”I-its d-dedededededeaaddd!! AHHHH!! ”

Did someone saved me? ”

Zerha looks around to find if someone was there but she saw no one.

She didn know that shes the one that killed the serpent.

Theres no one here except me, but I didn do anything to the snake!! W-who killed it?! I better get out of this place! >_<

But after a minute Zerha suddenly feels dizzy and lost consciousness.

Hours later, she wake up and quickly wears the backpack and started strolling the area to look for the exit. But as she looks for the exit a big spider came on her way!

”A-a b-big spider!! AHHHH!! ”

Zerha hastily runs as fast as she could but the spider catches up with her easily. The spider let out a spider web, its trying to wrap her with the threads but she dodges it immediately. The spider threads are very sharp that they can cut someone to pieces!

The big spider let out another thread, some of the threads got on Zerhas face and it cut deeply on her skin.

”Ugh! ” Zerha groans in pain, the blood are started dropping from her wound. She got frightened because if all that threads will be wrapped around her body, shell turn into pieces probably! Even though Zerha wants to get furious with the spider because it injures her face, she can because shes feeling terrified towards the spider!

How can I escape from the spider?! How can the threads of the spider web be so sharp that can cut someone to pieces?! Huhuhu someone help me!

The spider stop moving all of sudden, Zerha notices it so she also stop running. She face the spider and unexpectedly, the spider started climbing the walls. Every time the spider changing its position, the spider is leaving its threads in every corner of the place. Zerha got confused while looking at the spider. Zerha didn know that the spider has intelligence thats trying to trap her!

What is this spider doing? I should quickly escape from here while its still busy moving around weirdly

Zerha said to her mind, and she was about to run when she noticed that all the paths that leads to her escape route, are all covered with sharp threads!

”Sh*t! ” She curse.

It cornered me?! So its not moving weirdly, it created a prison to corner me! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!

The spider is already at the front of Zerha and its ready to devour her! Zerha doesn know what she should do but she tried to think of a plan.

How can I defeat this spider? Eh? Why would I think that I can defeat it?! Ill just think of a plan on how to escape here! But how can I cut these threads?!

Zerha touches the threads but it only wound her finger, if she doesn careful her finger would probably slice in half!

Whew! The threads are too hard to cut, maybe a knife won cut it also, but even though it can cut the threads, I don have a knife

The big snake earlier, it has a venom that can melt a rock! Maybe it can also melt the threads of this spider! But, huhuhu, I hope I have the venom of that snake (╥﹏╥)

Zerha suddenly remembers about how the snake suddenly died. She started to think about how did it happen.

Before the snake die all of a sudden, I shouted that I want the snake to be dead and it died! Yeah, and this backpack also, I said that I wanted a bag and it appeared this backpack unexpectedly!

Zerha doesn really understand how it works but she tries something.

”Venom! ”

Zerha shouted and face her palm to the spider.

……….a second after.

Nothing came out! The spider looks at Zerha in despise.

Ehhhhh?!! It didn work?! Maybe I do it wrong? Let me try it again

”Venom! ”

Zerha try it again but this time she spit out her own saliva thinking it will become a venom -_-

The spider is looking at Zerha with a pitiful look.

This girl is so stupid. Let me end her life now

Zerha looks at the spider and its going to wrap her with the threads!

”Sh*t! ”

Zerha closes her eyes while the spider lets out a lot of threads! The threads will gonna wrap around Zerhas body and if she can escape from it shell turn into pieces! Even though Zerha closes her eyes, you can still see that she became serious all of a sudden.

”Venom! ” Zerha shouted again and face her palm to the spider, but this time there is a toxic venom came out from her palm and it spattered to the threads! Abruptly, the threads melted! The spider suddenly got panic because shes the only one that can melt its hard and sharp threads! Every human or demon gets inside of the cave because a lot of treasure is there, but they didn succeed to get the rare treasures because this spider turn their body to pieces with its threads! But Zerha, she didn cut the threads but melted them instead!

Zerha feels so glad that it works!

It really works! Let me try it again

Zerha closes her eyes and feels the energy flowing through her body. She also feels different energy coming from her spirit. She didn feel like it before, its like an anonymous overwhelming power. Zerha didn mind it and feel the power coming from her body, she focuses on flowing this energy to her palm and imagine the venom from the serpent earlier. Unexpectedly, there is venom forming on her palm!

As she opens her eyes, she unleashes the venom and it splashed directly at the spider. The spider tries to protect itself using its own threads but it is useless because the threads are melted! The spider wants to escape but its too late, it already splash the venom to the spiders body, and the spider melted, theres nothing left even the bones are melted!

”WAHAHAHA! I didn know how and when I have a power like this but I feel incredible! WAHAHAH! ”

Zerha is so glad that she defeated the spider but at the same time, shes also mad because her face has a lot of wounds due to the serpents venom earlier and the cuts made by the threads of the spider.

My face! Huhu! Matte! (Wait) this is not the time to worry about my face! Since the spider is already dead I should leave in here fast or another monster will show up! ≥﹏≤

Zerha was about to walk to leave the place but another monster show up! Its a dragon, and its five times bigger than the serpent and the spider earlier! Zerha got astonished when she saw the dragon and didn get to move an inch!

Oi! Oi! Oi! Chotto matte! (Hold on!) A-a-a g-giant d-dragon!! Ahhhhh!! B-better run!!!

Zerha started running but the tail of the dragon hit Zerha and got knock her back in the rock!

”Ugh! ” Zerha groans in pain and slowly gets up.

Huhu! Why there is always a monster show up?! Oh no! Is it because I pick up the gemstones?!

Zerha removes her backpack from her back and planning to give it to the dragon.

”H-here, I-Its all yours!! Im sorry that I pick the gemstones! I-ill give it to you back! I-ill input it in here. I-i gotta go— ”

Zerha was about to run but the dragon suddenly breathed fire and it almost turn her to ashes! Good thing she immediately hides behind the big rock!

Zerha is shivering in fear.

I almost die!! How can I escape from it?! Don tell me, I should defeat that dragon?! But its too huge! I probably die before I can even get close to it! Wait, why would I think I should get close to it? Maybe I can try the venom to melt that dragon?

Zerha thought and tries to splash a venom on the dragon but the dragon is too big and she has only a small amount of venom that splashed on the dragon. The dragon got only a small damage but the wound got heal all of a sudden!

What the?! It can heal itself?!

Before the dragon breathes a fire again, Zerha quickly hides at the back of the rock. While the dragon keeps breathing a fire, Zerha is thinking about how she can defeat the dragon.

Maybe if I keep splashing lots of venoms continuously to that dragon, maybe it will melt and doesn have time to heal itself

Zerha thought and when the dragon stops breathing a fire. She gets out from she were hiding and quickly splash a venom continuously at the dragon. But, she fails to melt the dragon, her splashes are too small and every time it splashes to the skin of the dragon it will heal immediately!

Sh*t! It doesn work!

Zerha said as she hides behind the rock. But suddenly, Zerha got an idea!

I hope I can do it and if it works, Im sure that it can heal itself!

Zerha tries something, just like she did earlier, she closes her eyes and feels the energy flowing from her body, and imagine that she can create the threads of the spider. Zerha thought that if the venom doesn work on it because it only heals itself. What if, she will create the strong and sharp threads from the spider, she remembers that the threads of the spider are so sharp that even a boulder got cut into half!

Zerha opens her eyes and she successfully created the threads! Zerha get out behind the rock and face the dragon, the dragon is also looking at Zerha and any minute now, it will breathe a fire to her! But before it will happen, Zerha quickly created threads, she form the threads into a big net and quickly throws them to the dragon. When the dragon wants to escape from the net, it only got wounds but the dragon uses its heal power to heal the wounds.

The dragon got furious and tries to breaths fire into the threads but the threads didn burn! Zerha is still controlling the threads on her both hands, just as she planned, she pulls the threads, and squeezes them until the dragon turns into pieces! As much as the dragon wants to heal itself, it can because the dragon is not that powerful to heal its body even though it turns into pieces.

”I-I defeated the dragon!! WAHAHAHA! ”

Zerha is so happy that she laughed so hard like a crazy girl.

Huh? Did someone call me crazy?

Zerha gets her backpack and wears it. She started walking to find an exit to that cave but while walking, Zerha realizes something.

Hold on, I woke up in a cave and I have a f*ck*ng horn! I woke up in a different place, monsters and dragons are exist! I don know where am I but I know Im in a different world! D-did I reincarnated?!

Our stupid MC just realized that she got reincarnated but as of now she didn know that she got reincarnated as a Demon.

Why do I always feel that someone is talking ill of me?


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