Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 11 Who Is She?

ter the housekeeper tours them around the guest house, Zerha and the others sit in the living room.

”What should we do while staying here, master? ”

Right. What should I suppose to do? I got reincarnated in a different world that I didn know that exists! And on top of that, why do I feel like I easily adapt to this new body and place?! Is it because I read too many fantasy stories in my previous life? Sigh. All the people that got reincarnated in the novels, either got reincarnated because they want to take revenge or they have a mission to do. But I got reincarnated, do I need to get revenge? Hmm…but who and why do I get revenge? Then, maybe I need to accomplish some mission? Or… I guess Im just a simple demon girl that got reincarnated without any special mission? Then thats a relief, all I need to do is live a normal life here, Zerha thought.

”Well, I want to live an ordinary life… ”

”Im afraid you can since this is not a peaceful place. ” Foxy.

”I guess you
e right, sigh. ”

”May I ask where you get all those rare gemstones, milady? ” Sage suddenly asked.

”Oh, that, Garren gave it to me… ”

”Then I guess rumors about dragons that can find treasures are true. ”

”Oh? Is that why you found all that treasures, Garren? ”

”Yes. Dragons have an ability like that, we can locate and detect where are those treasures. ”

Oh my gosh, Im so lucky that I found a dragon!! Zerha thought.

”You gave the landowner a lot of gemstones… ”

”Don worry, I still have a lot. ” Of course, the super rare blue diamonds should be kept for me hehe. Real diamonds are far more valuable than golds and silvers. Sigh, if only I were in my original world, Zale and I will probably be rich! Sh*t, I miss my brother, I wonder how is he…

While they are talking, the landowner told them that their dinner is ready, and head to the dining room. I didn notice that it was already dark, Zerha thought. And started drooling as they saw the food at the big table.

”A long table with so much food…heaven… ” Zerha.

”Wow… ” Foxy.

”…*gulp*… ” Sage.

”…*growl*… ” Garren and Ecanus stomachs growl at the same time.

”Please, help yourselves. ” the landowner said and they all quickly seated and eats nonstop until they got full.

”…*burp*… ” Ecanus.

”Im so full… ” Garren.

”Thank you for the food! ” Zerha.

Their table manners are just like ordinary people, they are not nobles? Hmm…the landowner gets more confused.

”Hey! My room is upstairs! ” Ecanus shouted as he started walking upstairs.

This guesthouse only provides single rooms, this is almost like a villa, so big, Zerha thought.

”Let me stay in your room, milady so that I can watch you and protect you whenever there is a danger. ” Sage suddenly suggested while making a serious face.

”Okay ” Without a second thought, Zerha agreed. Ecanus stop walking from upstairs and turn his head to them.

”What the f**k?!/ Huh?! ” Ecanus and Garren shouted at the same time.

”Pfft… ” Foxy is trying to hold her laughter. They all look idiots, she thought.

”If you want to stay in her room…then let me stay there too! ” Ecanus shouted. Garren thought that Ecanus will stop Sage but he suddenly remembers that he shouldn expect an idiot like him can understand this kind of situation.

”A**holes! The both of you are not allowed to enter my masters room! If any of you try to sneak inside her room Ill burn you to ashes! ” Garren said looking at them while his eye are on fire. I can believe my master just agreed, sigh.

”Whats the problem? I don mind sharing my room… ” I used to share Zales bedroom cause I sometimes can sleep alone, Zerha thought.

”Master, you don understand! ” Garren.

”Huh? What don I understand? ” Zerha asked innocently.

”What? Its not proper! I don trust these guys, what if they do something to you while you
e asleep?! I can believe you agree- ”

”Sigh, shut up. Ill be the one to share the masters room, Ill guard her so lets all calm down, especially you Garren! ” Foxy interrupted Garren, she knows that if he got pissed off, he will not stop blabbering.

”Hmph! ” Garren.

They all went to their rooms and Zerha was about to close the door but she stop when she notice that Sage is just standing in front of her room.

”Why are you still standing here, Sage? Go to your room. ” Foxy said as he notice him.

”At least let me guard outside the door, milady. ”

”Sigh. You don have to do it, theres no danger in here, probably. So, go to your room and take a rest. ” Zerha.

”As you wish. ”


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