Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 2 The Spider and a Dragon


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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”Hahaha! Is this the one who beat you? Are you kidding me? Shes just a little girl! Hahaha! ”

The leader of the high school gang approach Zerha.

”Y-yes, its not just me but the others also ” the boy who is already beaten up answered.

”Huh? Where are the others? ”

”There, ” the boy pointed to the students who are already lying on the ground. After the leader saw them, his face flustered with fear.

”H-how? ”

Zerha was about to leave, but the leader of the gang called her.

”Wait! Would you like to join our gang? ” He asks.

Zerha turns her head and looks at him in the face.

”Why would I join such a lame group? ” She said.

”W-what? L-lame?! ” The leader seems going to piss off. Zerha remains silent while looking at him with a bored look like she doesn care if hes gonna get mad.

”Looks like you want to get hurt. Boys, get her! ” The leader shouted to his gang members and they started to attack Zerha.

”Sigh looks like I don have a choice ” Zerha murmured and fight them.

The leader of the gang got a call of a sudden, and when he hung up he immediately turns his head to his members and got shocked at what he saw! Zerha is now sitting on top of the students she beat up with a smug face!

”M-monster ” the leader mutter in fear. Zerha heard it so she get down and hit the necks leader and lost consciousness.

”Yawn gotta get home or brother will scold me again. Sigh, ” Zerha said.

While Zerha is walking in the street, she saw an old woman who is carrying a lot of things. She approaches the old woman and helps her carry the plastic bags.

”Zerha its you, thank you. You always help me carrying my things every time you see me ” the old woman said.

”Because you are already weak and old! Tsk. ”

”Hahaha, and look at yourself, you are skinny but despite having a body like that, you easily defeated those boys ”

”-.- ”

” you are really kind and helpful. I hope you will not change whatever your form is, or even the human race will turn against you ” the old woman continued.

Eh? What is this granny talking about? Sigh, old people always talk about weird things.

Zerha said to her mind.

”Thank you for helping me again today Zerha, ” the old woman said with a happy smile.

”Don carry heavy things again granny! ”

”Hahaha! Don worry Im still strong. Hahaha ”

”(¬_¬) S-strong? Look at your body granny! Sigh, I gotta go now! ”

”Be careful on your way home! ” The old woman wave her hand and Zerha continue walking in the street. While walking she saw a little boy playing ball in the street.

”Where are his parents? Didn they know that its dangerous for kids playing in the streets? ”

While the kid is playing, the ball roll on the road where vehicles are running. The kid followed the ball and didn know there is a bus approaching. Zerha saw it coming so she shouted to the kid but the kid didn hear her. Zerha looks around but the people she saw are busy with their phones or talking to each other.

”Sh*t!* Zerha cursed as she saw that the bus is getting closer! She quickly runs to the kid and pushed him to the sidewalk, but its too late for Zerha to get away from the bus. The driver of the bus tried to hit the break but suddenly the break didn work!

Oi! Oi! Hold on!! Am I gonna die here?! Tsk. Why did I save that kid anyway?! Sh*t the place seems to turn into a slow-motion! If this is the end of me, I should be remembering my precious moments or my family right? Ahhh!! And where is my background music?! I always saw in movies that they have their background music when they
e going to die but where is mine?! At least give me a proper death!! (╥﹏╥)

Now playing Fire by BTS

Are you making fun of me?!!! Fire by BTS?! Im dying! Its not the right music to be played!! >_< well at least my last moment is hearing a BTS song. Im ready to accept my fate

I felt pain all over my body, looks like the bus already hit me huh. Im now lying on the ground, and I saw there is already a lot of blood scattered. So, Im gonna die here? What a life. Sigh.

Zerha was about to close her eyes when she saw the old woman earlier, shes standing from afar watching Zerha with a smile on her face.

Haaaaa?!!! Why is she smiling at me?! Is she happy because Im gonna dieee?!! Huhu so terrible, after all I did to her? huhu she is so happy that Ill die (╥﹏╥)

”Zerha!! Z-zerha! ”

That voice, its Zale. Sorry, brother, Ill gonna leave you, be sure to take care always

”Z-zerha! D-don leave me! F*ck*ng idiots! Somebody call an ambulance! ” Zale shouted.

Her brother Zale, hold Zerhas hand and sobbed.

”W-why? Zerha, you
e the only family I have, but you choose to l-leave m-me? P-please don give up on me! P-please ”

Im sorry

Zerha closes her eyes with a tear fall down on her face.

”Sorry sir, shes dead, ” the man said after he checks Zerhas heart if its still beating but it already stops.

”Nooo!!!!ahhhh!! Zerhaaa!!! ”

Zale screamed in grief, while people are looking at him with heartbreaking expressions.


Unexpectedly Zerha slowly opens her eyes, not knowing yet that she is in a different time and place.

Hm? I was hit by the bus right? Did I survived?

She asks her mind, but she notices that above her is not a ceiling of a hospital room.

What is this place? The first thing I saw when I open my eyes is a dark place. Sh*t! Tell me its not the hell!! I also feel kinda hot, no! No! No!! Im really in hell!! Ahhhh!!

Zerha got panic and she immediately stands up, but as she stand up she accidentally step her dress.

Ehhhhh?!! Why I am wearing this kind of clothes?! Its a red dress with a black cape at the back of it! Whats going on?!

She wander her eyes around the place.

Huh? This is not the purgatory, it looks like Im in a cave. Cave? Why am I in a cave?! I should be in a hospital bed right?! Aw, my head hurts

As Zerha feels pain from her head, she touches her head but she suddenly scream when she touches something.

”AHHHH!!! W-what the hell is this?! And who the hell dyed my hair?! Huhuhu Its color white with a red highlights! ”

She quickly find something that can reflect herself, like a mirror. But there is no mirror in the cave.

”Oi!Oi! Oi! I need a mirror!! Hold on, ”

Zerha touch again her head and feel the shape with her hands about what is on her head.

”Waaaaahhhh!!! I-is t-this a-a h-ho-ho-horn?! ” she shouted.

Why? Huhuhu! Why do I have a horn? And where is this place, if Im not in hell am I in heaven? But it doesn look like a heaven! Im already dead right? I understand if Heaven will not accept me, but why does also Hell didn accept me? Am I too devil for them? What?! Im not a bad person! Huhu why does those two places didn accept me? Huhu Nandi?(╥﹏╥) (Why)

When Zerha admitted that the two places don accept her. She sadly walks without thinking where she should go. While she is walking, her eyes sparkle when she saw tons of gemstones!

”Waaahh, this is my first time seeing a lot of gems! Ill gonna get them all but where should I put them?huhu I hope I have a ag ”

After Zerha mouthed the word bag, she suddenly receives a backpack! She got surprised because the backpack that she pictures on her mind is the same as the backpack she got!

”H-how? I don know how and where you came from but HAHAHA! Ill get all the gemstones!! Ill sell all of them, brother and I will get rich! Oh yeah, maybe Ill give granny a little. WAHAHHAHA! Gemstones you are all mine!! ”

Zerha didn care where the backpack came from and forgot that she has a horn on her head, all she has in mind right now is she will get all the gems! She immediately open the backpack and put all the gemstones she pick up.

”Emerald! ”

”Waaahh Ruby! ”

”Huhu all different types of gemstones are here! Don worry Ill get all of you! WAHAHA! ”

Zerha is still busy picking up all the gemstones and didn notice that there are three different types of monsters lurking in the place. A serpent, spider, and a dragon!

When the big black serpent started to hiss, Zerha heard the sound of it and roam her eyes around to find where did it came from. When she already saw it, her eyes get wide open and screamed.

”AHHHHH!! A- s-snake!! Im not afraid of snakes but that is too big for a snake!! AHHHHH!! ”

She quickly grabbed her backpack and started running while screaming nonstop!

”AHHHH!! I didn know that kind of snake exists in this world! AHHHH! ”

Zerha turn her head to glance at the serpent, when she saw that its going to spit a venom, she quickly avoided it! She looks at the boulder where the venom hits and it suddenly melted!

T-the boulder melted?! What kind of venom is that?! If I didn avoided it, Ill be the one to melt!≥﹏≤

The serpent keeps spitting venom at Zerha, but she keeps avoiding it. The serpent got desperate and spits her continuously with its venom. Zerha tries her best to avoid all of them but some of the venoms hit her face and she got furious all of a sudden. Zerha stops running and face the serpent.

”How dare you harm my beautiful face?! ”

She shouted to the serpent, and unexpectedly the serpent got frightened to Zerha! Shes making a different aura right now!

”You know what I hate the most? Wound my beautiful face! DIE you f*ck*ng snake!! ” Zerha shouted in anger.

Unexpectedly the serpent turns into ashes!!

Zerha got shocked by what she saw and wonder how did the serpent die suddenly.


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