Reincarnated As A Demon

Chapter 8 The Kind Demon


”I don do that! Too much work! ”

Hes just lazy

Zerha said to her mind.

”We should go now Master, Kingdom of Haria is not so far from here, ” Foxy said.

”Okay! ” Zerha. But before they walk the angel asks.

”Hold on!! The three of you didn bother to ask my mighty name! Oh? I think I know why! You are just shy! Ha-ha-ha! ” He said while laughing out loud.

”What are you talking about? We don care about you weak angel ” Garren.

”Thats why we didn ask your name ” Foxy.

”What? ” The angel stop laughing, he did not expect their answers.

This two Zerha.

”Sorry about them, whats your name by the way? ” Zerha asks. She feels sorry for the angel because he just got cold answers from those two. The angel clears his throats and speaks.

”This handsome young man standing in front of you is the mighty angel named Ecanus! Wahaha! ” Ecanus back of being haughty, and the three of them just made a poker face look.

Ecanus? His name is really for a kind and gentle angel, but I doubt if hes kind and gentle Zerha thought.

”Im Zerha, this dragon is Garren and this is Foxy ” Zerha introduces the two to Ecanus.

”Oh, its nice meeting me right? WAHAHA! ”

Hes really arrogant

The three of them said to their minds while Ecanus is still laughing like theres no tomorrow.

”We should go, Master, ” Foxy said.

”But ready yourself, Master, before we will arrive there, expect different kinds of creatures and demons we will encounter. Those demons and creatures will gonna attack us because we are in a human form ” Garren explained.

”I will not need to worry right? I have both of you! ” Zerha said.

Both Garren and Foxy suddenly feel so great that Zerha relied on them.

”Yes! You can count on us, Master! ” Garren declared.

”Yes! ” Foxy agreed.

This world is really dangerous, why does my second life would be in this world?! Oh God, are you punishing me?!

”Hahaha! The three of you should not be worrying about anything! I, mighty Ecanus will kill all that f*ck*ng demons that will come on our way! Wahahaha! ” The angel suddenly declared.

Zerha remembers that Ecanus is struggling to fight the low level demon earlier and started doubting Ecanus if he really can defeat the enemy.

”Ah, thanks haha, ” Zerha said and fake a laugh.

”I doubt that ” Garren.

”Haaa?!!! What the f*ck did you mean?!!! ” Ecanus get mad and is ready to attack Garren.

”Lets go Master ” Garren suddenly said and the three of them started walking.

”Hey! You f*ck*ng dragon! Im still talking to you!! Come back here!!! ” Ecanus shouted but Garren pretended he didn hear him.

”Hey!!! ” Ecanus run to catch up with them.

Zerhas POV

Starting now, I will be the one to narrate my beautiful story because the author is lazy.

As we walk, we hear something in the bushes!

”What was that?! ” I ask in panic! What if it is a monster or something!

”Do not worry my fellows! I will take a look! ” Ecanus steps and looks at whats in the bushes.

”Oh, its just a baby bird! ” Ecanus said while he pick up the baby birds from their nest.

”Why does the nest is in the bushes? ” Foxy asks.

”Maybe it fell from the tree ” Garren.

”Waahhh, they are so cute! They are so fluffy!! Can I touch them? ” I ask in excitement. They are covered in purple fluff! I was about to get the birds when Garren stops me.

”Don go near the birds, Master! ”

”Huh? Why? ” Garren didn answer me but he suddenly shouted at Ecanus.

”Ecanus put that down!!! ”

Ecanus got startled and accidentally let go of the birds and they fall to the ground!

Oh no, poor little things.

” Master, come on! Lets run! ” Foxy suddenly hold my hand.

”Why? ”

”Their mother is coming! She looks furious! ”

I look at where Foxy is looking at, and in the sky, a big bird is coming to us! Shes glaring at us and looks like its ready to eat us!!

”Ahhhhh!!! Its getting closer!! ” I shouted.

”Ahhhhh!! ” We all shouted and started running. We quickly hide in the back of the tree.

I sneak a peek if the bird is still following us, when I saw nothing I feel relieved.

”Whew, that was clos… ” I said.

”Master are you okay? ” Foxy asks.

”Yes, Im fine ”

I really thought that the bird will gonna eat us alive or feed us to the baby birds!

”Where is that weak angel? ” Garren suddenly asks. I just noticed that Ecanus is not here with us! I look around but I didn see him! Oh no, where is he?!

”Aaahhhhhhhh!!!! Let go of me you f*ck*ng bird!!! ”


The three of us look at in the sky and saw that Ecanus is being captured by the bird!!

”We should help him! ” I said.

”Let the bird eat him ” Garren said in a bored tone.

”Well, he said earlier that we don need to worry anything because he will protect us ” Waaahh Foxy also?!

”Ahhhhhhhh!!! Do not eat me! I didn mean to hurt your f*ck*ng kids! Let go of me!! ” Ecanus shouted but the bird got furious and let go of Ecanus!

”Aahhhhhhh!! Why did you let me go?!! Im falling!! Aahhhhhhh!!! ”

Hes the one who said to the bird to let go of him.

”Stupid! you have wings! ” Garren shouted. Oh yeah, I also forgot that Ecanus is an angel.

After Ecanus heard what Garren shouted, he looks like he realizes something.

”Oh yeah! I have wings! WA-HA-HA-HA! ”


After Ecanus landed, we continue walking to get to the Haria Kingdom, but while walking, we saw three demons talking! We slowly and quietly stepping back so that they will not notice us, but…

”WAHAHAHHAHA!! At last, demons!! Hey, you b*st*rds! Come and fight me!! WAHAHAHA!! ”

Ecanus just call the demons!!!!

”That weak angel.. ” Garren whispered while giggling in anger!

”What is wrong with that angel?! ” Foxy is also giggling in anger!

”Ecanus! We should avoid them, we should avoid fighting! ” I whispered to him.

”WAHAHAHA! Do not worry I will defeat them! They are just weak f*ck*ng demons! WAHAHAH!! ”

The three demons looks at Ecanus and got mad! While Ecanus is still laughing, the three demons attack Ecanus all at once! Ecanus didn saw it coming so he got crashed into the tree!

”What the f*ck!! ” Ecanus groan in pain, but when the demons notice the three of us, they suddenly attack us!

”Humans! We shall kill you to raise our rank!! ”

The demon was gonna attack me but Garren kicked him!! The demon got crashed into the tree and it snapped! Garren is so strong even in human form!!

”Are you alright Master? ” He asks.

”Yes Im fine, thank you ”

”Do not worry, I will defeat them! The three of you just stay there and I will fight those f*ck*ng demons! WAHAHAHHAA! Come on you three!! I will wring your f*ck*ng necks!! WAHAHAHAHA!! ” Ecanus laugh while his both hands are in his waist.

”What an arrogant weak angel. Alright go on and don ask for our help! Tsk. ” Garren.

”Since you are so confident in yourself, go on then. We will not help you even if you are going to die, weak angel ” Foxy.

”Haaaa!! I will not ask for your f*ck*ng help! ” Ecanus shouted but later on…

”Aaaahhhhhh!!!! Heelllppp!!! Why are you all still standing there help me!!! Ahhhh ouch! Not my handsome face!! No! No! Ack–Im gonna diee!!! ”

We just made a poker face look, sigh.

”Ahhh!! Useless Dragon turn these f*ckng bastards to ashes!!! Ahh, my face! Waaahhh nine-tailed dog help!! ”

”D-dog/useless dragon? ” Foxy and Garren mouthed together and looks like they are going to piss off!

Ecanus keep screaming for help while the two demons keep beating him and they also use some kind of black magic coming from their hands. Hold on, I only saw two demons, as far as I remember there are three of them…

”Master!! ”

The other demon captured me and fly me to the sky!!!

”Waaahhhh!!! Im gonna fall!! Waaahhhh!! ”

”Don worry I will save you…ahhh not my face you f*ck*ng bastard!!! ” Ecanus want to save me but he can get away from those two demons.

”Hey, you weak angel! How can we transform back to our original form?! ” Garren shouted to Ecanus

”Huh? You can change your form at your own will! You can change anytime you want! Ack-you a**hole, don hit my face!! ” Ecanus also shouted while throwing punches at the two demons.

The two demons suddenly stop hitting Ecanus when they notice that Garren slowly turning to his dragon form!

”Put her down! ” Garren shouted as he fly to where I am.

”Y-you are that legendary dragon! Why are you together with a human?! ”

”Put her down, now! ”

”Ha! Even if you are that legendary dragon, I won obey you! ” The demon shouted and toss me in the air!!

”Ahhhhhhhh!! Im gonna die! Im gonna die! Aaahhhhhhh!! ”

”Master! Foxy deal with him! Ill take Master! ” I heard Garren shouted and I saw Foxy transform into a cute little bird and fly.

”Are you okay Master? ” Garren asks as he catches me through his mouth and puts me in his back.

”HAHAHA! What can a bird do to me? HAHAHA! ” The demon laugh in arrogance.

”Oh, do you really think Im a bird? ”

Waaahh! Foxy turn into a beautiful lady again!!

”Why does Foxys spell doesn work on that demon?! ” Garren suddenly asks.

Huh? I take a good look at them and saw that the demon is holding Foxys neck!

”Garren, we need to help Foxy! Fly me to get closer to them! ”

”Yes, Master! ”

While Im riding at the back of Garren, I created the sharp threads and throw them to the demon.

”What is this?! Do you think you can kill me…Ack! ”

The demon didn finish his words when I control the threads and slash him and turn him to pieces.

”Ahhhh! ”

”Foxy! ” I shouted.

Garren quickly flies and catches Foxy with his back.

”Foxy are you okay? ” I ask.

”Yes Im fine Master, thank you ”

”Foxy, why does that demon didn enchanted by your spell? ” Garren asks.

”Hes wearing a magical item that can nullify a different kind of spell! Its a high magical item, I wonder where did he get it ” Foxy.

A/N: Ill just put the chapter 7 here, since theres a publishing problem huhu.


Zerhas POV

While riding on Garrens back, I notice that Foxy has a wound on his neck!

”Foxy, you
e hurt! Let me heal you, ” I said and quickly heal her neck.

”Thank you, Master, ” Foxy said after I heal her wound.

”AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Heeeelllppp!!! ”

We all turn our heads when we hear Ecanus scream! Hes running to escape from the two demons who are chasing him!

”Tsk. Until now, he has not defeated them?! What a weak angel! ” Garren.

”AAHHHHHH!!! I will not let you capture me f*c*ing demons!!! ” Ecanus shouted and let out his wings. He quickly flies towards us.

”Hey! You are not allowed to ride in my back, you weak angel! ” Garren shouted after Ecanus landed on Garrens back.

e hurt! Let me heal you, Ecanus. ” I said and quickly approach him.

”N-no thanks! You don have to, Im not hurt! ” Ecanus said while avoiding eye contact with me. Hm? Whats his problem.

e not hurt? Look at yourself, you can barely stand up! Don try to act strong, you weak angel! ” Foxy said and roll her eyes.

After she said that, Ecanus stagger and if I didn quickly hold his arm, he will fall!

e badly hurt! Let me heal you! ” I insist and quickly perform healing.

”I-Im not that hurt… I can still defeat those f*c*ing demons! But still, t-thank you. ”

”There you are! ”

Sh*t! The two demons are heading here!

”Let me handle them, Master! ”

”Wait, Foxy! ” Foxy suddenly turns into a bird and rushes to them! She turn herself into bird?! Im worried about her, I remember Garren said that the demon she fought earlier has a magical item that can nullify her spell, what if those demons has also a necklace like the demon we fought earlier?!

”Garren, we should go and help Foxy ”

”No need, Master. Look at them ”

I take a good look at them and saw that Foxy turn into a beautiful lady. The two demons suddenly stop moving while looking at her! I notice Foxy speak to them and after that, the demons suddenly fight with each other! Foxy quickly turns into her original form which is a nine-tailed fox, and immediately scratches them with her claw! When the demons have already been killed, Foxy quickly gets back to us.

”Waaaahhh!! Foxy, you
e so cool! ” I said in amazement!

”I rush to them because I know they are not wearing the magical item like the other demon earlier, ” she said.

”Where could he get that magical item? ” Garren asks as we land on the ground. After we get off from him, he changes into his human form.

”That magical item you are talking about, is that rare? ” I ask.

”Yes. This… This is the magical item he wore, I took it from him before you turn him to pieces. It is a high-level magical item, it can nullify a spell. It will protect you from illusions and prevent you from being manipulated. Ill be giving this to you, Master. It will protect you, in this world, I am not the only one who has an ability like mine. ” Foxy said and handed me a necklace, it has a yellow gemstone.

”Waaahh, so this is like a weapon in a game! ” I said. I was about to put it on my neck when I touches something.

Whats this?

I remove it from my neck and found out that it is a necklace but it has a key pendant! Where did it come from? I don remember putting it in my neck.

”Whats that key for, Master? ” Garren asks.

”I don know, I only notice it just now. I don remember that I have this kind of necklace. ”

”Strange, I can tell what kind of magical item is this. ” Foxy suddenly said.

”Maybe, that is just an ordinary necklace, with no magical power, ” Garren said.

No magical power? Boohoo, I was hoping this is magical.

”Oh, can I take a look? ” Ecanus said and handed it to him.

His face suddenly became serious! Does he know what this necklace is? Is this something magical?

”Do you know what kind of item is that? ” Garren asks.

”Wahh! Tell me is this something magical? ” I ask in excitement. This world is too dangerous, maybe this necklace will give me strong power or a weapon!

”Im afraid…I don know it! HA-HA-HA! ”

The three of us just made a poker face look. I thought he know something because he suddenly turn serious as he look at the necklace!

”You are not just weak but know nothing also! ” Garren.

”What the! Hey! Don forget that you also don know what kind of item that is!

”But at least Im not weak like you! ”

”Im not weak you f*c*ing useless dragon! ”

Sigh. What should I do with these two?

”Stop arguing! Foxy, how far is the Haria Kingdom? ”

”Not so far, Master. We should hurry now before another demon attacks us. ”

I don want to encounter other demons!

”Garren, Ecanus lets go! ” Foxy called them because they are still arguing!

”Come on Master lets leave those two ”

”Hey! Wait for us! ” I hear Ecanus shout and the both of them run to catch up with us.


”We are almost there. ” Garren suddenly said.

”Ack…… ”

Who was that?!

”Did you hear it? ” I ask them.

”Hm? I didn hear anything ” Foxy.

”help…ugh! ”

”Someone is calling for help! Didn you hear it? ” I ask.

Is someone in trouble?! We should help him!

”I didn hear anything, Master ” Garren.

”Yeah me too ” Foxy.

”I also didn hear anyone calling for help. Maybe you
e just hallucinating. ” Even Ecanus?! Why they didn hear it?!

”Someone…please…help…me…ack! ”

There it is again! This person asking for help seems hes really in pain! I need to help him! So I follow the voice I heard quickly. I heard Garren and Foxy called me but I didn stop walking.

This is not the first time I want to help someone. In my previous life, when I saw someone whos in trouble and ask for help, I don know why but I felt like it is my responsibility to help them. Im not a d*mn hero or something! Even though I don want to help them, my body just moves on its own and the last thing I know, that person is already thanking me. Sigh.

”Help… ”

The voice is getting louder, Im almost there!

”Hes already at his limit! We are so glad that you came with us sir Leo! ”

There are people over there!

”Yeah, your ability is powerful, sir Leo! ”

I quickly hide at the back of the tree when I saw people talking.

”Hahaha! You can be more powerful than I am! Hahaha! ”

That man, he looks so cocky.

”But why didn you kill this demon already, sir Leo? ”

”Killing him directly would be too sweet, lets torture him! Bring me my whip! ”

”Demons don deserve to be alive! ” The man who they call sir Leo said.

”Yes! They don deserve to live! ”

”Yeah! ”

The other two agreed with him.

”Ugh! ”

The man started whipping the demon! I look at the demon, why does he didn fight back? I think he still has a strength left to fight back.

e black wings look so nice, but too bad its already broken! ”

”Ugh! *cough*… *cough*… ”

The demon already coughed blood! That man is crueler than a demon! I feel so much anger while watching him! Youll pay for what youve done! I get out from where I was hiding and quickly release venoms to the man.

”There is another demon! Sir Leo! ”

e a cruel human!

I continuously splash him with lots of venoms, I only stop when he already melted.

”Si-sir Leo! H…he m…melted! Even his bones are melted! ”

”What kind of ability is that?! You demon! Youll pay for that! ”

Demon? I look at my clothes and touch my head. I didn notice that I turned into my demon form.

The two humans left were about to attack me but they stop when I face my palm at them.

”If you don want to be melted, then leave. Ill spare you this time. ” they got scared suddenly and quickly run away. After they leave, I quickly approach the demon.

Hes badly hurt. He can still protect himself, why doesn he fight those humans?

”Let me heal you, ” I said and started healing his injuries.

”Thank you ”

”Master! ” Garren.

”Master, are you okay? ” Foxy.

”Hey, why did you suddenly leave without telling us?! ” Ecanus.

”Sorry ”

When Ecanus saw the demon Im healing, his face became serious all of a sudden.

”That demon… ” Ecanus mouthed.

I look at Garren and Foxy, they are also looking at the demon with a serious face.

Whats wrong?

”Why are you looking at him like that? ” I ask.

”Master, stay away from him! ” Garren.

”Why? ” she ask in confusion, why is Garren acting like that?

”Hes an Archdemon! ”

”Arch…demon…? ”

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