Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 6 and 7 He\'s a Troublemaker!


”An Angel? ” Zerha asks.

What is an angel doing down here?! He were supposed to be in heaven right?

”A six-winged angel, he is an Archangel probably ” Garren said.

While the angel can barely stand up, a demon suddenly attack him!

”Sh*t! ” The angel cursed.

”What the hell? Hes an angel right? Why did he curse? ” Zerha whispered to Garren and Foxy.

”Okay! You f*ck*ng a**hole! Come at me and Ill make sure you will suffer!! ” The angel shouted to the demon.

The demon attack the angel again but the angel didn able to dodge the attack because the demon move so fast!

He said he will make the demon suffer but look at him now, hes the one that suffering from the attacks of the demon. I can tell hes a demon because hes also a human form but he also has a horn like me. But I envied him, hes horn is much smaller that I have. Huhuhu

Zerha said to her mind. All demons has a body of a human but the only different is they have horns in there head or even in there forehead.

The angel tries to cast some magic to the demon but the demon just dodge some of the attacks from the angel.

”Lets go Master ” Foxy said.

”Yeah, we should go Master, ” Garren also said.

”But, shoudn we help him? ” Zerha said while looking at the angel.

”Why would you help him Master? If you help him, we don know for sure if he will not attack us! ” Foxy asserted.

”But you will protect me right? ^_^ ”

Foxy is hesitating because she knows that Archangels are more powerful than creatures like her and Garren.

”Y-yes b-but ” Garren cut Foxy off ”Angels are much stronger than us especially archangels, but we already promised to you that we will protect you even if it cost our own life. If you want us to help him, then we will follow your orders. You are our Master ”

”Waahhh Garren you are so thoughtful! Im glad I make you my guardian! ” Zerha said, Foxy heard it and feel a little bit of jealousy.

”I-if thats what you want! I-we..we will help that angel! ” Foxy said while avoiding an eye contact of Garren and Zerha.

”If you want my help, Ill help you right away! ” Zerha.

”No need Master, that demon is a low level demon I don know why that angel is struggling to defeat it ” Garren.

”You f*ck*ng piece of sh*t!! Ill sure you that you will pay for all this damages! ”

Is he really an angel?! Why does he keeps mouthing indecent words?!

”Ha! You are all talking! I don know why someone like you is here but bringing your head to our Master will raise my rank! ” The demon asserted.

The demon was about to attack the angel that is still struggling to get up when Garren suddenly turn into his original form and started breaths fire at the demon. The demon saw it coming so he avoided it quickly.

”A black dragon?! ” The demon suddenly feels panic towards Garren.

”Are you afraid of me? HA-HA-HA! This is my Masters order, I shall burn you to ashes! ” Garren declared and breaths fire again to the demon. The demon keeps avoiding it but hes almost at his limit and can avoid the fires from Garren. When the demon keeps flying while dodging the fire he notice Zerha and shouted.

”Hey! ”

Zerha turn her head and looks at the demon.

”Why are you just standing there?! Help me! ” The demon shouted at Zerha.

Eh? Why is he suddenly asking for my help?

”Who are you to order my Master?! ” Garren shouted and breaths fire, the demon got surprise of what he heard.

”M-master?! You
e with them?! Are you betraying the Demon Kingdom? The King?! And you even want to save that weak angel?!- ”

”Hey! Im not a f*ck*ng weak you f*ck*ng demon! ” The angel suddenly shouted to the demon.

Im betraying the King? I don even know him -_-

”Don to talk our Master like that! Foxy! ” Garren breaths fire and called Foxy.

Huh? What is this?

The demon ask his mind because he suddenly saw a different place. Hes looking at a beautiful tree while the leaves are falling from it. A beautiful young lady suddenly appears at his front and directly look at his eyes. The demon stops moving and also look directly in the eyes of the beautiful lady.

Zerha was planning to heal the angel but she got distracted of whats happening.

Whats happening to him? Why is he suddenly stop moving in the midair? And whos that young lady in front of him?! OMG! Shes so beautiful!! -Zerha.

” Stay here and do not move,got it? ” The lady said in angelic voice while looking deeply on the eyes of the demon. The demon nods not knowing that hes already under the spell of the lady, and the beautiful trees he saw earlier is just an illusion.

The lady suddenly vanish, and Garren breaths blue fire to the demon! Abruptly, the demon turn into ashes!

”Thanks Foxy! ” Garren thanks Foxy.

”You should be, because you will not defeat it without me ” Foxy said in such confidence. Garren made a poker face look and turn into a small dragon and fly to Zerhas shoulder.

”Waaahhh Garren!! You defeated him! You
e so cool! But whos the young lady earlier! ” Zerha ask as Garren landed on her shoulder.

”Shes Foxy Master ”

”F-foxy?! Waahhh Foxy! You can turn into a beautiful lady? ” Zerha ask excitedly.

”Its part of my ability Master, I can change my appearance and create an illusion ”

”Really?! So did you use an illusion to that demon? ”

”Yes, and I also use my eye trick ”

”Whats an eye trick? ” Zerha ask in confused.

Foxy suddenly turn into a beautiful young lady and look deeply into Zerhas eyes.

”Can you show us your true magic power Master? ”

”Waahh Foxy you really turn into a beautiful lady?! ”

”It didn work on you?! ”

”Huh? ”

”Foxy has also the ability to manipulate someone, but it didn work on you Master! You really are different! ” Garren exclaimed.

”Really? Haha maybe I just have a strong willpower ”

I also don know why it doesn effect me, maybe thats because Im strong! WA!HA!HA!HA!

”Ahem! ”

The angel clear his throat to catch the threes attention.

Oh yeah, we forgot about him

Zerha quickly approach the angel and put her palm to his wounded skin and heal it.

”Why did you heal me? ” The angel ask after Zerha remove her hands.

”Ah, its because you are wounded? ”

”I mean, why would a demon help me, Im an angel. Demons and Angels are suppose to be enemy ”

I doubt if he really is an angel, hes just mouthing some bad words earlier -_-

”Because our Master is different! ” Garren.

”Yeah ” Foxy also agree.

”Creatures from beast kingdom is teaming up with a f*ck*ng demon?! ”

F-f*ck*ng demon? ≥﹏≤ Zerha

”So what? Our Master is different ” Foxy.

”Yeah, I can see that. Oh by the way, thank you for helping me but you know I don really need your help because I can kill that f*ck*ng demon myself! ”

”Really huh? You almost got killed by a demon, I didn know archangels are so weak! If master didn say that we should help you, we will not help you and we will just let that demon kill you! ” Garren.

”What the f*ck are you saying?! Im not weak you f*ck*ng dragon! ”

”If Archangels like you are strong, why are you struggling to defeat the demon earlier? ” Zerha suddenly ask. The angels face became furious.

”If that f*ck*ng Damabiath didn sealed some of my f*ck*ng powers, I already defeated the demon in just a second!! Tsk. I really hate that a**hole! ”

”Is this Damabiath is one of the Acrhangels? And why did he sealed your power? ” Foxy ask.

”Yes! He said, I cause too much trouble thats why he sealed some of my powers, even though I didn make any trouble! Hmph! ”

I doubt that

The three of them said to their minds.

”What now Master, which kingdom do you choose? ” Garren suddenly ask.

Actually I want to stay in Kingdom of Haria because its a kingdom of humans at least its not scary to stay with. But I remember, Garren said that people there are demon hunters so I might just killed when I get there huhuhu-hold on, what if? ”

Zerha suddenly got an idea.

”Foxy, can you make us look like a human? For me I just need my horn to be remove and Garren should be transform into human, can you do that? ” Zerha ask hoping Foxy can do it.

”I-Im sorry Master but I can transform the others except for myself ” Foxy.

”Ninetailed fox like her can only shape shift herself but not the others. But if you want my help then beg me! WAHAHAHAH! I will help you if you beg! You should say, Oh mighty Ecanus please I will do everything please help me WAHAHAHAAH!! ” The angel laugh in arrogant.

”-_- ” the three of them just make a poker face look.

”Come on Master ” Foxy.

”Yeah we should go, we should leave that idiot weak angel -_- ” Garren said, they was about to move when the angel stop them.

”Hey! I was just joking!! Look at me! ” They all look at the angel and unexpectedly he turn himself a human! His wings and his robe turn into an ordinary clothes for a human!

Waaahhhh!! His wings are gone! Zerha looks so amaze by the angel.

e planning to go to the Kingdom of Haria, we want ourselves to turn into human so that we can stay there. Can you change us? ” Zerha asks.

”Ha! Of course! Me a mighty angel can do that! ”

The angel point his finger to Garren and Zerha and use his ability to turn Garren into a fine young man and remove Zerhas two big horn on her head. They are also now wearing am ordinary clothes.

”Waaahhh!! My horn is gone!! Thank you!! ”

Zerha looking at the angel with a grateful look and the angel blush a bit.

”Y-you are welcome ” the angel said and look away.

”We should go Master ” Foxy said after she turn herself into a human form and also wear an ordinary clothes.

”Waaahh Foxy you really are beautiful ” Zerha said in sparkling eyes.

”T-thanks Master, but you are more beautiful than I am ” Foxy replied.

”Lets go! ” Zerha said.

”Wait, can I go with you? ” The angel suddenly asks.

”Why? Don you have something to do in your place? Like you know watching people and protect them? Like an angel should do? ” Zerha asks.

”Hmph! I don do that! Too much work! ”


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