got out of the car and ran into the house because Queen wanted to run away and finish the matcha-flavoured ice cream from Aunt Violet and Uncle Daniel.

Lecy just laughed, seeing how the twins were already running around the house.

Violet and Daniel did choose to be able to visit Edwards tiny house briefly. They could see the comfort behind the simple house. The house feels so calming and relaxed.

”How are you, Lecy? Are you planning on finding a husband yet? ” Violet asked after seeing the twins in front of her finally get along and share ice cream with each other.

”I don intend to get married early, huh… Maybe Ill just spend my time like this. I want to live freely without attachments, you know. Life is getting weirder every day. ” Lecy said with her always gentle words.

”What about your daughter? Has she got any medicine for her illness? Shes so adorable. I think she has pretty eyes. ” Lecy said she saw a girl who was only four years old but was already blind. More precisely, when the child was small, she had a high fever and convulsions. It stiffens the muscles around the eyes and causes blindness.

They have been looking for a doctor for a long time who can cure the childs eyes, but the doctor said that the child must reach a mature age before he can undergo eye surgery.

Thats why Violet and Daniel have been busy dealing with neurologists and eye specialists all this time. Occasionally they met with Lecy, who was also busy working.

”She can already learn to count, she is getting more active, and I think she will slowly become a beautiful and intelligent child, ” Violet said, gently stroking her daughters hair, who was currently sitting quietly and occasionally asking what was in front of her.

”Aunt Violet, can we invite Lily to play in our room? ” Qabel asked in a low voice. He held Lilys hand while stroking it gently. Qabel already understands that Lily needs a friend to make her better.

”Mommy? Can I? Lily wants to play with Qabels brother. ” Lily started to feel her mothers hand. Violet, who saw it, just smiled a little.

”Of course, Lily can play with brother Qabel. Go, baby, tell Mommy when you
e tired, okay? ” Violet gently stroked her daughters hair, and then Qabel slowly took Lilys hand.

Seeing her brother, who was about to leave, of course, Queen immediately followed from behind. She was never jealous of her older brother wanting to be close to other people or having many friends because Queen would always be friends with them too. Edwards constantly told Queen and Qabel that they must always care for each other. Loving and loving many people, should not be picky about friends and always make good friends.

Queen is sometimes very spoiled. She only always does whatever she wants. It made Edwards try several times and couldn help but have to tell in a very soft tone so that Queen could understand what was allowed or not.

The three of them went into the room and opened the window so the sea breeze could get in better, then Qabel opened his toy. which contained a voiced doll.

”Press this twice. Then you can hear lots of beautiful voices. ” Qabel said to Lily. Hearing that, the little girl immediately did what was ordered by Qabel. He pressed the intended key twice, and the piano began ringing softly.

”Its beautiful. The song sounds sweet. ” Lily said with a smile.

”Daddy bought this for our 7th anniversary. Isn that good? If Lily wants it, take it. ” exclaimed the Queen.

”No… Lily doesn like taking other peoples things. ” Lily said in her still, sweet voice.

”Lily didn take it. We gave it to you. ” Qabel began to chime in on the conversation.

”But Mommy said, don take something that doesn belong to us. Well get hurt later, even if you give it to Lily. But this is a gift your father gave you. You should keep it very well. ” Lily said again.

”Then just borrow Lily. Well lend it. ” Queen said again.

”Lily borrowed it when Lily was here… Thank you, Queens sister. ” Lily hugged the doll, and Qabel, who saw it, just chuckled.

He gently stroked Lilys hair and hugged her fondly. ”You
e so cute. I want to have an adorable little sister like you. ” Qabel had unconsciously kissed Lilys cheek many times.

”Ish!! Brother! Brother can have a younger sister again. Who will take care of me later? Brother is so mean! ” Queen had hit her brothers arm. Qabel could only hiss in annoyance while Lily was laughing, hearing the commotion between the two twins.

”Yes… Yes.. sorry, sister, just wishing. Lily, do you want to stay tonight at our house? Later we can have dinner near the beach and can play. Would you like it or not? ” Qabel started asking again. Lily had turned off the sound she had heard earlier and was groping for Qabels hand.

”Can I stay here? Mommy said uncle Edwards doesn like other people staying in this house. ” Lily asked innocently. Qabel and Queen looked at each other and didn know that their father didn let anyone else stay in this house.

They both started to remember again. No wonder Aunt Lita never stayed at night. Shes sleeping somewhere else, staying in one of the nearby hotels. Qabel and Queen didn know why, but now they seemed to understand quite well because they were already teenagers.

”Later, I will ask my father if you are allowed to stay in this house. We can put up a tent near the beach and be guarded by guards. Surely thats okay. How? ” Qabel asked again, trying to convince Lily that they could stay together tonight.

”Okay, Lily will also ask Mommy. Can I stay with you guys? Lets play something else. Brother, what other toys do you have? ” Lily started asking. Qabel and Queen were very enthusiastic about telling what toys they had. From behind the door, Lita saw the childrens interaction. She was happy because she could feel the happiness of the sweet children.

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